Nero is a supervillain and would-be warlord.

Appearance Edit

Nero is a tall, muscular man with long brown hair and a beard. He wears armor on his legs, shoulders and arms that bares his chest and stomach. He also wears a helmet with dark slits that formed an 'x' over each eye that came together to form an axe blade, extending from his chin to his forehead.[1]

Abilities and Powers Edit

Nero claims that he was good at finding things and finding people before he triggered and that he got better after. His power allows him to create a 'couple of things' that he instinctively knows the location of, enabling him to tag people and track them. Teacher later unlocked his power so that he could create more things.[2]

History Edit

Post-Gold MorningEdit

Had a deal with Teacher, Imp and the Heartbroken made a new one.

Post-Time Bubble PopEdit

Nero was present at The Lodge during Antares and Tattletale investigation, working under Little Midas.[3]


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