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Marquis is an experienced supervillian and resident of the Birdcage.


Dragon described Marquis as "sometimes rude or casually cruel, but he remained deeply honorable beneath that."[2] He claimed to "have a lot of respect for people who keep to a particular code, whatever that code might be, and very little for traitors and wafflers."[3] He admitted that he didn't consider himself a good man for following his code.[4] Brandish described him as sticking to his rules without fail, playing "fair" and remaining cultured and polite even in the middle of a fight or when injured.[5] Ingenue claimed that he "switches from the aristocrat to the low born commoner as it suits him."[6]

He had exceptional practice in concealing his emotional reactions because of his power, giving him an edge in conversations and negotiations. When he couldn't trust himself to lie convincingly, he defaulted to a simple smile.[7]

Marquis was an exceptionally skilled fighter, whose personality and power made him exceptional in turning one advantage into another. In melee, he was able to ensure that every strike he made against Manpower would instead hit one of his weaker teammates if not blocked. He could react fast enough to destroy his own generated weapon before it hit an "unacceptable" target.[5]

He cared deeply about his relationship with his daughter , having greatly enjoyed it when she was a child.[8]He immediately welcomed her upon her arrival at the Birdcage .

As a villain in Brockton Bay, he would quietly execute anyone who failed him. His management style was otherwise remarkably hands-off.[9] He was said to be a callous man, an aspiring crime lord who didn't give a second thought to murdering heroes. Manpower described him as a "pattern killer", a perfectionist with patterns that allowed him to be predicted.[10] He later admitted to himself that he could have left Brockton Bay with his daughter at any time, but he was too enraptured with his role as a super-villain there.[7]

As a cell block leader, he divided up the cigarettes they were given relatively fairly.[11] His men would take first pick of the other supplies,[12] then then auction off the rest to the other prisoners in exchange for cigarettes. They also guarded the television sets, giving everyone a turn to change the channel and preventing them from being broken or dismantled.[13] He noted that he "wasn't a nurturer", with little experience helping those who worked under him, instead trading away those he couldn't use to other cell blocks.[14] In fact he described himself as a "worrier" to Amy, but noted that it could be an asset.[7]


He had long hair that draped on his shoulders.[15] When Brandish saw him in the Birdcage, he had lines on his face. His hair and eyes closely resembled Panacea's, although their nose and brow were different.[5] His brown hair and beard were starting to get strands of gray in them as of Gold Morning.[16] His shoulders, hips and voice were all distinctly masculine, and his voice was confident and deep.[15]

He sometimes wore a beard,[16] but shaved it off when he was released from the Birdcage.[15]

Like all prisoners in the Birdcage, he wore gray cotton clothing.[7] When the Brockton Bay Brigade attacked him in his home, he was wearing a black silk bathrobe.[5] During Gold Morning, he was seen wearing a fancy-looking jacket and a white dress shirt that had fine lines of black lace at the collar and sleeves. He wore two large rings on a chain around his neck.[15]

As of Ward he regrown facial hair, still wears fancy shirts, but added reading glasses and a lot of finger rings, although there is one less on his neck.[17]

Abilities and Powers[]

Marquis' powers involve the manipulation of bone - his own and, if it became exposed enough for him to see, that of his enemies.[18] If it was his own, he could make it grow or shrink, reshape it and multiply it, although it grew harder the longer it was separated from him. His abilities with the bones of others were limited to simple reshaping or breaking.[5] However, if it's bone that has been separated from him, he can exhibit the fine control he had if it was connected to him if he is in physical contact with it.[19]

His bone constructs can become harder that steel, are very quick to deploy,[20][21] and was capable of shielding him from Lung's flames.[19]

He was remarkably versatile and inventive in his use of bone. He could project bone spikes and spears from every inch of his pores, no thicker than a needle, up to and over twelve to fifteen feet. He can create shields of bone taller and wider than he is to defend against attacks and lasers. He could turn broken-off shards of bone into caltrops with "ultrafine needle points" that would penetrate shoes. He could use his power to burrow underground or through floors and attack from beneath the ground. He could cause his bone constructs to 'explode', sending bone shrapnel over an area to injure or even kill opponents, which also allowed him to manipulate these scattered fragments to attack from multiple angles and grants him a lot of tactical environmental control over a battle. He could send bone through the ground or ceiling to spring out and trap his enemies with a "cylinder" or cage. He could create a giant scythe from his wrist, or a "ripple of bone" from his toes that knocked opponents off their feet with,[5] or a rapier from his fingertip.[21] He could create bat wings of bone and fly, manipulating holes in the wings to change air resistance as needed.[22] He was also capable of creating larger imitations of a human limb bones, such as a giant skeletal hand from his wrist to push and separate people. He has also covered himself in a set of ornate, decorative armour, with the only gaps being vertical slits at his eyes and mouth which were small enough that Taylor couldn't fit any bugs through.[19]

He was fully capable of taking on a squadron of Empire Eighty-Eight members and walking away.[16] He was also able to take on most of the Brockton Bay Brigade, who would become New Wave, at the same time; although he allowed himself to be injured to protect his daughter.[5]

Every time the bones connected to him break, he feels the appropriate level of unspeakable agony, but he trained himself not to show even the slightest sign of it.[7] Marquis also had minor regenerative ability that caused his cuts to seal shut when his bones retracted, even ones he had made by means other than his osteokinesis.[21] However, it seemingly had no effect on the burns, like those caused by Brandish's power.[5]

He had what Glaistig Uaine called the "Shaper" faerie, which she claimed was on a par with her own and the Queen Administrator, and would "clean up after we are all done here, one way or another".[23][24] Panacea's buded from his,[24][25][26] and was not related to Bonesaw in any way.[27]



He claimed to have grown up in hard circumstances.[4] His father was possibly a physician.[28]

Marquis was an independent villain who operated in Brockton Bay, though he was a crime lord he was the sole parahuman making up his group, operating in the early days of parahumans.[29] He reportedly didn't give a second thought to murdering any heroes who got in his way, nor killing his own henchmen, and was notorious enough that he was still well-known a decade later.[10][30] He'd lived in the outskirts of the city, residing in a large house in the woods, just beneath the mountains,[10] although this wasn't public knowledge until the Brockton Bay Brigade tracked him down.[5]

He fought Empire Eighty-Eight, and was on record as having murdered Iron Rain,[31] although Jack Slash argued he was not capable of it.[32] Jack Slash claimed to have fought him when the Nine visited Brockton Bay, and that he was unable to make Marquis break his code not to harm women and children.[32] On more regular occasions he fought the Brockton Bay Brigade, winning every time. Carol Dallon had a special hatred for him, because he reminded her of the kidnapper who treated her well but was still willing to kill her.[5]

At some point he had a daughter, Amelia Claire Lavere, with an unknown mother, who gave her to him when she was dying of cancer. He raised her for a year, finding the parenting experience enjoyable. At the start of 2000 he was captured by the Brockton Bay Brigade, defending the cupboard where his daughter was.[5] This was the only occasion he ever lost a fight.[7] Amy would be adopted by Carol Dallon; she did not remember her father, although she did have some vague memories of that time in her life.

He would eventually become the leader of Cell Block W in the Birdcage.[7][11]

Story Start[]

After Lung was sentenced to the Birdcage, he and Marquis began regularly meeting.[9]

Post-Slaughterhouse Nine[]

After his daughter had a mental breakdown, she asked to be sent to the Birdcage. Marquis welcomed her there.[5]

He kept Amy safe in his cell block as she weathered her depression, even as it began to damage his reputation. He considered provoking a mutiny so that he could defeat it and prove his strength, or provoking the other cell block leaders into attacking him so that she would be forced to defend him. Luckily, meeting the other cell block leaders prompted her to emerge from her shell somewhat.[7]


Panacea told him and Teacher about the Entities, which she had glimpsed through Glaistig Uaine. They watched Skitter's Surrender on television. He and his daughter agreed to communicate this information to Dragon, but Teacher quietly worked to sabotage them in the hopes of being released at the End of the World.[33]


He was among those who attended the meeting of all the major powers to defeat Khonsu, and argued in favor of releasing powerful capes from the Birdcage to fight the monster, but the heroes argued against it and he was sent back.[30] He and Amy had successfully deduced that Scion would be the one to end the world by this time.[34]

Gold Morning[]

He was finally let out of prison for the battles of Gold Morning.[16] He worked alongside Panacea in a makeshift hospital, healing broken bones with his power once she had anesthetized patients.[35]

Following the apotheosis of Khepri, Marquis tried to contain her but was temporarily subsumed as she tried to parse her new abilities.[19] He was among the first to join her army, alongside the Doormaker and the Clairvoyant.[36] With the depletion of Doormaker, Marquis became active on the final battlefield.

He returned to his old life as a crime lord. Teacher visited him to discuss his dreams of forming an alliance to create a psuedo-Entity between the parahumans members, so that they can all share and join their powers together and rule over the governments and warlords.[6]


Was at a certain villainous bar when Lord of Loss and his mercenary team returned from their job.[37]

Mentioned as one of main villainous influencers.[38]

Post-Mathers Compound Assault[]

Marquis became a part of the inner circle of Lord of Loss.[39] Although Victoria and Sveta suspected that he actually used Lord of Loss as a decoy ruler.

Marquis insisted on familial relationship with Victoria and offered a 'favor' for her team. He led the Breakthrough to hideout cabin and by his effort they were able to stabilize a suspect, which was bleeding out there.[40]

He met with the Goddess, apparently providing her information, assistance and Amy.[41]

Post-Goddess' Takeover[]

Marquis moved to Earth Shin following after his daughter and abandoning his Earth N allies.

The Ice Breaks[]

Following the sudden rampage of recently titanified Hunter Marquis saved multiple people by covering their retreat, including his daughter.[42] Together with Flashbang they brought her to The Wardens HQ.[43]

Marquis continued assisting The Wardens' teams.[44]

He attempted to stop Amy from accepting Victoria's plague from her adoptive parents. Amy walked over him using her power.[45]

Ward Epilogue[]

Marquis returned to his villainous ways and amassed a new entourage.[46]

Chapter Appearances[]

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x. Interlude: End Absent


  • His name comes from the old French word for a nobleman ranked between a Count and Duke, and is pronounced in Brockton Bay with the standard English pronunciation of "mar-kwis". [47][48]
    • Wildbow has stated that with his Canadian accent, however, he pronounces it mar-kees.
  • Wildbow confirmed Lavere is his last name.
  • Wildbow has stated that Marquis falsely took credit for killing Iron Rain.[49][31][32]


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    He didn't want to take either of those options.  He had so few memories with her, from when she'd been a toddler, but they'd stayed with him.  He remembered the sparkle in her eye as she saw the princess costume he'd had tailor-made for her.  He recalled the look of consternation on her face as she'd sat at his dining room table while she practiced writing her letters.   That frustration had become awe as he'd showed her what she could accomplish once she mastered the art, penning out florid letters in cursive with a fountain pen.

    More than once, as he prepared tea to share with Lung during one of their long discussions, he'd thought of the mock tea party he'd had with his daughter.

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    "Ah, except I did those things.  If a servant failed me, I killed them.  Whatever it was, they never did it again."

    The latent hostility in the room, Dragon noted, was ratcheting up with every exchange of dialogue.  Lung was annoyed, and he had an explosive temper.  Sometimes literally.

    Lung folded his arms, and put down his own tea.  His tone was strained as he spoke, "Then I believe you were wrong about what you said before.  You do use fear to control others."

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    Marquis had been an osteokinetic.  A manipulator of both his own bone and, provided some was exposed, the bones of his enemies.  He'd been notorious enough that she'd heard about him despite the fact that he'd been arrested more than a decade ago, that the city and the public had remembered him.  He'd lived in the outskirts of the city, residing in a large house in the woods, just beneath the mountains.


    To all reports, the man had been heartless, callous.


    What else did she know about Marquis?  She vaguely recalled Uncle Neil talking about the man when he'd been talking to Laserdream about villain psychology.  There were the unpredictable ones, the villains who were hard to stop because you couldn't guess where they'd strike next, but who were less practiced in what they did and made mistakes you could leverage against them.  There were also the orderly ones.  The ones who were careful, who honed their methodology to perfection, but they repeated themselves, showed patterns that a smart hero could use to predict where they struck next, and often had rules or rituals a hero could turn against them.

    Which wasn't to say that one was smarter than the other, or that one was better.  Each posed problems for the local authorities and capes.  Marquis had fit into the latter category, the perfectionists, the pattern killers.  He'd had, as Neil explained, a warped sense of honor, underneath it all.  He didn't kill women or kids. - Excerpt from Interlude 11h
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  14. She wasn't the first of her kind that he'd seen.  A hollow shell.  Tabula rasa.  A blank slate. She wasn't sleeping at night, not easily, and she had frequent nightmares.

    He'd seen others, had had two appear in his cell block, delivered by their tinker overseer.  Except he wasn't a nurturer.  He had no experience on that front.  He'd done what he could to see if he could wake them up from the neuroses that gripped them, and then he'd bartered them away to other cell blocks when he hadn't seen improvement over one or two weeks.  People who were damaged on this fundamental level tended to go one of four ways.  They recovered, which was rare; someone filled the empty vessel with an ideology; they were used as a resource, cared for so their talents could be exploited; or they were spent, burned up of whatever they had to offer, be it making things or violence.

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    "What is it, Amelia?"

    For another man, the combination of physical traits and the style of dress might have led to someone mistaking them for a woman.  They might have come across as effeminate.

    Marquis didn't.  Not really.  When he'd spoken, his voice had been masculine, deep, confident.  The cut of his shoulders and chin, his narrow hips, was enough that I couldn't expect anyone to mistake him for a woman.  I wasn't the type to go for older guys, I wasn't even the type to go for effeminate guys.  But I could see where women would go for Marquis. - Excerpt from Cockroaches 28.3
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    No, to intercept a member of my swarm.

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  27. Funny you mention that.

    I’ve mentioned that I went through a lot of drafts before settling on Taylor’s story. One of the drafts was ‘Guts and Glory’, and that’s the same point in time I came up with the Slaughterhouse Nine and Bonesaw (by a different name, same concept). There was involvement between ‘Bonesaw’ and Panacea, and I’m thinking that’s something I’ll want to touch on at some point.

    No relation though. I can banish that line of thought. - Comment on Interlude 10.5
  28. “My father was a physician, you know,” Marquis said. “When he was practicing, they were only just introducing anesthesia for surgery. One in ten died on the table-” - Excerpt from Interlude 16.y II
  29. Raviollius:
    Did the Marquis lead his gang as solo parahuman?

    Marquis was the sole parahuman in charge of his gang, but keep in mind it was earlier days & the local dynamic was different. - Dicord discussion archived on Spacebattles
  30. 30.0 30.1 Scarab 25.5
  31. 31.0 31.1 "Can I not say you are a kindred soul?  Someone who fought against the Empire Eighty-Eight, in a different era?"


    Marquis shook his head, "Not entirely.  I have some reasons to be concerned.  In one of my fights with Empire Eighty-Eight, I executed one particularly irritating young woman.  Iron Rain, I think her name was?  No matter.  It turned out she was Allfather's daughter.  The man called a meeting, and swore he would wait until my daughter was of similar age, that I grew equally fond of her as he had his own daughter, then murder her.  So I knew how he felt."


    Dragon turned her attention away from the audio and video streams.  She checked the records, and true enough, Marquis was on record as the killer of Iron Rain.  It was impossible to verify the rest of the story. - Excerpt from Interlude 10.5
  32. 32.0 32.1 32.2 "It's the name you were born with.  Imagine my surprise when I found out your relation to Marquis.  In my last visit to Brockton Bay, I crossed paths with each of the major players.  I met the man.  I must tell you, Amelia, he was a very interesting character."

    "I don't really want to know."

    "I'm going to tell you.  And I have another motive, but I'll get to that in a moment.  Marquis was a man of honor.  He decided on the rules he would play by and he stuck to them.  He put his life and limb at risk to try to keep me from killing women and children, and I decided to see if I could use that to break him.  I admit I failed."


    "No.  What I'm saying is that Marquis would not have killed the girl, even under duress; that was one of the rules he set for himself.  If he was going to violate that rule, he would have done it when I'd tried to break him." - Excerpt from Prey 14.10
  33. Interlude 22.y
  34. Extinction 27.2
  35. Cockroaches 28.3
  36. Speck 30.2
  37. Interlude 2 II
  38. Glare 3.5
  39. Torch 7.8
  40. Torch 7.9
  41. Gleaming 9.2
  42. Sundown 17.z
  43. Radiation 18.1
  44. Infrared 19.z
  45. Last 20.10
  46. “No. He’s picked up the villain thing again, he’s gathering people around him. Pretty women, naive villain boys who look up to him." - Excerpt from Last 20.e6
  47. Marquis pronunciation
  48. Pronunciation Guide
  49. Kaiser did have a sister that was killed. That much was true. Dragon would have seen through it otherwise. But Marquis took credit for it when he wasn’t the culprit. - Comment by Wildbow on Interlude 18.y

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