In the world of capes, Mercenaries are the capes who can be swayed to fight with both Villains and Heroes, depending on the amount they are being paid.

Any mercenary that works for villains are automatically stained for life.[1] There can be heroic mercenaries,[2] if not outright a Sponsored cape team. There are even even those that wield pueiscent political power.[3]

Notable ExamplesEdit


  1. Rogues are, by definition, not heroes or villains. A rogue is someone who doesn't identify with the cops and robbers game, encompassing those who utilize their abilities for business, personal, societal or neutral reasons, and those who strive not to use their abilities at all. To a reasonably strict extent, there is no 'in the field' for rogues.

    I say reasonably strict because there's mercenaries like Faultline's crew, but there's pretty much a 'you fuck one goat' attitude toward mercenaries who deign to work with villains... they just get the 'villain' label slapped on them and that's that, mostly. - Wildbow on Reddit
  2. “Mercenaries,” Weld said. He glanced at Faultline, “But not part of your contingent, no offense.”

    “So long as you’re accepting if I want to hire you?”

    “I’m not about to turn down our first potential client,” Weld said. “So long as you stick to the rules. I’m thinking we’ll only take jobs that help people. Screw payment.”

    There were murmurs of agreement from the other freaks. - Missing Interlude
  3. ► World News: Red Gauntlet Moves

    Red Gauntlet, the Russian paramilitary group, has declared allegiance alongside the C.U.I. in the competition between the Chinese and New Siam’s defending forces. One of the stronger parahuman groups in Eurasia, Red Gauntlet is often said to be a major power on par with Russia’s government, due to their ability to make plays like this one. By taking one side, Red Gauntlet has changed the tenor of the impending conflict, prompting Russian military and neighboring powers to side with or against New Siam, as their relationship with Red Gauntlet allows. - Department Sixty Four, PRT Quest thread ii p54
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