Slaughterhouse Nine Recruitment


Skitter vs Mannequin



June 2011


Crater Lake

Hookwolf called a meeting to co-ordinate and oppose the Nine.


Grue and Skitter discussed the various people the Slaughterhouse Nine had visited and attempted to recruit, including Hookwolf. Despite the risk that he might be planning to attack them all on behalf of the Nine, they decided that it would be best to attend.[1]


Each group approached the roof of a submerged building in the center of the lake by boat, one by one. Each had a different code they would flash with Purity by torch. The final group, who Victor signalled using pyrokinesis granted by Othala, was a surprise to the other teams - a group of Protectorate heroes.

Hookwolf revealed the fact that the Undersiders and Travelers had taken over the city, accusing them of using the Nine's attack as a distraction. He proposed that the cease all operations until the Nine were gone, in the spirit of truce.

Coil revealed that Dinah had predicted the end of the world if Jack Slash escaped the city.

The groups argued about what to do. Eventually, the Travellers and Undersiders were forced to leave.[2]

Imp and Genesis secretly listened in on the remainder of the meeting. The Undersiders and Travelers retired to Ballistic's HQ to discuss what to do next.[3]


When Genesis woke up, signalling she was done watching the meeting, the two teams left to go pick up Imp. They encountered a group of Slaughterhouse Nine members led by Jack Slash.[3]


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