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Mortari is one of the largest construction conglomerates operating on Earth Gimel.[1] It is heavily involved in both construction and the maintenance of the portal network.[2] Mortari was controlled by Jeanne Wynn.[1]




Mortari backed Jeanne Wynn in her campaign to be the mayor of the City.

Jeanne, Kurt and the Number Lads went on a mission to track down Balminder, with the assistance of Barfbat. They recovered a lot of the remaining Cauldron vials as a result.

Post-Goddess' Takeover[]

Jeanne and Breakthrough started a working relationships.

Post-Time Bubble Pop[]

Mortari assisted in the second raid on Teacher's base by providing their team of recently recruited parahumans.[3] Their capes joined Breakthrough-led assault group.[4]


  • Mortari is a play on words, mortar is at the same time a smaller "cauldron", and a building material, a masonry plaster.


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