There're lots of capes who don't sleep.

—Tattletale, Venom 29.1

Noctis Capes are parahumans who, for whatever reason, either don't have to sleep or have a severely reduced need to.[1]



Dragon claimed she didn't need to sleep as a side-effect of her powers,[9][5] but in reality it was because she was an artificial intelligence.

Miss Militia's shard obviated her need to sleep because it was unusually restless.[3]

Noctis Capes are still known to dream, if only day dream.[10]



The term "Noctis" became associated with parahumans who don't sleep, after a vigilante of that name who operated at all hours.[1]

Story StartEdit

Dragon told Miss Militia that she didn't need to sleep since getting her powers. This was the first time Hannah had heard of another parahuman like her, and speculated that Dragon might also remember her trigger event. She asked Dragon "do you remember?", assuming that Dragon was smart enough to make the connection if she did, but Dragon was merely confused by the question.[5]


Taylor speculated that Imp was a Noctis cape, but didn't use the term, because she never observed Imp resting over the course of three solid days.[11] In reality, Imp's power simply makes her impossible to perceive whenever she isn't concentrating.[12]


Around a year before the prognosticated End of the World, Tattletale researched Noctis capes as part of her investigation into irregularities in the dreams and memories of parahumans. She hired the Red Hand to steal PRT files on the phenomenon.[1]

Post-Gold MorningEdit

Yamada shared information about Noctis capes, without sharing the specific name, with Ashley.[10]


  • While certain people claim they function without sleep it has not been scientifically verified.[13] Remember to sleep regularly.


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