Mouse Protector was an independent hero and former inaugural Ward.


She liked messing up with the very idea of superheroes as a child even if she was somewhat intimidated with the reality. She wasn't shy or impressed by authority either.[2]

This continued into adulthood, where she continued to play up the silliness of superheroing, making her opponents' defeats at her hands even more embarrassing. She found these little 'squabbles' enjoyable and this drove her needling personality in costume.[3]


During the first meeting of her Wards team, Mouse Protector carried a shield and a sword, and wore a helmet adorned with mouse ears that she had made herself.[4] [1] It is unknown what her costume as an adult looked like.

Abilities and PowersEdit

Mouse Protector was a Grab-Bag Cape,[5] her power grants her enhanced agility and stamina as well as a teleportation power where she could mark a target through touch and then teleport to them on a whim.[6][7]



After Hero mentioned that he understood what someone else was saying, Mouse Protector told him that they had the serious part down before thrusting her sword into the air. She later agreed with Hero when he said that some of them were in a hurry to grow up and become heroes. After Legend arrived, he told them to be careful and said that the purpose of the Wards was about training. Mouse Protector told him that part came later and Legend told her that it would if she still wanted it then.[2]

When Hero asked why Chevalier had sat by Miss Militia, Mouse Protector said that he probably thought she was hot and that he wanted the poontang. Reed told her not to be juvenile moments before Chevalier told her that he thought that they were similar. She asked him about it before she was told that Chevalier went after the Snatchers. After hearing the explanation, Reed told Mouse Protector that she could stop asking questions which she denied.[8]

Story StartEdit

She eventually left the Wards, becoming an independent cape, operating on her own for roughly ten years.

She specialized in ruining reputations of career villains, and became an early example of such strategy.[9]


Mouse Protector was ambushed by the Slaughterhouse Nine at the behest of her old foe Ravager. After her death her body was given to Bonesaw who fused Mouse Protector together with Ravager and renamed them "Murder Rat".[10] This wasn't public knowledge.

The resulting aberration was subdued by Panacea[11] and finally mercy killed by Flashbang.[12]


More aberrations were created and destroyed.

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    Chevalier watched the exchange carefully.  His eyes fell on the figure behind Hero, and he tried to focus his attention on it.  It moved with glacial slowness, a four-legged creature with legs so long that the ‘window’ around Hero didn’t even show its main body.  Finger-like appendages at the base of each leg carved diagrams and ideas into the ‘soil’ beneath as it walked.

    “We’ve got the serious part down,” the girl with the mouse ears said.  She drew her sword, thrusting it into the air, “Huzzah!”

    “So bogus,” was the mumbled response.  “As if her group has the majority.”

    “I’m sure you’ll figure it out,” Hero said.  “A lot of you have been through a lot, and some of you have only just stopped.  Stopped running, stopped fighting, stopped dealing with a long series of crises.”

    Hero’s eyes briefly fell on Chevalier.  Chevalier lowered his eyes to the floor.

    “The important thing to remember,” Hero said, “is that you’ve got time.  You have time to figure out who you want to become, time to figure out what this team will become, time to breathe.  To be kids again.”

    Hero paused, glancing over the room.  He sighed.  “And you have zero interest in that, I’m sure.  You’re in a hurry to grow up, to be heroes.”

    “You’d better believe it, boss,” the mouse girl said.

    “Just be careful,” Legend said, as he strode into the room.  He was accompanied by Eidolon and Alexandria.  “This is about training, not thrusting you into the midst of trouble.”

    “That comes later,” the mouse girl said.

    “If you decide you want it,” Legend answered. - Excerpt from Interlude 24.x
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    And the images, the glimmers, they showed the mouse-ears girl laughing. For her companions, there was a strange writing system patterned on one boy’s skin, and the other boy swirled with a smoke that wasn’t there. - Excerpt from Interlude 24.x
  5. She was a composite of two ‘kitchen sink’ capes. Mouse Protector and Ravager. Two primary powers that had blended into the one, a dozen other minor powers. Flexibility, a bizarre kind of enhanced strength, reflexes and agility that had peaks and valleys, and skin as tough as leather. - Excerpt from Sting 26.3
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    What was Mouse Protector's power, before she was transformed into Murder Rat?

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    Multiple minor powers, including enhanced agility and stamina, as well as a teleportation power where she could mark a target via. touch and then teleport to them at whim.
    In execution, an agile opponent who could harass her opponents mercilessly, verbally and physically, where escape was impossible. - Comment by Wildbow archived on SpaceBattles
  8. “I’m curious why you sat next to Hannah,” Hero commented, as he served himself some cake.

    Chevalier glanced at the girl with the weapons.  He felt uncomfortable, “People are making it a bigger deal than it is.  It was just me sitting down.  I didn’t put much thought into it.”

    “Maybe,” Hero said.  He laid a hand on Chevalier’s shoulder.  “But it’s good that you did.  She could use a friend.  Might make a world of difference, in the long run.”

    Chevalier shrugged, stepping up to the tray and placing a slice of cake on each plate.

    “We’re all ignoring the obvious reason,” the girl with the mouse ears said, getting in Chevalier’s way as she reached for a plastic fork.  “He thinks she’s hot.  He wants the poontang.”

    Hero cleared his throat in a very deliberate way.

    “Don’t be juvenile,” the leaf-boy told her, from the front of the line.

    Chevalier shifted awkwardly.  The girl with the mouse ears was in his way, and he couldn’t move down the table to get a drink.  She wouldn’t budge until this was resolved.

    “I got the vibe she and I are similar,” Chevalier said.  It was honest.  The images he’d seen, of the girl…

    And it was apparently the wrong thing to say, because mouse-ears was only more insistent, now.  She smiled, cooing the word, “Similar?”

    “You didn’t figure it out yet?  Chevalier’s the vigilante that went after the Snatchers,” the leaf-boy said.

    Hero turned around, and his voice was a little hard, “Reed.  That’s not your story to share.”

    “It’s okay,” Chevalier said.  “They’d find out eventually.”

    Mouse-girl looked confused.  “The Snatchers?  Are they supervillains?”

    “No,” Chevalier said.  He used the distraction to push past her and get to the area where the two-liter bottles of soda were lined up.  He poured the drinks for himself and Hannah.  “They were ordinary people.  Bad people, but ordinary.  Except maybe the leader.”

    “Maybe?”  Mouse girl asked.

    “I didn’t give him a chance to show me.”

    Her eyes widened.

    Chevalier felt strangely calm as he spoke, “Not like that.  Alexandria caught up with me at the very end.  When I was trying to decide what I’d do with him.  She told me she’d stand by and let me kill the guy, if I really had to, but I’d go to jail afterwards.  That, or I could come with her.  Come here.”

    Hero frowned, glancing at Alexandria, who had gathered at one corner of the room with Eidolon and Legend.  They were looking at the kids, talking, smiling.  “I’m glad you made the right choice.”

    Chevalier shrugged.  I’m not sure I did.

    He was still angry.  Still hurt.  His little brother’s absence was still a void in his life.

    “Maybe now you can stop asking questions,” Reed told the mouse girl.


    Reed sighed.

    “Everyone has their baggage,” Hero said.  “Sometimes it’s in the past, sometimes it’s in the present, other times it’s fears for the future.  But this is a fresh start, understand?  I’m pretty mellow, believe it or not, but I’m going to be upset if I hear that anyone’s holding any of that stuff against a teammate, or if you’re letting it hold you back.  Understand?  This is a second chance for everyone.  You’re here to support one another.”

    There were silent nods from Chevalier, Reed and the mouse girl. - Excerpt from Interlude 24.x
  9. Mouse Protector was an early one that I think stuck in people’s memories. Ruining perfect records, humiliating villains, knocking them down a peg. Making their reputation the thing that gets hurt. Excerpt] from Blinding 11.6
  10. “Murder Rat used to be a heroine, called herself the Mouse Protector. One of those capes who plays up the cheese, no pun intended. Camped it up, acted dorky, used bad puns, so her enemies would be embarrassed to lose to her. Ravager decided she’d had enough, asked the Nine to take Mouse Protector down. So we took the job. Beat Mouse Protector, and I took her to the operating table. The other Nine tracked down Ravager and collected her, too. Just to make it clear that we don’t take orders. We aren’t errand boys or errand girls either. Now Ravager gets to spend the rest of her life with the woman she hated, making up.” - Excerpt from Interlude 11h
  11. Murder Rat placed a blade against her cheek, scraped it down toward her chin, as if giving Amy a close shave.

    She reached up and touched the woman’s chest.  Without Hack Job touching her, her power was coming back quickly.  She felt Murder Rat’s biology snap into her consciousness, until she could see every cell, every fluid, every part of the woman.  The two women.  She could see Bonesaw’s work, the integration of body parts, the transfusions of bone marrow from one woman to the other, the viruses with modified DNA inside them, skewing the balances and configurations until she couldn’t tell for sure where one woman started and the other began.

    She could also see the metal frames inside the woman, interlacing with the largest bones of her skeletal system, the needles in her spine and brain.  Bonesaw’s control system.  There was something around the heart, too.  Metal, with lots of needles pointing inward.  She was rigged to die if the control frame was ever disabled.  The woman, no, the women, were awake in there.  One and a half brains contained in a synthetic fluid in her skull.

    She targeted the ligaments at the woman’s shoulders and hips.  Cutting them was easier than putting the things back together again.  Dissolve the cells, break them down.

    The woman collapsed onto a heap on top of her. - Excerpt from Interlude 11h
  12. “Okay.”  Mark walked over to Murder Rat and adjusted her position against the wall until she was more horizontal, almost lying down.  He crossed her claws over her chest, and then formed an orb of light the size of a tennis ball.

    “Rest in peace, Mouse Protector,” he said.  He placed the orb of light in the gap where two claws crossed one another, just over her heart, then stepped away.

    There was a small explosion and a spray of blood. - Excerpt from Interlude 11h

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