Moose is a simple cape on a team with Prancer and Velvet.


Generally easy going and able to banter pretty well. He was willing to admit that he would probably be beaten by someone else.[1]


Works alongside Prancer and Velvet. Moose is implied to be bisexual, and has had relations with both Prancer and Velvet.[2]

He seems to worry about what his mother would think of his lifestyle and activities.[3]


Moose is a intimidatingly large, muscled man with untidy blonde hair. He has a crude metal face mask with cloth padding under it, matched with fur lined gauntlets. The rest of his 'costume' is casual ware.[4] He later upgraded to a full brown costume and tweaked his gauntlets.[5]

Abilities and PowersEdit

Was strong enough to go toe to toe with Victoria Dallon. She thought there was more to his Brute power than he was letting on.[6]

Moose's body movements can emanate shockwaves.[7] He is capable of using it as a form of reactive defense by using his body as a spring in the face of a strike.



Presumably a natural trigger.

Gold MorningEdit

Was on the battlefield and remembered the trigger vision that King of Cups had, that Teachers minion had helped everyone remember.

Presumably was one of the people used by Khepri to end the event.


Found his way to Velvet and Prancer and traveled with them across Earth Gimel.

Was at Hollow point when a Hero showed up, he accurately predicted how it was going to go. As such he was predictably trounced by Victoria.[8]

Took part on the assault on The Fallen. At some point during the attack, Moose was partially disemboweled, and ended up having to get part of his colon removed.[9]

Post-Goddess' TakeoverEdit

Was spotted on Earth N.[10]

Decided to help Breakthrough with the fight against Cradle, and his army of mercenaries. He was quite efficient in breaking the Megacarpal's defense.

Post-Attack on TeacherEdit

When the ice broke due to Fume Hood having broken triggered into a Titan, Prancer was one of multiple capes to also trigger into a Titan. In this form, he attacked Moose and two other friends, killing the latter. This caused Moose to also trigger into a Titan, and the two Titans then consolidated into the Titan Oberon.[11]


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    There is also at least one other explicitly bi character I can name off the top of my head, which is Sidepiece.

    Wildbow: Moose as well - he's in a loose relationship with Velvet and Prancer while he figures out his game plan - I can get people missing that (brief mention of complicated relationships) or forgetting because interlude 2 interlude 1 was a while ago, though. - Comment by Wildbow
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    The shockwave was weird. Intense, and focused. There was more to that Brute power.

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    The thing that had been Prancer didn’t deliver the strike with any force. Instead, with the lightness of a feather landing, came to perch atop the broad back of the thing that had once been his and Velvet’s mutual friend and lover.

    And the world around them dissolved into black-lightning cracks, the small refuge they had built falling to pieces.



    Two became one, damaged, broken, and haphazard, because many of the needed connections weren’t there. - Excerpt from Interlude 17.z II

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