The Norfair Neighborhood Heroes are a nascent hero team trying to serve their local community. This isn't going well.

Modus operandiEdit

Took the friendly neighborhood approach to heroing.


A full structure never really emerged for the group as it did not form.



With many districts in the city needing heroes to patrol, keep away any villains, and protect the civilians, the team was formed.

Ward StartEdit

After Fume Hoods past was leaked and then they were attacked by mercenaries, they decided to go their separate ways.

Crystalclear joined Foresight, while Tempera and Fume Hood struck out by themselves, though they kept in contact with one another.



  • Team was not named in their appearance, name comes from the term that Crystalclear uses to refer to them. This may or may not have been their official name.[1]


  1. It wasn’t anything like he’d worn with the Norfair Neighborhood Heroes. - Excerpt from Interlude 2 II
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