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Arc 16
Chapter Count 16
Word Count 91,947
Date started
24 November 2012
Date finished
5 January 2013
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Monarch is the sixteenth arc of Worm. It is preceded by Colony and followed by Migration.


The Travelers and Undersiders are on track to have the city under control by Coil's deadline— until seven of Dragon's suits descend on the city with orders to capture them. Coil volunteers the use of his assembled resources to deal with the problem, and offers additional incentives including a promise to honor the condition Taylor proposed. Now all she has to do is make sure the two teams come out victorious against seven times the firepower ever deployed by the best tinker in the world... and then find out if Coil intends to keep his promise.



  • Monarch refers to a ruler, especially nobility like a king or queen.  These individuals are not necessarily all-powerful but occupy the highest rank in government and rarely answer to others. It also may refer to a specific kind of butterfly.
    • In this section, we see the rise of several monarchs who try, fail and even succeed to rise from their lowly position. Taylor finally gets her confrontation with Coil, giving her the chance to claim her independence (and his prize). Another member of the Undersiders successfully, and dramatically, lays claim to a large criminal empire. Then of course there's Nilbog...

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