The Megacluster is a group of Grab-Bag Capes who work under March.

Structure Edit

March leads the group, which is entirely made up of cluster trigger capes.



Sometimes after March got a peek backstage she started assembling a group of capes like her.


Assisted in the assault on The Fallen. Thanks to their informer they swapped body parts out so they'd be [1]

Post-Goddess' TakeoverEdit

Went after Tattletale and The Undersiders.

Attacked the remains of Brockton Bay, with their target being the multiple time stasis effects.[2] They suffered significant casualties and fatalities.

Post-Time Bubble PopEdit

Foil gets leads from Narwhal, and decided to end the threat. Imp and Vista lend her a hand. March and Tori are both killed.[3]

The team is presumably disbanded.

Members Edit


  1. “Can’t,” Valefor said. “She isn’t here. But if she sees you stand down, this might end.”
    “I can’t stand down,” Rain said. “Reversing the protection takes time and effort to undo.”
    The Fallen guy I’d just been fighting said something low and under his breath, to Valefor.

    “No. The immunity isn’t him,” Valefor said. “Not if the rest of them are the same. Someone helped.”
    “I’ll go in to get her,” [March] said. “I’m immune.”

    “So am I,” Rain said.

    “This is personal for you,” she said.
    Rain indicated the two capes with gray hair, a young man and woman. Both had eyepatches, the steel-gray hair, and costumes with white and black. Chris’ age, or a bit older. “Dino and Enyo. They’re multi-triggers, and they’re also twin triggers. One of their powers is that they can transplant body parts, with some special rules. I’m borrowing someone else’s eyes and ears, and a few other bits, so she can touch me and make it hurt, but it’s dulled, and she can’t do anything else. The transplant recipient is back at our base, sedated.”

    “All multi-triggers?” I asked.

    “She… collects them. I guess. She studies them. It’s supposed to be important.” - Excerpt from Shadow 5.12
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  3. Heavens 12.x

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