Mr. Bough is a despicable bio-manipulator, and a part of Orchard. He would later become The Ophion Titan.


Mr. Bough is willing to purchase slaves and twist their bodies into nightmarish monsters.


Mr. Bough is a skinny guy, with stylized brown hair and a beard, a long face and rectangular frame glasses.[1]

As the Ophion Titan, he appears as tumor-like mass of numerous overlapping and folding thick black cords shaped into human figure with gold highlights. His upper body is covered with silvery black needles. His face is like a cluster of flowers, that overlap in a vaguely face-like shape. He is surrounded by moisture.[2][3]

Abilities and PowersEdit

Mr. Bough has a bio-manipulation ability that allows him to change the bodies of people into grotesque forms. Examples include changing a boy into have the head and limbs of a dog, changing three women to look exactly alike, and aging a woman 40 years.[4]

Mr. Bough creates needles from his body, that he can use to splice the traits of other beings into a person.[5]

As a Titan, his needles effectiveness have increased dramatically. He is capable of fully mutating someone with only momentary contact, and his victims do not seem to be able to revert.[6] Titan Ophion can create monsters that are over 12 stories and taller, towering even over other titans. The needles that he creates can manifest from the ground itself.[7][8]

The Firmament bombing permanently weakened his power in all its aspects.[9][10]


Boston GamesEdit

Orchard were present in Boston when the Boston Games were going down.


Orchard were active and considered a threat by Tattletale, possibly coming to Brockton Bay.[11]

Post-Time Bubble PopEdit

Mr. Bough and Mr. Drowsing were captured by the combined forces of the Wardens and Foresight. Victoria Dallon proposed a deal that would lighten their prison sentence on the exile world, namely that they would help fix Sveta.

Mr. Bough succeeded in giving Sveta a new body.[12]

The Ice BreaksEdit

Mr. Bough was one of a few capes to become a Titan, and immediately attacked other capes around himself. He joined Fortuna's network.[13]

In the initial bout he was pacified with the Dragonflight application and "retreated",[14] but resumed his attempts shortly afterwards, demolishing some of Wardens' teams.[15]

Ophion arrived to the main entry-point together with The Strange Titan in response to Wardens' incursion into The Shardspace. [16] He fought Oberon there.[17] After The Firmament bombing his spikes were severely reduced in size and potency, now taking multitude of them to get the same effect. He was forced into retreat yet again.[9]

He was a part of Fortuna's assault on Earth Shin portal. He was locked in a fight with The Mother of Mothers, being unable to fully subvert her tide of flesh.[18] Following Rain's resurgence from The Firmament, Ophion went into a passive defense by only reinforcing himself with his spikes and producing relatively weak, yet still truck-sized, wasp-worms. It did not prevent Antares from nearly killing herself by accidentally flying into him, being lost inside his fortifications, and impaling herself on one of his spikes.[10]

Later Ophion was seen fighting Dauntless' titans.[19]


Fanart GalleryEdit


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  5. “I make needles,” Mr. Bough said. He ran his finger along his arm, and a needle slid out of it, a foot long and, as it disconnected from the flesh, bulbous at the tip. “I can place what I need at the head, and it will disseminate into the patient. That way, I can splice in traits I want-”

    “What the patient wants,” Victoria said, stern.

    “He wasn’t being duplicitous,” Effervescent said.

    “Just sketchy,” Victoria muttered. “Go on.”

    “Some of this, if I use the right pins, and I do plan to, is going to tap into the patient’s self image. Some of this is necessary to make the connections feel natural, making the body feel intuitive, instead of like a fit of shoes that’re the right size but worn and stretched out to fit someone else’s subtly different foot.” - Excerpt from Interlude 13.z
  6. “The Ophion Titan. Formerly a villain who went by ‘Mr. Bough’, one half of the human trafficking partnership Orchard, which mutated people in body and mind to customize them for their clients. He was incarcerated in a prison world, and was closest to the breach that created an overlap between our world and the prison dimension. Several who attempted to escape past him and into our world were struck with his needles, and have mutated dramatically. He attacks quickly and with great reach and accuracy, and even brief contact with the needles seems to induce physical changes. With one of his creations arrested and one dead, we haven’t seen them revert yet. We’re holding out hope.” - Excerpt from Interlude 13.z
  7. I could follow on the monitor ringed by open flame. The Titan was as tall as a twelve story building, but the monsters he had just made were taller than him. They surged forward on limbs that were still mutating, one covered in brightly painted blisters, and the other narrower, leaner, and meaner. The lean one didn’t seem to take any meaningful damage from any incoming attacks, while the blistered one had pockets of fluid or gas that popped every time something struck it, bogging down the battlefield. The camera showed the bodies of the capes who had been caught by the first surprise blast of liquid.

    For each and every one of them, their flesh was melting off at the arms and legs only, with bones showing. Their mobility was limited, with only a few people able to use powers to try and get away.

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