Master is one of the twelve power classifications created by the PRT still in modern day use.[1] Masters have the ability to control other entities.[2]


Masters are parahumans that are either able to manipulate others or to create minions to do their bidding.[3] They can do this through a variety of ways, including, but not limited to:

  • The ability to create and control minions,[3] with a large amount of variations in size,[4][5] control,[4][5] amount,[6][7][8] and exact method:
    • The ability to control and sometimes enhance existing creatures, such as bugs, rats, or dogs.
    • The power to animate normally inanimate objects.[9]
    • The creation of duplicates of oneself.[10]
    • The power to create projections.[11]
  • The ability to control other people actively or passively, either directly or by manipulating emotions or attitudes.[2]

Common combinations with other ratings Edit

Masters don't often have secondary powers, instead expressing them through their minions instead.[12][13]

One exception is the Master-Stranger combination:[14] Master powers based around controlling or influencing others are often extremely useful for infiltration, while a more niche Master-Stranger can use self-duplicates as a distraction.[15]

Tinkers able to build drones[16] or breed creatures, often fall under the Master classification.[2]

Trigger eventsEdit

Masters arise from trigger events involving isolation, alienation, exile or betrayal.[3] It should be noted that the loss of a loved one can be considered a Master trigger, one with a singular, focused sense of loss and isolation.[17]

Feeling isolated from a single individual tends to feed into having a single fixed minion, while feeling isolated from society tends to result in numerous and/or variable minions.[18]

PRT countermeasuresEdit

All numbers assumed to be equal, the PRT considers Masters the second highest priority after Thinkers: they should be considered a high priority target. PRT officers are given training to deal with Master effects, with the most experienced able to resist some Master effects.[19]

Threat level Additional measures
  • Team is notified as to Master classification.[2]
  • The Master is prioritized as a target, with their likely location regularly communicated to the team and oversight, to allow expedient removal.[2]
  • Assuming nonhuman, non-sapient minions, full lethal munitions are authorized against any massed forces.[2]
  • In case of controlled humans, all standard ‘eyes-on’ protocols are in effect (see also Changer and Stranger).[2]
  • Passwords are in effect.[2]
  • Inter-city missiles and other large-scale munitions may be authorized, depending on the situation.[2]

Known MastersEdit

Note: This list describes the Master classifications and Master aspects of different parahumans. For a full overview of their abilities, please check their individual pages.

Name Known ratings Power description
August Prince Master/Stranger 3[20][21] Cannot be deliberately harmed by anyone.[22]
Bitch Master[23] Can empower dogs with vastly increased size, strength, durability and agility and an covering of bony plates and spikes and exposed muscle.[24]
Blasto Tinker 6 (Master 5, Blaster 2, Changer 2, Brute 2)[25] Produces plant-hybrid minions.[26]
Blister Master/Stranger[27] Forms subtle bulges of warped space; bulges ‘pop’ on approach, revealing Blister duplicates.[27]
Canary Master 8[28] Her singing renders listeners suggestible to her commands.[29]
Cask Tinker 5 (Blaster 1, Brute 2*, Master 1, Trump 2)[30] Produces and consumes chemical batches that enhance the drinker for a short while.[31]
Chicken Little Master Possesses basic control over birds, and can sense what they sense.[32]
Cradle Tinker[33] (Mover, Master, Shaker) Specializes in making prosthetic limbs.[33][34] Has additional abilities due to nature as a cluster cape.
Crusader Master 6[35][36] Can create ghostly replicas of himself that can float and pass through body armor and walls.[37]
Echidna Master/Striker 10, Brute 8, Changer 2,[38] Thinker,[39] Trump/Master[40] Produces copies of people she touches, including parahumans.[41]
Edict Master[42] Can give one-word orders, that if disobeyed, cause her target to suffer random mental consequences ranging from a few hours of hiccups to death.[43]
Feint Master/Shaker 2[44] Can generate ‘hard light’ shells around objects and individuals, then mobilize these shells for a duration before they expire.[45]
Felix Swoop Master/Blaster[46] Controls birds to which he applies fire immunity and pyrokinesis and then programs with movements.[46]
Gallant Master/Blaster[47] Concussive blasts that induce different emotions.[48]
Genesis Master[49][50] Has the ability to project solid images with minor powers, which she can control from a remote distance.[51]
Glaistig Uaine Master,[52] Trump[53] (>=12)[54] Can draw in the essence of recently dead parahumans and store it within herself. Can have three of them active as spectres.[55]
Goddess Trump[56] Master[56][57] Has a presence-based compulsion power.[56]
Heartbreaker Master[35] Has the ability to manipulate emotions of anyone within his range. The effects are long term or permanent.[58]
Hellhound See: Bitch.[24]
Hidden Hand See: Kaeing Tha.[59]
Hijack See: Regent.[60]
Kaeing Tha Master[61] Can adopt another form in which they envelop others and control their actions with limited control of their powers.[59]
Khun Sa Master,[61] Breaker[62] Can transform into immovable object with control over animals, people and some electronics in the area.[62]
Kingdom Come Master[63] Explodes, controlling everyone his blood splatters.[64]
Kudzu Master[47] Self-duplicator with duplicator duplicates.[65]
Mama Mathers Master/Stranger[66] Can induce hallucinations in and perceive through those who are exposed to her.[67]
March (Gold Coin) See: Minakhm.[68]
Minakhm Master[61] Can touch individuals to impel them to move a set distance and attack anything that comes within their range.[68]
Mockshow Master/Shaker 6[69] Creates telekinetically animated servants, typically with the size, clout and general strategy of a grown rhino.[70]
Monokeros Master/Trump[71] Can attack an person with a wave of emotion, while also becoming immune to anything that person does, can see through their eyes and observe memories.[72]
Moord Nag Master[73] Has a 'scavenger' pet that gains a permanent increase in size and power by consuming the dead.[73]
Nighty Night Master[50] Note: This might be a mistake. Nighty Night’s powers indicate a Shaker rating. Capable of making poisonous, noxious illusions out of the landscape.[50]
Nilbog Master[35] Has the power to create life, collecting raw biological material and using it to fashion minions.[74]
Parian Master 6[75] Has fine manipulation of smaller and lighter objects, and can ‘fill’ larger vessels to render them effectively heavy, dense and heavy-hitting.[76]
Precipice Blaster, Mover, Tinker, Master[77] Can induce guilt and doubt in an area around himself.[77]
Prin Hunlika Master[61] Generates an aversion field affecting all individuals within roughly 500 feet.[78]
Prince Prosperous See: Khun Sa.[79]
Princess Scarecrow See: Prin Hunlika.[78]
Prism Master[80] Can split herself into three copies, and return those copies to herself for a burst of speed and strength.[81]
Psychosoma Stranger 4, Master 7[82] Can twist people into monstrous shapes. Dealing enough damage will break the effect, and return the victims to human form, unharmed.[83]
Regent Master >6[75][84] Can gain complete and total control over the body of somebody he has spend enough time with.[85]
Romp See: Mockshow.[86]
The Siberian Master[87] Can create an unstoppable and untouchable projection in the form of striped woman.[87][88]
The Slug Master[89] 1[90] Can modify memories of his targets to an an unmeasured degree.[91]
Skitter Master 5,[92] Thinker 1[93] (later: Master 8, Thinker 1)[94] Can control arthropods and other simple lifeforms, with a wide range and the power to individually control each insect.[95]
Tongue-Tie See: Edict.[96]
Jed Tylor Master/Shaker[97] Able to create functioning humanoid minions from each person within an area, at those people’s locations.[97]
Unicorn IV See: Monokeros.[71]
Valkyrie See: Glaistig Uaine.[98]
Valefor Stranger[99], Master[100] Has the ability to render anyone he makes eye contact with eminently suggestible to his commands.[99]
Weaver See: Skitter.[101]


  1. “I do,” Weld nodded. He’d memorized it as a rhyme, as suggested by his old boss. Maybe that had been the intention from the start:

    Mover, Shaker,
    Brute and Breaker.

    Master, Tinker,
    Blaster and Thinker,

    Striker, Changer,
    Trump and Stranger.
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    Numbers assumed to be equal, masters take second highest priority and are targeted first.
    Threat level 2+:  Team is notified as to master classification.  Master prioritized as target, with likely location regularly communicated to team and oversight, to allow expedient removal.
    Threat level 5+:  Assuming nonhuman, non-sapient minions, full lethal munitions are authorized against any massed forces.  In case of controlled humans, all standard ‘eyes-on’ protocols are in effect (see Changer and Stranger).  Passwords in effect.
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  19. Addendum: Really want to make this clear, because I get the feeling a thousand fanfiction authors just thought of how their characters would use this kind of info- being able to even semi-effectively fight this stuff, delay onset, or otherwise tough out the likes of Regent or Cherish is really the province of the very experienced, people who actually have the powers, and those who've been specifically trained against stranger/master powers, or both. - Reddit comment by Wildbow
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  32. “Birds.”

    “Birds. I see. Interesting,” she said. Her eye moved over to the boards that marked the perimeters of the room. Each was packed with information in her small, tight, flowing handwriting. Messy, but she’d gotten good at putting pen to paper these past few years

    “I push and the birds go where I pushed. Or I pull and they fly away from that spot. It’s hard to do. I can see what they see, but not while I’m controlling them.”

    “Like Taylor, but birds, and not that flexible. I see.” - Excerpt from Interlude 26
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  34. Cradle turned, his attention on those on the ground. A lot of strength in those mechanical hands. There had to be a good fifty feet of armspan when the two longest arms were extended, and he had a lot of arms. He hopped over to one of the shorter arms- almost just a wrist that connected to the central hub, and stepped onto the hand, where he crouched with the hand cupped around him. - Excerpt from Pitch 6.5
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  36. “And this second group, The Pure, is the second offshoot of that Aryan group, I take it?”

    “Small but powerful. Their leader, Purity, is a Blaster 8 and Mover 4.”

    “Yeah, there’s a Breaker 9, a Shifter 8 with Stranger 3 and a Master 6 in that group? I buy that they’re powerful.” - Excerpt from Sentinel 9.1
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  40. She’d be a Trump/Master hybrid.

    Oliver would be a low-level shifter. - Cell 22.6, comment by Wildbow.
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  42. “Three. Nothing notable. Edict and Licit, a low-rated master and a low-rated shaker. We also have one villainess who occasionally tries to make it in one of the big cities and then retreats back home when she can’t cut it. Calls herself Damsel of Distress.”

    He reconnected his spear as they passed through the door. “I know her. Mover and shaker. Storms of unevenly altered gravity, time and space. Edict and Licit keep her in check?” - Excerpt from Interlude 16.y
  43. Edict, who has a personality and an unreliable master power that, together, don't lend themselves well to gangbusting and patrols. She can give one-word orders and if those orders are disobeyed, her target suffers random mental consequences ranging from a few hours of hiccups to (in specific circumstances) death. She tried her hand at a proper career as a hero and after killing someone, decided it wasn't worth it - even though she knows how to avoid the consequence, it left its mark on her. She's since rebranded, with a new costume and name, she's a single mom and coordinates with the staff member to visit schools, travel to neighboring cities/regions now and again, and if a specific crisis lends itself well to her power, if a situation calls for all hands on deck, or if a PRT director wants to throw something new into the mix to throw some villains off their game, she'll join in. - reddit comment by Wildbow.
  44. ◈ FEINT; Q.J. Irvine
    Classification: Master/Shaker 2
    Projects moving-object illusions based on nearby objects or persons. - PRT Quest (Anchorage)
  45. Feint can generate ‘hard light’ shells around objects and individuals, then mobilize these shells for a duration before they expire. Images can be made to follow a set path, turning corners, and move in whatever manner Feint sees fit. Images break after five to ten seconds or when subjected to an impact or obstacle that would block their continued movement. - PRT Quest (Anchorage)
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    The girl who made her dreams into projections.

    The boy, her ex-friend, who could turn anything into a bullet. - Excerpt from Speck 30.6
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  51. Genesis, Jess (Returned home) – Has the ability to create and project solid images, essentially creating a single creature or person she can control from a remote distance. These images can have minor powers of their own. - Cast (In Depth)
  52. “No. I got it. Chronologically, you’re older, and by those measures, your youth is only a mask you wear. By other measures, you’re still a child. You triggered at a very young age, you were no doubt isolated, as masters tend to be. No doubt surviving purely by your own methods. Somewhere along the way, something happened. You stole the wrong power, you fought someone and lost, or you found yourself in a bad situation. In the course of that event or in the wake of it, you unlocked stronger powers, and they eclipsed you as a person. Am I too far off track, here?” - Excerpt from Teneral e.1
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  55. Glaistig Uaine – A cape that seems much younger than she is, Glaistig Uaine styles herself as a Faerie Queen, and claims that she collects the lesser faerie that grant other parahumans their powers. Whatever the true nature of her abilities, she can draw in the essence of recently dead parahumans she has come in contact with – or kill wounded or dying parahumans – and store it within herself. At any one time, she can have two or three of the parahumans she has ‘claimed’ manifest as ghostly spectres, complete with the ability to physically affect the world and use their powers. - Cast (In Depth)
  56. 56.0 56.1 56.2 An attack from two directions. She wasn’t immune, only resistant. I felt myself assert control. I understood her power, even if I didn’t understand a thing about her. A personal, point-blank trump power, allowing her to tune abilities and defenses much like Scion did. A powerful long-ranged telekinesis, a compulsion power like Canary’s, presence-based rather than voice based, and a personal power battery that let her be stronger, for limited times. - Excerpt from Speck 30.4
  57. “Prisoner 601, codename Canary. PRT powers designation Master 8. Recommended protocols were properly carried out, with provided restraints and no human personnel being brought within three hundred yards of said individual’s position. Hi Canary.” - Excerpt from Interlude 6
  58. Heartbreaker was what you got when someone had a power like Gallant, the ability to manipulate emotions, and absolutely no compunctions about using it selfishly. Unlike Gallant, Heartbreaker didn’t need to shoot you with any blasts of energy to affect you. He just needed to be near you, and the effects were long term or permanent. - Excerpt from Buzz 7.1
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    Disposition: Villain (B)
    Last known location: Anchorage
    Subordinate within the Anchorage faction of Gold Coin. Has an established criminal history involving drug trafficking, violence, and murder.
    Can adopt another form, described (incorrectly) as two dimensional. Envelops others and exerts external force to control their actions and assume limited control of their powers. - PRT Quest (Anchorage)
  60. Alec shrugged, “So yeah. I worked for him for three or four years. We did jobs, I learned the family trade. Called myself Hijack at first. He started to get on my case. I think maybe he was having trouble affecting me the same way he did before my powers kicked in, so he compensated for that by riding me. Pushed my limits, made me do stuff that was dangerous, stuff that was hard on my conscience. Wanted me to break, beg him to stop, so he’d have leverage to get me to do what he wanted.” - Excerpt from Buzz 7.1
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  64. The man in the crowd exploded, showering the crowd with chunks of bone, flesh, and a mist of blood. More than should have been contained in a human body. Some of the windows in the bus had cracked, and my forcefield was down.
    The people over the square of grass, around the fountain, on the sidewalks and the streets surrounding the explosion all stood, calm.
    Streaked with blood, they looked around, every single head turning left, then turning right. All in unison. - excerpt from Daybreak 1.3
  65. Kudzu Self-replication cape, clones could self-replicate. Reined in by psychological drawback. - Parahuman List, Bolded edit by Wildbow
  66. The idea of losing my mind like that terrified me, to the point I felt like my gut and my brain were bound in knots. I tried to focus that terror into a cold, rational look at what I needed to do. Mama Mathers was the biggest danger. Valefor was the second. They were Masters and Strangers, the PRT classification for those who controlled others or minions, and the classification for those who infiltrated or deceived. Mama Mathers and Valefor were squarely in the overlap between the two. - Excerpt from Shadow 5.12
  67. If you see her, she can visually appear before you. The more you look at her, the easier it is for her to appear.

    If you hear her, she can speak to you. The more you hear her, the easier it is to appear.

    If you touch her, she can give you the sensation of touch. The more you touch her, the easier it is to appear.

    When she appears, she seems to be able to sense things around her image. Sometimes it's not her, but other things, like a sound of beating wings, spiders, or blood.

    At the most basic, she appears if you refer to her by name, in word or writing. As you get more exposure to her, it happens if you think about her, if you refer to her in abstract, or if you even think about her in general, like not wanting to think about her.

    If you use a thinker power? Effect is stronger, and affect things other than sight/hearing/touch. - Wildbow on Reddit
  68. 68.0 68.1 ➥ MINAKHM (March); Real name unknown
    Disposition: Villain (B)
    Last known location: Anchorage
    Subordinate within the Anchorage faction of Gold Coin. Has an established criminal history involving drug trafficking and violence.
    Touch impels individuals to move in a set distance and attack anything that comes within their range. - PRT Quest (Anchorage)
  69. “Be advised,” I reported, my hand to my ear, “They’re attempting retreat in vehicles. Original plan may hit a snag. Topsy’s got a newbie supervillain working for him. Mockshow. If I’m remembering right, she’s a master-slash-shaker six.” - Excerpt from Scarab 25.3
  70. I noted Mock, but I couldn’t see much of what she was doing. Her power, though, put her in the same general category as Rachel. She empowered minions. They even fit into the same general weight class as Rachel’s dogs. The difference, though, was that they were inanimate. Loose, telekinetically animated servants, typically with the size, clout and general strategy of a grown rhino. Charge things, hit them hard, repeat. - Excerpt from Scarab 25.3
  71. 71.0 71.1 ◈ UNICORN IV / MONOKEROS; Kathlee Rosenthal
    Classification: Master/Trump
    Power connects to single target, applies immunity, psychometry, clairvoyance and domination. - WD Helena, document by Wildbow.
  72. Monokeros can, at whim, with only a brief period between each selection, apply her power to a nearby individual she is aware of. While under the effect of her power, the individual is attacked with an overwhelming wave of emotion, typically admiration for Monokeros. Though this can be resisted for a time, Monokeros also remains immune to anything and everything that individual does, has clairvoyance through their eyes, and can psychometrically observe their history/memories, though apparently not to an overwhelming degree of accuracy. - WD Helena, document by Wildbow.
  73. 73.0 73.1 Moord Nag Master pet 'scavenger' gains permanent increase in size and power by consuming the dead - parahumanList, bolded edit by Wildbow
  74. Nilbog – A crazed lunatic, Nilbog gained the power to create life, collecting raw biological material and using it to fashion minions. With this power, he has settled in a small town and depopulated it to repopulate it with his own creations. - Cast (In Depth)
  75. 75.0 75.1 “Parian,” Kid Win replied. “A parian doll was a kind of doll about a hundred and fifty years ago. Though Parian’s costume is actually closer to a more classical Victorian style porcelain doll, from the same era.”

    “Oh.” That was random. What kind of guy knew that much about dolls?

    He went on, “She’s a rogue. Fashion student with the costume and stuffed animals as a gimmick to help her build for a professional reputation and stand out. Tentative rating of Master-6, but we haven’t really seen her fight, outside of the Leviathan encounter.” - Excerpt from Sentinel 9.2
  76. Parian, Sabah – Controls the northern end of the city. Not an official member of the group, but tied to their alliance. Once a ‘rogue’, Parian saw many of her friends, family and classmates die when the Slaughterhouse Nine attacked the territory she was protecting. In the hopes of protecting and supporting others, and perhaps giving the Undersiders a more moral voice, she has joined their alliance and taken control of a territory of her own. Parian’s powers allow her fine manipulation of smaller and lighter objects, and can ‘fill’ larger vessels to render them effectively heavy, dense and heavy-hitting. She has used this to fashion cloth dolls she animates. Wears a frock as a costume, with a porcelain doll’s face for a mask, and a wig of golden curls. - Cast (In Depth)
  77. 77.0 77.1 “Uh. Mine is a blaster power,” Rain said. “It’s pretty mediocre. I shoot things or people and they’re vulnerable to being broken for a short while after. To put it simply.”


    “I’ve got a tinker power, I make extra arms and hands. They’re not very good. Barely above what I’d be able to make on my own, fragile enough that if you grab something wrong they can break, no strength, ugly. The prosthetic focus is part of why I was introduced to the group, I think.”


    [...]“I wasn’t much help, because I’m a really bad tinker,” Rain said. “I can also catch my balance or secure my footing more easily, that’s my version of the big guy’s mover power. It’s handy in a way, lets me turn on a dime or keep from falling over.”


    “That’s what I’m saying,” Rain said. “I think he had a bit less of his own power that day, with the way it was sorted. My last power is an emotion power. Guilt and doubt, over an area. It’s pretty tepid.”
  78. 78.0 78.1 ➥ PRIN HUNLIKA (Princess Scarecrow); Real name unknown
    Disposition: Villain (A)
    Last known location: Anchorage
    Second in command of the Anchorage faction of Gold Coin. Wife of group leader Khun Sa. Has an established criminal history involving drug trafficking.
    Prin Hunlika generates an aversion field affecting all individuals within roughly 500 feet (or 1.66 city blocks). Her presence in the field necessitates long ranged warfare. Individuals who were close to her when her power was activated may experience a higher-intensity effect and harm themselves as they attempt to leave the area. Tends to clear areas for jobs or transactions and/or drives individuals into the range of her partner & group leader. - PRT Quest (Anchorage)
  79. ➥ KHUN SA (Prince Prosperous); Real name unknown
    Disposition: Villain (A)
    Last known location: Anchorage
    Leader of the Anchorage faction of Gold Coin. Has an established criminal history involving drug trafficking.
    Khun Sa can metamorphose himself into a solid fixture that grants nervous system control over humans and animals in the area, as well as limited control of electronics. In this state, he cannot move or be moved, and is assumed to be invulnerable. - PRT Quest (Anchorage)
  80. Prism is a master. - Monarch 16.11, comment by Wildbow.
  81. Prism – A member of Legend’s Protectorate team in New York, Prism can split herself into three copies, and return those copies to herself for a burst in speed and strength. - Cast
  82. “Psychosoma,” I reported. “Stranger four, master seven. First squad, get guns trained on him, everyone else, scan the area. Master protocols. Confirm everything.” - Excerpt from Sting 26.5
  83. Golem was panting as he rested on the ground. Psychosoma’s monsters emerged from the smoke, one using the same ledges he’d created to descend, the other crawling on the outside of the building. Homeless, to look at them, twisted into monstrous shapes. False shapes. He could deal enough damage and break the effect, and they’d be human again, unhurt. - Excerpt from Interlude 26a
  84. One of the other boys spoke, “For any interaction with any flagged shifter or,” the boy paused, “master. Oh.”

    “So,” Weld said, “Keeping in mind that Regent is the highest rated Master in the city, I’d like for you to give us this week’s password.” - Excerpt from Parasite 10.2
  85. Regent, Alec (Also Jean-Paul Vasil) – Controls the southeast end of Brockton Bay, a shantytown area which suffered badly from the attack. Sixteen, Alec is fairly amoral, stemming from a childhood spent growing up under the shadow of the emotion controlling supervillain Heartbreaker. His powers allow him to provoke uncontrolled movements or spasms of particular body parts, but his true abilities come to bear when he can gain long-term access to a victim, decoding their nervous system and gaining complete and total control over their body. - Cast (In Depth)
  86. Romp Alternate name for Mockshow, above - parahumanList, bolded edit by Wildbow.
  87. 87.0 87.1 “I’ll explain for those of you who lack access to the PRT records or the time to peruse them. Siberian is not a brute-class cape. Siberian is a ‘master’, and the striped woman is a projection. I caught a glimpse of the man who is creating the projection before they retreated.” - Excerpt from Interlude 14.y
  88. The Siberian (Deceased) – A recurring nemesis of the Triumvirate, the Siberian’s skin is striped with black and white, leaving her nationality uncertain. Her powers make her unstoppable and untouchable, with no armor protecting against her blows, no object barring her way, no weapon touching her, and no power affecting her. - Cast (In Depth)
  89. Number: 1

    Estimation: Poses a threat only just above human norms, an unexceptional individual may be able to cope with the ability or walk away unharmed from an altercation where the abilities in question were leveraged. Ability should be assumed to be a nonthreat and need not be identified if other matters prove more pressing.
    Has the ability to control others. Can include degrees of control (swaying attitudes or emotions) and a wealth of controlled entities (individuals, animals, objects, created beings). - PRT Master Reference - Classifications
  90. But in all seriousness, the Slug. No arms, no legs. You just need a heavy object to bludgeon them with. - Reply by Wildbow on Reddit
  91. “It means a great deal,” Alexandria said. “We lost a great deal of power, leverage, trust. The heroic organizations are going to be sundered by this knowledge. Try as we might, we can’t erase their memories.”

    “No,” Doctor Mother said.

    “Unless you wanted to use the slug?” Alexandria mused.

    Doctor Mother shook her head.

    “The slug,” Legend spoke. “I was wondering how the case fifty-threes came to lose their memories. Not something of Manton’s, because he wasn’t involved in making them. It’s yours.”

    “It and others,” the Doctor said. - Excerpt from 27.x (Interlude, Eidolon)‏‎
  92. “She’s a villain,” the PRT uniform cut me off, touching his way through some blackberry device with his free hand. “Designation Master-5, specifically arthropodovoyance, arthropodokinesis. No super strength.” - Excerpt from Extermination 8.5
  93. “Prescience. Interesting,” the Director called out, as I ducked low and used the cubicles to hide. “We assigned you a thinker-one classification, but perhaps we fell short.” - Excerpt from Monarch 16.2
  94. “Arthropodokinesis, arthropodovoyance,” the Deputy Director said. “She’s on record as a master eight, thinker one. The thinker classification is key here: ex-Director Piggot noted Skitter can see through her bugs’ eyes.” - Excerpt from Cell 22.1
  95. Taylor Hebert, Skitter – A 16 year old native of Brockton Bay, Taylor gained the power to control arthropods and other simple lifeforms, sensing what they sense to varying degrees. With a wide range (spanning nine to fifteen hundred feet around her) and the power to individually control each insect, she relies on versatility and strategic thinking to seize the advantage in battle.Her powers manifested in January 2011, triggered by a bullying campaign by her former best friend and two other girls. She found a measure of escape with her dream of becoming a superhero, but things didn’t quite work out that way. She’s now one of the controlling powers in Brockton Bay, a villain warlord in charge of the Boardwalk, with a small contingent of followers working under her, and leader of the Undersiders. - Cast (In Depth)
  96. After a brief career as ‘Tongue-Tie’, Edict decided she didn’t have it in her to be a committed heroine, especially with her unreliable master power. Now a Protectorate hero in a three-cape town, she keeps an eye on things, ready to deliver a warning word. - Playtest Capes, document by Wildbow.
  97. 97.0 97.1 ➥ Unknown; Jed Tylor
    Disposition: Unknown
    Last known location: Anchorage
    A local politician reached out to the PRT about her son, a reclusive and socially anxious master class cape. Jed’s socially anxious nature has led to him cutting off negotiations with the PRT for the time being. Apparently able to create functioning humanoid minions from each person within an area, at those people’s locations. - PRT Quest (Anchorage)
  98. She liked the wings, though. The wings were good. The rest would take getting used to, after thirty years as the childlike Faerie Queen, but the wings were a natural fit from the start.

    “You’ve formed a new Triumvirate,” a cape in the crowd said.

    It might have sounded accusatory.

    “Valkyrie will be starting on the bottom,” Legend said. “She’ll earn her way to whatever rank is most fitting.” - Excerpt from Teneral e.1
  99. 99.0 99.1 Stranger-type capes were classified that way due to their capabilities in stealth and subterfuge. Valefor was more the latter. He wasn’t stealthy, exactly, but his ability to perpetrate subterfuge was devastating.

    One look, and his target was stunned, rendered eminently suggestible. A hypnotic gaze, so to speak.

    He’d played up the telepathy angle before people caught on, and the costume that echoed the Simurgh was a token to that. The fact that he could leave suggestions that only triggered under certain conditions was another part of it. ‘Attack so-and-so next week’. ‘Set fire to your workplace the next time your boss pisses you off’. - Excerpt from Imago 21.3
  100. the high-ranking master stuff isn't stuff the PRT has seen him do - Wildbow on Reddit
  101. “I would have,” Forrest said. “I know Skitter. Taylor. Weaver. Whatever you call her. We’ve talked, talked a lot. I’ve heard her side of things, and I know you’re off base.” - Excerpt from Interlude 22.x

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