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Jamie Rinke,[1] known publicly as Nilbog, is a crazed lunatic[3] who rules one of the Quarantine Sites, Ellisburg as his personal 'fiefdom'. He is a dangerous individual with the potential to be an S-Class threat, along with the Endbringers and the Slaughterhouse Nine.


Having a comparatively normal childhood with an average job Rinke got traumatically fired from his job, having no other support structures this led him to triggering.[1]

Over the course of ten years with virtually no human contact, Jamie has regressed to a childish perception of himself as a god. Given this, he is practically incapable of deceit, seeing things in a fairy-tale mentality. His megalomaniac tendencies include being unable to interact with people unless he sees them as being of equal status to himself. Fellow monarchs of their specific kingdoms.[4]

This degradation has also decreased his ability to be a credible threat, but also made him more unpredictable.[5]

This isolation among sycophants and later imprisonment made him greatly suggestible.[6]



Loves his creations and is loved in turn.[5][7]


Considers powerful parahumans to be his only equals.[4] He was seen talking to the faerie queen on multiple occasions.[8]


With his monsters, he wiped out the human population of Ellisburg and killed all but two of the PRT operatives that were sent in. Nilbog would be classified as an S-Class threat, mentioned in the same breath as the Endbringers, the Three Blasphemies, and Sleeper.[9] however he is seen as slightly less of a threat as he stays within his "Garden of Eden".[5]


Jamie is described as a man, potbellied and hunchbacked, wearing a patchwork costume with jarring patterns of stripes and checkers. He wears a cloth crown with a cloth mask featuring beads for eyes and a perpetual leer of a smile.[10]

He frequently uses false puppet creatures that look like bloated versions of himself to deceive possible enemies,[11][10] and act as proxies.[12]

Abilities and Powers[]

Jamie has the power to create minions that are customized with feelings and powers of their own. He does this by recycling pre-existing living material.[13][3][14] His monsters have the ability to breed and give birth to more monsters, coming in a variety of shapes and forms. This earns him an S-Class rating under the PRT Operations Manual as he is a "high level duplicator ... who operate[s at an] exponential degree" with his creations having their own fantastic abilities.[15]

As Nilbog, he is only limited in the amount of living matter he has to manipulate and shape. He converts this living matter from a target by enclosing them in one of his generated sacs. The target could fight free if able to, but otherwise once enclosed the targets biological material is converted into a 'slurry' as Nilbog transfers them through his body into another sac where the slurries component parts can now be used or can be converted.

To create anything he has to work with something. If the target can move, they can fight free of the enclosing sac. Once enclosed, this is only happens if they have some ability to escape being passed though his body as their flesh is transformed into one of his creatures.[14]

His creations form from his hands in placenta like sacs before he releases them.[2] However, his monsters only have a lifespan of around three to four years, combined with isolation from any new sources of protein which leads to their life span decreasing with each successive regeneration.[5][16][17]

He maintains a clairvoyant awareness of all of his creations and can rapidly distinguish between his children and any impostors,[18] including detailed information about them.[19] Further his creations have their own volition, though they will follow their creator's orders.[20]


As mentioned previously he is intelligent enough to use decoys and alter his appearance. The hunchback and robe, used around when he first triggered, was a living creation of his that contained the slurry of biomass[21][10] used to make his creations, while also acting as a protection for his person[22] it was strong enough to move it and nilbog around without any difficulty, essentially being a kind of bio-power armor for its master.[14]

He also spent time creating countermeasures for nuclear or biological attack, these were detected by PRT Thinkers an was one of the many reason he was left alone.[5]

According to Valkyrie, he is the keeper of the "Maker" shard.[7]



Jamie Rinke had a rich imagination as a child which he would draw on as an adult. Rinke was originally a banker and a loner before he was fired from his job. Alone in his apartment, withdrawn and isolated, he had his trigger event; purportedly linked to his imminent homelessness.[1] He created Polka and things only got better for him, and no one else, from there.

He conquered Ellisburg within a week,[1] and defeated multiple PRT strike teams while driving off the accompanying capes from the Toronto Protectorate.[14][23] The capes fled, among the PRT personnel there were only two survivors, a woman and a man, who emerged alive from 'garden' of Nilbog.[2]

Story Start[]

In the decade since Nilbog improved[5] on his already formidable creations.[22]


After twelve years of relative solitude, Nilbog was visited by monsters like himself.[24] Settling down for a feast, Nilbog and his guests were soon joined by others who claimed to be his peers.[25] He was eventually abducted by the monsters and made to do their bidding.

During this brief captivity, all he built was destroyed. His kingdom was invaded, and many of his creations, running rampant due to his abduction, were put to the sword. The Nine were able to rapidly find a way to have Nilbog to help bolster their forces.[26] Was sent to New York with Bonesaw to create even more chaos and bloodshed.[27] Nilbog would later be retrieved from the custody of the Nine by a Protectorate team.

Gold Morning[]

Rinke participates in Gold Morning, creating minions to fight against the main threat.[28] Though they were sometimes a hindrance.[29]

Given his actions, he was given some degree of amnesty during the story's epilogue. He talks with the fairy queen.[8] He was later seen as a guest of the new Wardens after the final battle, talking with some rather interesting people.

Early Ward[]

Two years later he was still in custody even though his "children" weren't.[30] Three of his creations have snuck in to see him since, the last of which was Dot, he sent her away it is unknown what he did to the others.[19]

Post-Fallen Fall[]

After the portal sabotage, Jamie was stranded alongside Riley and Jessica Yamada near a remote settlement. He started using his power again, this time only creating mindless golems.[31]

Post-Time Bubble Pop[]

Still active, tending The Flock.[6]

Chapter Appearances[]

Worm Chapter Appearances
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1. Monarch 16.1 Absent
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x. Interlude 16.x Flashback
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6. Sting 26.6 Appears
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1. Venom 29.1 Absent
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9. Venom 29.9 Appears
x. Interlude 29 Absent
1. Speck 30.1 Absent
2. Speck 30.2 Mentioned
3. Speck 30.3 Absent
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1. Teneral e.1 Appears
2. Teneral e.2 Absent
3. Teneral e.3 Absent
4. Teneral e.4 Absent
5. Teneral e.5 Absent
x. Interlude: End Absent


  • Nilbog is gobliN spelled backwards, it is also the name of the town in Troll 2, a horror comedy released in 1992.
  • Nilbog was created as an unrelated character by Wildbow before being transferred over to parahumans.[32]


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    “No point.  After his first appearance, he started changing his costume for each job, as well as adjusting his body size, body shape and apparent powers.”

    “His powers change?”

    The captain nodded.  “Off the charts, I told you.  We’ve got him down as a tentative changer-seven, trump-four.  The geek was able to dig up some background.  Thanks to his accounting info, credit card statements, phone bills and emails, we know he worked as a banker, made more money than any two of us sorry losers put together.  But he was a loner, no family, no friends, never went out unless it was for the Christmas party at work, and he tended to leave early. [...] Got downsized.  Stayed at home for something like three weeks, then the bills started rolling in and he realized he wouldn’t be able to pay them all.  He sent out job applications, dozens by email, but he didn’t have the references.  Faced homelessness, a disruption of his boring, lonely life.  We think that was his point-zero.” - Excerpt from Interlude 16.x
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    The first mistake people make is forgetting the person involved. Nilbog was a human once, who watched TV and rented movies. He was lonely, odd, but fairly intelligent.

    He has a sense about nuclear weapons. He knows about armies and all that. Crazy as he becomes, he retains that.

    That's the first mistake. Forgetting that there's a man there, spending weeks and days with his creations, he loves them, they're his art, his existence. But he has his good moments, and he has his depressive, paranoid moments, where he thinks about how they're dying a little faster every generation, and that there's a very real possibility that people might try to assassinate him, or take his creations away from him by fire, gun, or bomb.

    He thinks about these things. He dwells on them, and he takes measures.

    The second mistake that Spacebattlers tend to make, in my estimation, is forgetting about the shards.

    As Nilbog's content to be passive, you can assume:
    1. His shard is broken.
    2. His shard is powerful, and it's being utilized to secure Scion/Eden's plans more than it's being used to stress test and evolve anything.
    3. Both of the above.

    So, question. What eventuality is this tightly packed biome of custom-made living things placed there for? Remember the long-term agenda, too. Conflict. What if he's there because the entities wanted something out there to generate chaos in the event that a Bakuda or a US army or a Level 9001 Dauntless annihilated the area and most of the local population? - Comment by Wildbow on Spacebattles
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    “Rinke!” he screamed the word. He took aim and fired.

    He hit his mark. The man went down, and the creatures wheeled on him, screaming, squealing. If he’d had any doubt about his target, the reaction dispelled it.

    Then he saw Rinke stand.

    “You would shoot me!?” Rinke roared. If anything, his voice was all the more terrifying because it sounded so small, so human. “I create life! I am a god, and this is my garden!” - Excerpt from Interlude 16.x
  11. In a second, the gun-mounted flashlights of his squad members flicked off. The shape that moved down the street was reduced to a dark blur, a shifting bulk of gray-black against a background of pitch black.

    Rinke? As his eyes adjusted to the darkness, he could make out a figure dressed in a jester’s motley, two contrasting colors predominating, blue-orange or purple-yellow. The mask a patchwork cloth that covered his face, with only two dark holes for his eyes. But most daunting of all was the man’s size. He was obese, bloated, ten feet tall and nearly as wide, advancing at a glacial pace as he lurched down the middle of the street. His arms were drawn behind his back by the weight of the sack and the cloth he carried.


    Holler was barely audible. “He’s got no heat. The reading came from the bag. Not warm enough to be alive, but whatever’s in there’s just warm that it was probably living up until a few minutes ago.”

    Every eye in the squad turned to the large patchwork sack that the bloated thing hauled behind it.


    Rinke slowly turned to face them. The second the dark holes of the mask centered on them, they opened fire.


    Tieu and Coldiron fired the incendiary grenades. The shells exploded on impact with Rinke and the ground, lighting him up. He continued to waddle towards them, slower than they were able to walk backwards.

    Rinke dropped the sack, gripped the sheet with both hands and hurled it towards them. It spread out, scant amounts of light filtering through the holes in the weave.

    A net.


    Rinke thrashed as the flames spread. The cloth burned away to show pallid, gnarled flesh, a face without ears, nose or brow – only recessed, piglike eyes and a mouth that was little more than a ragged gash across the lower half of his face.


    It took several minutes for the entire thing to burn. They didn’t relax a second.


    The sound of distant gunfire cut through the quiet.

    “What?” Holler asked.

    Evan spoke into the radio, “Hear gunfire. Report, over.”

    The response came back, “Hostiles!”


    That wasn’t Rinke we shot. There’s others.

    The other realization hit him just as hard.

    “He’s not a Changer!” Evan bellowed, clicking the button of his radio to inform the capes and squad three. “Master-class cape!”


    How did he do this?


    Rinke was a master who can make these things: real living creatures. - Excerpt from Interlude 16.x
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    In the midst of my search, I found something.


    Nilbog himself.

    He sat directly beneath his ‘throne’, and was connected to the fat man by what seemed to be an umbilical cord. This cord gave him control of the body, fed him sustenance, let him stay safe while the decoy sat up here. - Excerpt from Sting 26.4
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    A gamble, a last ditch effort. Was my gut right? Had Jack instructed Bonesaw to create a costume or a creature to hide the Siberian’s creator?

    I called my flight pack to me, parked it on a rooftop nearby. If it came down to it, I’d have to run. I could see Golem tensing. He’d read the situation right.

    “Just look,” I told Nilbog. “Because somewhere nearby, there’s a creature you didn’t create.”

    His eyes roved over the crowd.

    “Might not be in this crowd, but it’ll be close.”

    “I see it,” Nilbog said. “I see it. Bossy, Patch, hold him!”

    The crowd of creatures parted as two creatures took another in their hands.

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    She nodded, hard, head rubbing against his shirt as she clutched tighter. He knew her. He didn’t know her but he knew where she was from and so he knew her.

    “Polka the third?”

    “Fourth,” she said. “But thank you for thinking I’m like the third. She was the most beautiful and clever.”

    “The fourth was clever too,” he said. He stroked her. - Excerpt from Interlude 3 II
  20. VelocirexisaurMover: I'm pretty sure his creations are completely loyal to him and would follow his orders, but when they don't have orders they'd basically have free will.

    Wildbow: Yup. - Comment by Wildbow on reddit/
  21. ClubOfJacks: I thought his powers followed the laws of conservation of matter and energy. In other words to create a first generation Monster he would need: 1) pre-existing Body to be altered (whether it was initially Dead or alive). 2) Sustainable food source (Townspeople and animals living in the town before he got there). But since its been implied that he creates his things out of thin air, and can keep them active without feeding them, I feel less creeped out. But only just a smidge.

    Wildbow: Psst. Hunchback… hump on his back, like a camel. A camel stores water and Nilbog stores…

    Anzer'ke: Now see, those three dots at the end unsettle me worse than the entire chapter. - Comment by Wildbow on Interlude 16.x
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    “Why?” She wheezed the question.

    “Far as I could tell, he’s wearing one of his creations. Made him bulletproof, maybe fireproof. We won’t be able to bomb the area. He’s created beasts that multiply if you set them on fire. Did you see those?”

    She shook her head.

    “He may have other countermeasures for other courses of action. You’ll get your chance to talk to the Chief Director, but last I heard, they’re planning to wall the city off. They’ll let the motherfucker be the god of his own little town, so long as he doesn’t try to expand any further, which they’re saying he won’t. I almost envy him.” - Excerpt from Interlude 16.x
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    “The Endbringers,” [Taylor] interjected.

    Lisa paused, “Right - Excerpt from Agitation 3.6
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    He was throwing punches again, hurling himself into the thickest parts of the crowd. Nilbog’s creations were taking the brunt of the attack.


    We were distant enough that I could see the circle of golden light expanding around them, a ring that ripped through the ground, demolishing it.

    Nilbog’s creations, the defending forces and Dragon’s suits were all toppled as the ground settled. Buildings collapsed.

    A wounded Leviathan emerged from the water, approaching Scion with an almost lazy slowness. Capes practically fought one another to get their footing and get out of the way. Some were too rough in their hurry to get by Nilbog’s creations, only to get attacked by the things in retaliation. - Excerpt from Speck 30.2
  30. ► Nutty
    Replied on August 17th, Y1
    @ Boosher – This article, search for Nancy Y’s statement. People traveling across the US to get to portals are being warned about multiple threats. Word on the capevine is that with everyone having pulled out, all former quarantine zones are breached. In the US and elsewhere. Nilbog is the one everyone knows about. He’s in custody, his children aren’t. If you’re paying attention to hero groups and their movements, they’re making lots of trips out. They’re tired and people say they’re aloof.
    I say they’re fighting a hard fight and they’re keeping their distance from public and media because they don’t want us to know it. - Excerpt from Glow-worm P.1
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  32. Nah, I don’t pay much attention to PG. 😉

    Wrote up the fleshcrafting/goblinspawning Nilbog character years back. Could probably dig up the story. - Comment by Wildbow on Interlude 16.x

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