Thing you gotta know about New York is it’s bigger. Everything is.


New York is a city in the United States, with some of the largest groups of parahumans.[2]


New York is one of the most competitive areas for both capes and gangs in America.[3] Its cape culture has a focus on destructive might, with parahumans who can take down buildings considered the heavy hitters.[4] It can be hard to move around New York because of crowds and traffic: at least one group has taken measures to combat this.[5]

The city has close connections with Boston and Brockton Bay, with multiple individuals and groups operating in all three cities, including Thomas Calvert,[6] Jessica Yamada[7] and the Teeth.[8] In some cases, Protectorate capes from New York and Boston could be sent Brockton Bay.[9] The Wards also have close connections, with the Boston and New York teams training together multiple times.[10]

Its mayor is McBrien, who was involved in a scandal and immediately threw a party after a public apology speech.[11] He was later cleared as he proved his presence at another location.[12]

The city was attacked by Behemoth on March 26th 1994, his third attack.[13] The exact outcome of the attack is unknown, but New York survived the attack.

Role in the storyEdit

During the events of the Slaughterhouse Nine-Thousand attack, a group of Slaughterhouse Nine members make their way to New York, including Bonesaw, a captive Nilbog, and multiple Crawlers and Breeds.[14] After hearing about the defeat of Jack Slash, Bonesaw surrenders.[15]

A third of New York is destroyed during Scion's rampage, with an estimated 2.2 million deaths, in large part because Saint activates the defensive forcefields too early.[16] Afterward, New York functions as the final staging ground in the battle against Scion.[17] The city is rebuild after his defeat, with portals connecting New York to other worlds.[18]

Government and heroic organizationsEdit


Department 1: New York City[19] is one the PRT's top departments, with a focus on overall administration.[20] The New York department decides who gets placed where as director and deputy director for a given department, where departments are prioritized, and generally who is available and for where, when it comes to crises or priority areas.[21] The director of the department is Director Wilkins.[22] The commonly used system of power classifications was originally created by PRT ground-patrol and response teams in New York.[23]

The ProtectorateEdit

The New York department of the Protectorate is the central headquarters of all American teams.[24] Protectorate offices can be accessed from the rooftop and are equipped with a Tinker-made scanner for verification purposes.[25] The NY Protectorate does not have the same lack of manpower the Brockton Bay Protectorate suffers from;[26] in fact, the New York Protectorate and Wards constituted the largest cape groups in the United States.[27]

Name Description
Legend Leader of both the team in New York and the Protectorate as a whole. Member of the Triumvirate.[28] A powerful flying Blaster utilizing a large variety of different lasers.[29] Resigns in the wake of the Echidna incident.[30]
Chevalier Leader, taking over after Legend resigns.[14][31] Able to combine objects, selecting the properties he wants to remain active.[32]
Prism Can split herself in three copies, and return those copies to herself for a burst in speed and strength.[33] Member of Legend's team and Chevalier's second in command.[31] Girlfriend of Triumph.[34]
Adamant Can manipulate metal into crude armor and weapons.[35] Participated in the battle against Leviathan.[36] Transferred to Brockton Bay after the Echidna incident.[37]
Astrologer Can call down projectiles from the sky. Takes part in the battle against Echidna.[38]
Cache Can force objects into an extra-dimensional space, or remove them from one.[39] Aids Brockton Bay when they are attacked by the Slaughterhouse Nine.[40]
Clay Can create semiliquid forcefield constructions, that quickly settle into a rigid state.[41] Performed a large amount of undercover operations, but requested a transfer when she lost ability to hold an undercover entity in New York.[42]
Ursa Aurora Creates animated forcefields in the rough shape of bears.[43] Aids Brockton Bay when they are attacked by the Slaughterhouse Nine.[40]
Bunter Migrant from Russia. Drinking buddy of Flashbang. Cute.[44]

The WardsEdit

Rather than a single team, the Wards in New York have five small ones,[45] each with their own unique focus. One of these groups is a team known as 'lancers', who specialize in fast response, with members that can either fly or move over rooftops.[5] They serve as a forward vanguard and are considered one of the better teams.[46] Another group is composed of heavy hitters, who use bikes to travel along subway tracks.[5] Younger members, or those without mobility, perform foot patrol or go out together with a Protectorate member.[5] Flechette moved between teams as she changed residences.[45]

Name Description
Jouster Team captain.[47] A Blaster-Striker hybrid that can conduct various effects through his lance, who can also use short bursts of superspeed.[48] Part of the lancer group.[49]
Flechette A Japanese-American girl wielding a crossbow. Temporarily transferred to Brockton Bay after Leviathan's attack.[50] Can imbue objects so they can penetrate anything.[51] Part of the lancer group,[49] using a grappling hook to move around.[52] Defected to the Undersiders to be with Parian.[53]
Shelter Was going to take over the role of Wards captain before Flechette left the Wards.[49]

Villainous organizationsEdit

The AdeptsEdit

Main article: The Adepts

A group of self-professed magic users[54] that poaches Wards and Protectorate members.[55] Hold three primary properties, but no territory, preventing conflict with local gangs.[56] Led by Epoch.[1]

The EliteEdit

Main article: The Elite

Have a cell in New York, headed by Uppercrust,[57] running one of the least violent and most professional cells.[58] Uppercrust was one of the contractors for the large-scale force fields at sensitive port locations across the United States coasts, including in Brockton Bay.[59][57]

The TeethEdit

Main article: The Teeth

Once a gang in Brockton Bay, until they were nearly wiped out by the Slaughterhouse Nine. Also have a cell in Boston.[8]

Lost GardenEdit

A group of very young parahumans, led by Barrow.



Main article: Bakuda

Made her first appearance and demonstration of her powers by way of a drawn out terrorism campaign against Cornell University. After the New York Protectorate foiled her plans she was recruited by Lung, who brought her to Brockton Bay.[60]


Main article: Hookwolf

Rumored to have been one of the top fighters in a parahuman fighting ring in New York, where he killed a man for access to the vault with the night’s earnings, making a good number of enemies in the process. Moved to Brockton Bay as a member of Empire Eighty-Eight.[61]


Main article: March

An old nemesis of Flechette, she continues to operate in New York as a rather persistent villain.[62][63]


  • The Travelers visited New York at one point, and were likely involved with forty individuals disappearing overnight.[64][65]


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    “The second group made their way to New York.”

    “Bonesaw and a captive Nilbog that’s apparently rigged to create things on demand,” Weaver said. “Crawlers, Breeds and a handful of others I didn’t identify.”

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    “Dragon could evacuate. She could minimize damage, manually control the forcefields instead of relying on automatic overrides. New York’s forcefields went up too early. Golden beam sheared through, knocked it down. A third of the city gone. Dragon would have succeeded, you failed. Two point two million estimated deaths. I want you to know the numbers. I want you to be aware of every single one of those deaths. Believe me, I’ll remind you, and I’ll make sure everyone else knows as well.” - Excerpt from Extinction 27.2
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    He gestured, and heads turned.

    New York, in the process of being rebuilt. Dust and ominous clouds were being held at bay by a thin forcefield, and the city stood in the center of a brilliant sunlight. Where glass had broken and where oils had risen to the tops of city streets, things almost glittered. A shining city.

    For every damaged area, there were people, fixing things, scavenging and hauling things away. Tents and tarps were erected, barriers raised. Already, buildings were going up where portals had been torn between realities.

    Chevalier had called it a city with depth. It was true. Most cities existed on a two dimensional level, spreading along the four cardinal directions. Buildings extended above and below ground, but even the tallest building was but a fraction of a distance compared to the breadth of the city.

    Here, in this city, one could travel to one area and make a turn into another world. There, they would find the fledgling beginnings of an expansion, sprawling from that central point.

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    In: Boards ► Teams ► Protectorate
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  32. In truth, there were three. The largest was thirty feet long, running from the ramp at the back to the cabin at the front, almost entirely set into the floor. There was no decoration on it. Only mass, sturdy craftsmanship, and the mechanisms necessary for the cannon that was set inside the handle and blade.

    It would have been too heavy for the ship to carry, except he’d already used his power, drawing it together with a second blade, an aluminum blade a mere four feet long. Lightweight.

    His ability to see the ‘shadows’ about people was an extension of this power. He could see the general makeup of the two weapons, the phantom images, the underlying physics, in lines and shapes and patterns.

    It was about perspectives. Relationships. He’d drawn them into one blade, with the appearance of the larger, the properties of the smaller.

    The third blade was decorative, with a ceramic blade, gold and silver embellishments and inlays in the blade. The thing was ten feet long from end to end, and again, it had the cannon set within. Combining the first blade with this one proved more difficult. He granted the weapon the appearance of this blade, gave it the cutting edge, but retained the lightweight mass and the durability of the largest weapon. - Excerpt from Interlude 24.x
  33. Prism – A member of Legend’s Protectorate team in New York, Prism can split herself into three copies, and return those copies to herself for a burst in speed and strength. - Cast
  34. Whatever it was, he must have looked up at the words I’d written, because Rory noticed. He whipped his head around to see, and I couldn’t disperse the bugs fast enough.

    ‘Triumph’ written on the wall with bugs with a triangle beneath, pointing at his head. Above his ‘girlfriend’ were the words ‘Prism or Ursa’. - Excerpt from Colony 15.8
  35. Adamant can manipulate metal around him, it's very brutish, strength-focused. Lots of slamming and such. He can form metal into a crude armor around himself and gather metal into rough weapons, like greatswords, mauls, axes, etc. Finally, use of metal weapons against him or wearing metal armor while going up against him in close quarters means your attacks may get shoved aside before they land and you might have your footing disturbed. Very 'brute' in approach - his ability to boost attacks & defense while armored/wielding metal make him a heavy hitter that's good at staying in the fight, especially since he can repair damaged armor using his ability to slowly shape and refine metal. - reddit comment by Wildbow.
  36. There was a crash as Leviathan whipped his tail toward Legend, a blade of water soaring through the air to strike the hero out of the air. The onslaught of lasers interrupted, Leviathan shifted from a crouch on one side of the road to being the midst of the defending heroes in one fluid motion, resuming the carnage in the span of a heartbeat.

    Fierceling deceased, CD-5. Adamant down, CD-5 - Excerpt from Extermination 8.3
  37. I studied Adamant and Sere while I waited. Adamant, naturally, wore a metallic costume, featuring metal bands and panels that were loosely linked together by chains, fit over a black bodysuit. He’d been at the fight against Leviathan, if I remembered right. He was a member of Legend’s team in New York. Or he had been. Legend was gone now. - Excerpt from Chrysalis 20.2
  38. He faked a high society woman’s laugh, where the laugh was said as much as it was uttered. A cape nearby, one I recognized as Astrologer from the New York team, shot us a dirty look, before she returned to calling down projectiles from the sky. - Excerpt from Scourge 19.7
  39. Cache – A New York cape working under Legend, Cache wears a black costume, and can force objects into an extradimensional space, or remove them from one. - Cast
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    Classification: Shaker 4, Tinker 1*, Striker 1
    Semiliquid forcefield constructions are projected out to layer surfaces, quickly setting into a rigid state. Can mold constructions into simple objects and contraptions.

    Disposition: Protectorate
    Location: DEPT_01 (NY), Requesting Transfer - PRT Quest (Anchorage)
  42. Clay maintains a long history of undercover operations, having been pulled into such as soon as her graduation to detective. She remains passable as middle eastern, black or latino, affecting accents with ease. She was working undercover as a henchman when a building was bombed. She was injured and triggered, but resumed the undercover operation without breaking form, adopting a role as a cape lieutenant to the villain. Her efforts led to an arrest two months later. Clay and her superiors feel she has exhausted her ability to maintain an undercover identity in NY. She has requested a transfer to any suitably distant location, with blessings from DEPT_01. - PRT Quest (Anchorage)
  43. Ursa Aurora – A member of the New York Protectorate, Ursa Aurora creates animated forcefields in the rough shape of bears. - Cast
  44. “I knew a cape once who was from there,” my dad said. “Joined the New York Protectorate.”
    “From Russia?” my mom asked.
    “Yes. Bunter.”
    “Your drinking buddy. He was cute.” - Excerpt from Heavens 12.5
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  46. “After seeing the Undersiders at work, I started to think we need to be less mix-and-match. Form teams with specific goals in mind. New York sort of does that.”

    “I know they have a team of ‘lancers’. Forward vanguard, fast moving.”

    “Exactly, and they’re also considered one of the better teams. Maybe we all need to do that. Except New York can do it because they’ve got a lot of capes. Rest of us are making do. Other team leaders are going for versatility, to cover every base. I say fuck that. We build around a concept, a game plan. Once I decided on that, I went out of my way to ask for Annex, even though another team had already picked him up. Made my argument, Chevalier gave the a-ok.” - Excerpt from Crushed 24.1
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    He could choose the effect, making it fairly versatile. Concussive blasts, fire, ice, lightning, suction and disintegration, among other things. Trick was that he had to hit to deliver the effect.

    The advantage, conversely, was that he had another power. With a brief-lived burst of superspeed, he closed the distance to the woman, coming to an abrupt stop just in time to kick her in the midsection. - Excerpt from Drone 23.1
  49. 49.0 49.1 49.2 Jouster shook his head. “It’s the job. They grumble, sure, but it’s a few years at most before they get to do the bike thing.”

    “I’m guessing you’re one of the ‘lancers’,” I said.

    Jouster gave me a dirty look, “What of it?”

    “Nothing,” I said. “Just made sense.”

    “Flechette was one too,” he said. “She was going to lead the squad when I moved up to the Protectorate, with Shelter taking over as Wards captain.”

    “I believe it,” I said. - Excerpt from Drone 23.1
  50. Flechette, Lily – A crossbow-wielding cape that originally hailed from New York, joining the Brockton Bay Wards as a temporary member in the wake of recent disasters. A Japanese-American girl, she wears a deep purple costume with a visor, quiver, and narrow, platinum-white armor panels that flare out at the upper edges and taper at the bottom – mimicking the vague shape of an arrow or darts. - Cast (In Depth)
  51. She could do other things, but the primary benefit, the easiest thing to do, was making her ammunition punch through anything. It would glue itself in place on impact, if she had the effect wear off at the right time, and she was very good at timing things. She could charge the metal of her cleats so they bit into any surface, and though it was too slow to be used defensively unless her foe telegraphed their attacks, she could make her costume frictionless. - Excerpt from Sentinel 9.2
  52. At least this wasn’t so different from the exercise she got on her nightly patrol back in New York. The problem was that this city was unfamiliar ground. The buildings didn’t match together well, the skyline was jarring, didn’t flow. Back home, traveling from rooftop to rooftop wasn’t much harder than running, with the use of her grappling hook to move her every minute or two. Here, it was a jerky, stilted exercise, slow, awkward, demanding use of the grappling hook for nearly every building. - Excerpt from Sentinel 9.2
  53. “Flechette is stepping down from the Wards program. She is going to be assisting the Undersiders in the future, helping Parian,” Miss Militia said.

    “No!” Vista said, raising her voice. “No! She became a villain? What… what the hell!?

    “Vista,” Clockblocker said. “She was in love.” - Excerpt from Cell 22.3
  54. Adepts. Self professed magic users. One page of information, listing names and powers. Another page with the PRT’s information on them: a series of codes and symbols I didn’t quite follow, numbers inside colored circles, squares and diamonds. From what I could gather, they had a low threat level, moderate crime rate, moderate ‘engagement’ level, low activity level. Led by Epoch, a time traveler. - Excerpt from Imago 21.7
  55. “We do what we’re doing with the Cauldron capes, run her by our thinkers,” Dispatch said. “We can get a more concrete assessment of her now, with a field exercise, than by any amount of talking. If I’m remembering right, a notice went out, didn’t it? A New York group of villains is poaching Wards and Protectorate members?”

    “The Adepts,” Revel said. - Excerpt from Drone 23.1
  56. This is only a branch,” Prism said, over the comm, “They have three primary properties. They don’t hold territory, so the local gangs leave them be. The idea is to discourage them. Fight only so long as you’re confident you’ll win. Communicate what’s going on, and we’ll step in if need be. With luck, this will be a setback for them, and cause to stop headhunting from our side.” - Excerpt from Drone 23.1
  57. 57.0 57.1 "They've also got a cell here in New York. One of their leaders, Uppercrust, is dying. Same medical problem that led to his trigger event. He was the easiest to work with - one of our contractors for the large-scale force fields at sensitive port locations. His failing health was a small factor in why Brockton Bay was hit as hard as it was. Can't get around to his work sites. Now you've got splinter factions vying for his seat." - PRT: Department Sixty Four, thread II [Worm Quest] - Page 82
  58. "Exactly what it says in the files. Varies from case to case. Bastard Son's gang is very nearly as bad as the Slaughterhouse Nine. Uppercrust are strictly business, with no villainous activity we can detect. Others fit in at different points along the spectrum. I would recommend you do some investigation, get a sense for how this particular group operates, and then get in touch with me when you've decided what you're doing. You can call in a favor, I won't hold it against you, given the situation, you just need to decide what that favor will be. A permanent increase to your roster, building, staff, addition to a department? Or even a serious strike squad, if you think you have a good battle plan."​ - Department Sixty Four, PRT Quest thread ii p82
  59. The forcefield defense was provided by Uppercrust (not to be confused with Upperhand), in one of the more neutral (as opposed to hostile) cases of Elite dealings with the PRT. Unfortunately, Uppercrust was ailing as 2011 rolled around and his attention to the various defense systems along the coasts was suffering as a consequence. - reddit comment by Wildbow.
  60. Armsmaster nodded, “Not surprising. She’s new. What we know about her is limited. She made her first appearance and demonstration of her powers by way of a drawn out terrorism campaign against Cornell University. Lung apparently recruited her and brought her to Brockton Bay after her plans were foiled by the New York Protectorate. This is… something of a concern.” - Excerpt from Gestation 1.6
  61. Rumor had it that Hookwolf, back in the day, had been one of the top fighters in a parahuman fighting ring in New York. He’d grown greedy, killed the man that ran it for access to the vault with the night’s earnings, and had made a good number of enemies in the process. It had been a group of white supremacists local to that area that had given him shelter and support, happy to side with him because the man he’d killed had been an ‘acceptable target’. Maybe the ideology was real for Hookwolf from day one, maybe it was an act that had become reality when he found he enjoyed having people celebrate him for enacting his most twisted impulses and racking up a body count. Either way, I suspected that there were few things he wouldn’t do for his ‘Empire’ nowadays. - Excerpt from Buzz 7.7
  62. Foil is 17 and a senior. She triggered 3 years prior to her appearance, as part of a group trigger in New York. One of her old nemeses, March, was another part of that group trigger. - Private message by Wildbow, posted on Spacebattles.
  63. “Another pattern we will be exploring is the apparent effect of multiple trigger events occurring in the same time and place. There is a very strong correlation between coinciding trigger events and individuals displaying three or more powers rather than one or two predominant ones.”

    “Hey, Flechette,” Kid Win called across the room, “You’ve got a bunch of powers, right?”

    She turned in her seat, “Sure.”

    “Anyone else get powers at the same time you did?”

    “Not that I know of.”

    “Could someone nearby have gotten their powers, without you knowing? Way things played out? Did any capes show up around the same time as you?”

    Flechette frowned, “Yeah. A rather persistent villain.”

    “Worth thinking about.” - Excerpt from Sentinel 9.3
  64. “I don’t know. Could they? Yes. And that possibility is too dangerous, especially given what Regent can do. The Undersiders do not pull their punches. The Travelers, oddly enough, are more moderate, but they do have sixteen kills under their belt, due in large part to the sheer power at their disposal.”

    “Let’s not forget the incident in New York,” Legend said. “Forty individuals disappeared in one night. Investigation confirmed the Travelers were occupying a nearby location. Chances are good that they were involved.” - Excerpt from Interlude 13
  65. Tattletale spoke up, “The Travelers have two other members who don’t see much action. Oliver handles their day-to-day stuff. Finds and prepares places for them to settle down, gets food, looks after Noelle. Noelle…”

    “New York,” Miss Militia interrupted. “She’s the one that’s responsible for the disappearance of those forty people?”

    “I wouldn’t be surprised,” Tattletale said. - Excerpt from Queen 18.3

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