Nailfarer, real name Daiyu, is a member of The Navigators.


Nailfarer was publicly very open about her past.[1] She was exceedingly resilient; even after being painfully mutilated, she insisted on staying awake and answering questions, rather than be put under.[2]

Abilities and PowersEdit

Nailfarer has the ability to use dead tissues as doors.[1]



Nailfarer and her family were lured onto a ship ostensibly to America, only to be captured and forced into slavery. After seeing multiple family members die, she eventually triggered, but was beaten and forced to be an enforcer until she finally escaped.[1]

Nailfairer proceeded to serve as a hero for ten years. She was publicly open about her background and her trigger event, despite those topics being somewhat taboo.[1]


Nailfarer remained active as a hero with her team, The Navigators. They were one of the hero teams who passed through Hollow Point, though they didn't interact much with Breakthrough.[3]

Post-Goddess' TakeoverEdit

The Navigators were contacted by an anonymous source on Parahumans Online, who used information about the team's background to bait them to a location where they were eventually ambushed. Nailfarer and her team were torn to pieces, with a power used to keep them alive and conscious.[4] Police and paramedics were dispatched to the situation, and Antares acted as her advocate, interrogating her about the situation.

It was eventually found that Cradle was the perpetrator of the attack.


  • The name 'Nailfarer' is likely a reference to the Naglfar, a ship made of fingernails and toenails in Norse mythology, said to ferry warriors to fight during Ragnarök.


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