Mr. Drowsing is a despicable member of Orchard.


Mr. Drowsing was openly weeping when captured by the heroes.


Mr. Drowsing is a blonde man, who wears a white bodysuit with black branches as part of the design.[1]

Abilities and PowersEdit

Mr. Drowsing has an ability to manipulate people's minds.



Boston GamesEdit

Orchard were present in Boston when the Boston Games were going down.


Orchard were active and considered a threat by Tattletale, possibly coming to Brockton Bay.[2]

Post-Time Bubble PopEdit

Mr. Drowsing and Mr. Bough were captured by the combined forces of the Wardens and Foresight. Victoria Dallon proposed a deal that would lighten their prison sentence on the exile world, namely that they would help fix Sveta.

The Ice BreaksEdit

Drowsing was considered as a replacement for Panacea in Breakthroughs plan against the Titans, but did not fit the mold.[3]


  1. Across from him was his partner in crime. Blond, tousle-haired in a way he’d tried to do with styling gel, but looked forced, still wearing his white bodysuit with black branches. He’d only taken his jacket off. His eyes and nose were red, cheeks wet, his face a perpetual scowl. I couldn’t imagine not removing a costume with those hard branch bits. Maybe he was denying his new reality. - Excerpt from Black 13.11
  2. I moved on to boards of a different color. The red bulletin boards and whiteboards with red writing: Brockton Bay. Potential threats: the Teeth, Red Handed, Heartbreaker, Lost Garden, Adepts, the Orchard, The Fallen.

    Each was labeled with a code, much like the trigger events had been, and a letter-number combination after that.

    It took me only a minute to find what they were referring to. Things were organized beyond the initial veneer of chaos. A small bookshelf, knee-high, held file folders with the same letter-number pairings as I saw on the bulletin board. - Excerpt from Imago 21.7
  3. Panacea?” Brian asked. “Why?”

    “I… she’s strong. But she’s unwilling. Unwell, but she realizes that now. I asked Bitter Pill, Bough’s partner, the healer in Advance Guard, Capricorn Red’s old boyfriend. None have what Amy has." - Excerpt from Infrared 19.g
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