Nursery is a hum-dinger of a villainess.


Seemed overly maternal, and claimed she knew what was really scary and so was not easily intimidated.[2] She has strong feelings toward pregnancy and felt that Fume Hood's actions, which caused a mother to miscarry, were horrible.

She is a bit detached from her actions.[3]


On one occasion, Nursery was in a mercenary group with Lord of Loss, Blindside, Snag, and Kingdom Come. She was later seen in Lord of Loss' territory in Earth N, and later teamed up with him in the employ of Love Lost.[4]


Nursery is a woman with a slender figure. She is barely taller than a teenager,[5] and has a soft voice. She wears a costume that brings to mind a nanny of the 18th century, with a shawl and ankle length dress, a cloth mask with various patterns and print marks her out as a cape. The rest of her form fitting outfit matches, including the shawl.[6]

She makes a new outfit often as it is easier to create a new costume than it is to wash the blood and slime out.

Abilities and PowersEdit

According to Nursery, she is not a parahuman, but rather her unborn child is. To use her child's power, Nursery needs to focus and hum a lullaby uninterrupted,[7] this blurs an area and opens a window into another world. This pocket dimension can overlay a hazy indoor setting complete with beds, walls, carpeted floors and stairs[8] onto the environment. During the humming, a music box sort of chiming begins and the humming is picked up elsewhere, with the music box noises intensifying, new notes and a higher tempo.[9] Wherever this reality is overlaying something it keeps other powers from working properly.[10]

Nursery by Zearoe

Image by Zearoe

The chorus of humming comes from distinct sources, located in the baby-carriages among other locations. She can "wake" them, causing wet noises and movement to come from the same locations.[11]

Once she and any accompanying her are through this window, the humming and chiming fade and the window begins to close. She had charges of some kind she looked after. Her power lingers for a bit after she leaves.[8]

If an area has been saturated with her ability enough, surfaces start producing fleshy growths inside them, that can be broken out. Once disturbed, the growths will instinctively attack anyone nearby and try to impregnate them. The growths have a degree of permanence and can be hidden in containers as traps. They will remain even after Nursery has left the area. Nursery has some sense through distant minions, and is able to control them while in vicinity.[12][13][12]



Triggered and gained powers presumably, though she has a different theory.


With Lord of Loss, Blindside, Snag, and Kingdom Come, Nursery attacked the Norfair Community Center, going after Fume Hood. After Fume Hood was shot, the mercenaries left the community center.[14] She was later present when Prancer announced his plans to organize.[15]

Nursery participated in the attack on the Fallen compound, allowing a certain tinker present during the fighting to get a scan of her powers.[16]

Post-Fallen FallEdit

Nursery was chosen by Lord of Loss as a trusted person when the newly-named Breakthrough came to Wailings.[17] She confirmed that the service outages in The City were a result of intentional attacks, although she was reluctant to name sources.[18]

Post-Goddess' TakeoverEdit

Along with Lord of Loss, she was hired as a mercenary, and came into conflict with Breakthrough and the Undersiders when they went after Love Lost.[4] She was incapacitated by Candy Vasil and retreated once Lord of Loss was captured.[19]

Post-Time Bubble PopEdit

Nursery was later seen at The Lodge.[20]

Post-Attack on TeacherEdit

A superweapon clone of Nursery was created by the Red Queen and Cryptid on Earth Shin.


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    I pushed out my aura, as hard as I could manage.

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