Megan is a member of Goddess' Cluster, and a part of March's Megacluster.


She seems to have some mutual connection with Jace.


Similar to others from her cluster, she wears blue.[1]

Abilities and PowersEdit

Megan's primary ability allows her to manipulate shard connections, which is mostly used to boost the powers of other capes.

She has several other minor abilities due to her nature as a cluster cape. One of these abilities is a 'tractor beam' form of telekinesis.[2]



Triggered alongside several others in a quarantine incident at White Rock around 2008-2011.

Gold MorningEdit

She was brought back to Bet by Khepri.

Post-Fallen fallEdit

Was tracked down by Cryptid and Panacea, and delivered to Goddess.

Post-Goddess' TakeoverEdit

Took part on the attack on Brockton Bay alongside March.[3]

Post-Attack on TeacherEdit

Megan was seen among the Wardens' employees.[4]


  1. Megan wore sky blue. Scarfs and cloths, with a scarf around brown hair. She too wore the contact lenses, but her look was more of a dancer. She wasn’t a fighter, and being even this close to danger had her on edge. Jace seemed to sense it and drew nearer. - Excerpt from Interlude 12.z II
  2. Megan turned, hand extending out. She tractor-beamed an ice crystal her way, driving it into the back of a cape that was stampeding toward her.

    “Back three steps! And five!”

    Megan hurried back three steps as the stampeding cape crashed into the ground. He coasted on icy ground, stopping just before colliding with her. Her trust in March was enough that she’d already turned, was grabbing a drone out of the air, pulling it to her-

    The stampeding cape rose to his feet, only to have the drone crash into him. - Excerpt from Interlude 12.z II
  3. Interlude 12.z II
  4. Sundown 17.10

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