Nuker is an older classification, since fallen out of use, which covered Shakers with Blaster-like offensive potential and Blasters with Shaker-esque radius and potential for damage.[1] In modern times, Ruin Blasters and Impact Blasters fall in the general range of the Nuker classification.[2]


  1. Sarcophagus #U0402 Alexandria-ish package grants flight, as well as protection, in the form of external armor or a forcefield, the former providing imperfect but substantial protection that decays as it absorbs several incoming attacks, the latter providing perfect protection against a single hit. Both forms of protection recover after a short pause. Sarcophagus grants a blaster power with shaker-esque radius and damage potential or a shaker power with blaster-like offensive potential, the indistinction closely fitting the original PRT ‘Nuker’ designation). Nature of armor, recovery period, style of flight, and the nature or flavor of the ‘nuke’ vary based on the individual. - Detail Generator - Vials, spreadsheet by Wildbow.
  2. Ruin blasters arise from scenarios where there is a ‘shaker’ aspect complicating the external threat. The cape’s attempt to escape or avoid harm is complicated by the environment. Ruin blasters have a lot of destructive power, much of it turned toward using the environment or destroying it. Ruin blasters don’t give their enemies the luxury of cover. Given the environmental aspect, the Ruin blaster (like the Impact blaster, below) falls in the general range of a Blaster/Shaker nuker. - BLASTERS, document by Wildbow.

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