Naphtha is a junior member of the Wardens.


His costume is head to toe, and is a glossy black. He has light armor with a bold yellow decoration.[1]

Abilities and PowersEdit

Naphtha has an always-on Shaker ability that transforms the surfaces of objects fifteen feet around him, in a perfect circle, into an oil slick. This oil produces bubbles.[2] It is Manton-limited, but can affect clothes. Once Naphtha leaves the surfaces revert to their normal state.

Predictably, he can ignite his oil.[3]


Post-Attack on TeacherEdit

Naphtha addressed a large group of gathered heroes and offered them all assignments.

The Ice BreaksEdit

Naphtha was one of the Wardens organizing with the incursion into The Shardspace. He fought Titan Skadi, once she arrived at his entry-point.[4]


  • In its original usage, Naphtha related to natural asphalts appearance and sticking properties.


  1. Naphtha was a Warden, but not one of the major ones, likely standing somewhere between Vista’s tier and the rookie tier. He stood on a table, decked out head to toe in glossy black, with bold yellow decoration standing out as a kind of light armor. - Excerpt from From Within 16.2
  2. His power made everything within fifteen feet of him, teammates excepted, slick with what looked like crude oil that periodically produced bubbles. The effect looked like it was perfectly circular if looked down on from above. - Excerpt from From Within 16.2
  3. Already hard to make out in the gloom, Skadi was drowned in darkness.

    That darkness became fire, illuminating everything from water to nearby buildings, fallen ones that had tipped over when the crack in reality had spread, and ones that had managed to stay standing.

    Napththa repeated the assault. Skadi became a silhouette in yellow fire. - Excerpt from Radiation 18.10
  4. Radiation 18.10

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