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Mayday is a long time hero who's now part of Advance Guard.


A capable leader who has the respect of his colleagues. Seen as good with kids, with one notable exception.[2]



Mayday is bitter about the fact that she essentially sunk his chances to be moved to the main Protectorate team. He recognizes that he is bitter, however, and is genuinely happy that she has improved.


Persumably good if he considers himself good enough for the main Protectorate team.


Mayday is of African descent and in his mid-thirties, with a trimmed beard and thin mustache.[3] He has a good speaking voice.[4]

In costume, his red and black armor follows the Advance Guard aesthetic,[5]with the added flourish of a tucked in one-shoulder-cape.[6] His full face helmet is composed of triangular panels which obscure his actual head shape; underneath his helmet, he wears a basic mask.[3]

Abilities and Powers[]

Mayday is an artillery-type blaster who summons large red spheres composed of 'abstract energy' filaments from far behind him that he can then direct towards a targeted area. Where the energy impacts, a major, yet discriminatory, rearrangement ensues. Targets can be pulled to their feet or knocked down, they may end up facing another way be placed behind cover, innumerable changes are possible at the impact site.[7] Mayday himself is either immune or can be easily excepted from this rule, as can any friends and allies. On a smaller scale, he can shoot small blasts of the energy to push targets back,[8] and presumably he can fall back on these when he can't set up a artillery strike.

His energy balls, roughly the size of a trailer home, are summoned through various hand gestures[9] and are accompanied by a black flare when they appear.[9] Starting as orbs the energy deforms as it moves through the air, perhaps deforming in the air resistance, forcing it to stretch.

His power is highly disruptive to enemy tactics and can destroy other constructs, but it is not that powerful.[10] Non-targeted individuals just feel a wash of warm air as the effect touches them.



Had been a member of the protectorate in Baltimore, became the leader of the team after the previous one was booted out because of how they had handled Optics.[11]

He did not have positive experiences with the young tinker either.

Gold Morning[]

Participated as much as everyone else did. Lost 16 colleagues during the event.[12]


Deployed to Cedar Point and was able to cover the retreat.[2]

Post-Fallen Fall[]

Was made into a focal point for anti-parahuman sentiment, which was partially alleviated by Breakthrough involvement.

The Ice Breaks[]

Mayday joined the fight against the Titans, fending off the Nemean Titan.[13]


  • Mayday, from the french venez m'aider which means "come and help me", is the international distress call. Officiated in 1943.
    • There is also the holiday Mayday but this is likely unrelated.
  • While Mayday is technically a Nuker his power application clearly falls on the Blaster side of things.[14][1]


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    “Everyone says so, but I did bad stuff,” she said.

    “Uninformed stuff,” he said, gently. “But bad, yeah. It was more trouble to deal with her than to wrangle all the other Wards combined. I get out of the toilet stall in the men’s room and this kid is sitting on the counter by the sink, waiting, has been for twenty minutes, dead silent for the first time in her life, because she wants to talk to me. There aren’t cameras in the bathrooms. It’s a blind spot. How does that look?”
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    From the distance, a flare of red light rose against the blue sky at the horizon, framed with something shadowy and dark that made it stand out clearly.

    It was deceptive, in its general oblong shape, which became a circle and became oblong again, and its apparent lack of depth.

    I realized what it was and put my hand at Sveta’s arm, in case I needed to pull her away. A projectile of some sort. It soared toward us, and touched down in the middle of the battlefield, with Mayday running to intercept it, getting clipped by one of Nailbiter’s claws on the way.

    It hit him, almost dead on, and smashed into the road like water might, a mess of red strands that glowed to the point they were almost neon, in a sea of darker and darker strands. The webbed ball dissipated, broke up, the lines spreading out to run through, around, over and under almost everything on the ground. The larger portion of the mass skidded nearly a hundred feet before breaking up. Mayday’s team had been carried along with the skid, and as the strands dissipated, they were on their feet, standing in formation. The villains who hadn’t scrambled out of the way were at the edges, lying down, or pushed between parked cars. No property damage had been done. - Excerpt form Shadow 5.4
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    I was barely touched, as it washed over me like hot air from a hair dryer. Others were dragged a hundred feet down the road, pushed back and away from the bottleneck. Bluestocking’s blue stocking was shredded by the contact with the road, stained red.

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