March, real name May, is a peripatetic villain, late of New York.


Was receptive to all of her mother's guidance and suggestions. She had several talents that she cultivated such as singing and instrumentation. as well as keeping things on point.

March is persistent and focused, willing to clash continually with Flechette while they were both in New York.[3] Has a bit of an off kilter of beat personality putting others on the wrong foot.

March does not treat cape-business as a career, but as a whimsical game.[4] This has led her to be viewed as inscrutable.[5]

Developed a long term interest in multitriggers,[6] and powers in general.

Once she was revived from her cardiac arrest she was deeply affected by the vision she saw and her long captivity. With her Tori, her crush, and Jan, her friend and colleague, March had to find her own way in the world.

She become very comfortable with killing people and has a showmen's flair to what she does.[7] She is the type to walk away and let people blow up behind her.[8]

Given her vision occured before Gold Morning and the destruction of the "Hub", her reasons for her blaise attitude towards death were empty.[9] Regardless it meant she was willing to engage is actions that had devastating consequences if it meant meeting her goals.[10]

Those who interacted with her for any length of time commonly considered her mentally ill.[11][12]



Her mother bent over backwards to give May a happy life and her daughter seemed willing to help out.


Friend and partner, March worked with Jan to satisfy her own new found curiosity and explore her own powers.[13]


March had an overwhelmingly unhealthy obsession with Foil.

Tori HeflinEdit

Struck up a romantic relationship with Tori when she and Jan investigated the Smugglers cluster. Given the age difference nothing really happened until they were reunited years later. March was comfertable and open with her in a way she was with few others.

March's MegaclusterEdit

Intentionally surrounded herself with multitriggers[14] collecting them out and offering support.[15][6] It was noted that having her interest was not a good thing.[16]

Rain O'Fire FrazierEdit

Was willing to work with a frantic Rain based on his commitment to help her with her own vendettas.[17] This was partially due to his "objectivity" when it came to viewing said vendetta, she also gave him general life advice.[7]


March is a small Japanese-American woman who wears a military-style uniform and feathered cap, with a rabbit mask[18] that leave her eyes open.[7] She also carries a rapier[14] with sheath.

Abilities and PowersEdit

March is a Multitrigger cape which gives her several abilities. Her primary power is enhanced timing.[19] March's timing ability allows her to organise groups very efficiently, to the point where she can give the exact amount of time they need to accomplish their tasks and complete a given objective.[20] Further it is a huge help with her own fighting and positioning with which she can pull of seemingly impossible feats.[21][22] When boosted, time appears to slow for March, allowing her to make decisions on the fly.[citation needed] Her thinker aspect is strong enough to make her unreadable to other Thinkers, such as Tattletale.[16] An added benefit allows her successfully inject theatricality into everything she does. However it requires her to be knowledgeable about relevant factors, environment fitness parahuman powers etc. involved so timing can be worked out, otherwise she can be preempted and defeated.[23]

A dangerous secondary ability of hers lets March access a Perfect offensive weapon,[24] while it's a weaker version of her clustermate's power it still lets March cut through nearly any foes' defence.[25][26]

He other clustermates gift manifests as a watermark, spreading from its contact point until it detonates upon reaching its apex; a timed explosion.[21][27] It can interfere with breaker effects[27] and easily kill people just by applying the explosion effect sans any other damage.[28]

She also has some sort of accuracy power, which was Homers primary ability. It was similarly disrupted by spatial warping as her clustermates was.[29][30]

She is very good at intuiting connections for Multitriggers, given her past study[6] and possibly personal experiences,[31] such as getting a peek "backstage".[9]

Equipment and TacticsEdit

March has used several objects over her career including a baton and many bladed weapons[23] she now carries a rapier she habitually imbues with her "sting' effect. She also includes various other loadouts based on the situation, including a sniper rifle[32] and several rubber balls she can charge with her power.[33]



May and her mother are refugees from Japan, her mother meticulously planned out and scheduled nearly all aspects of her life,[2] which May found oppressive.[34]

May was part of the same group trigger as Flechette, taking place around 2008 in New York.[35] May and her mothers got accidentally dragged on the rails by Lily's friends. May instinctively hide in the alcove, confusing her dazed mother, moment later train arrived and May triggered after realising results of her actions. In a seeming daze she proceeded to the scheduled audition. Her personality was notably altered as she resented the officials' concern for why she was instead of the scheduled audition.

Newly orphaned she used her equally new powers to slip away from her guardians, embarking on a dizzying spiral of drugs and partying.[36]

Later, she was contacted by Homer, the third cluster-mate, he provided some insight into their situation.

March became a bodyguard for a independent parahuman investigator. Together they tried to assist remains of smugglers cluster, and were captured by the most aggressive member alongside other clustermates. Suffering from blood loss, March experiences near-death visions, that reveal to her artificial afterlife and upturn her world-view. She gets resuscitated by Cauldron rescue team.

Driven by her newfound obsession with Flechette March returned to New York. She repeatedly joined minor villain groups that were targeted by the wards. But her habit of escalation and brutal efficiency forced her to move on, as those groups quickly deemed "unsafe" to engage for the Wards.[4] She gained an eclectic criminal record, unattached to any particular operation.[37]


March visited Brockton Bay when the portal went up, twice. The second time she kidnapped Parian. All to get at the newly renamed Foil.[38]

At the same time she had run-ins with local Brockton Bay heroes and presumably other native parahumans.[39]

Gold MorningEdit

Likely had a similar experience to other Parahumans.

Post-Gold MorningEdit

March was able to survive Gold Morning and started seeking out other cluster capes. She reached out to the recently triggered of5 and offered information and assistance with their unfortunate group trigger dynamic.[40] Unknown to Rain she had also tried to recruit his Clustermates as well, though they seemingly rejected her ocertures.[15]


Rain was reluctant to reach out to March given how much of an unknown she was to him.[41] The Runt, finally reached out to March when he had nowhere else to go He met her and her team at her hideout in the city.[42]

Mathers Compound AssaultEdit

Later they deployed against the Fallen, separate from the Hollow Pointers and Wardens.[15][18] She personally apprehended Mama Mathers and killed several Fallen members. Following the Thomais Family revealing themselves March hung back to see how things played out.

After a quick side chat with Parian, March decided that that her team would leave.[43] It is not known if she lingered in the area.[44]

Post-Goddess' TakeoverEdit

Some weeks later March upticked her groups harassment of The Needlepoints and by extension The Undersiders[45][46]

The Balance of the The Mall Cluster reached out to March and her group after their surveillance showed that that was exactly what the new alliance of Breakthrough and the Undersiders didn't want them to do.[47]

Assault on the Time BubblesEdit

As part of a larger game Teacher and Cradle were independently playing,[11] she was focused on her own objective however.[48]

March hired some powered mercenaries from Deader and Goner and visited with her army the ruins of Brockton Bay. She recovered Ixnay's clustermate - Jotun, casually killed several defending heroes, and unleashed three broken triggers, including Dauntless.[49]

The next morning, she was tracked down and eventually killed by Foil, some ungrateful kid and Imp.[50]


Fanart GalleryEdit


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    The large thing had fallen over, one hand planted on the ground near some of the civilians. March ran up its arm, ducking and using momentum to slide up the slope of the arm as a bony claw reached for her.

    She ran along the shoulders, cutting as she went, leaped as the head sank into the morass of the body and became two avian skulls that pecked at the air, and then came down, stabbing her rapier into the chest and dragging the point against the giant thing’s torso, cutting as she went down. The blue-purple-black watercolor spread in the wake of the blade’s tip.

    She pulled it free, stabbed at a reaching hand, and used it to reorient her fall. She landed hard, her feet planted on either side of a screaming teenage girls’ head. A slight misstep, and she would have caved in the poor girl’s face.

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    At the shoulder, where the long cut had started, there was a flare of the watercolor spray. Purple and blue, with deep shadow in the midst of it. [...] The flare was tracing along the line she’d cut like a flame down a cartoon bomb’s fuse. [...] The ‘fuse’ reached its terminus. What had been a flare became a fierce explosion, right down at the base of the breaker.

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    Still floating in the air, I could see the flare appear at the breaker Fallen’s chest. He brought his hands to it, quick, frantic, then tried to pat it out.

    “Hey!” the Fallen cried out. He lurched to his feet. “Stop!”

    March was walking away.

    “Hey! Fuck! Help me!”

    She flourished with her blade and sheathed it, in the very same moment the fuse reached its terminus. The explosion was smaller, but it was sufficient to take out the front of the Fallen’s throat. He dropped to his knees, still moving inarticulately, eyes wide and stunned, and then collapsed to the ground. - Excerpt from Shadow 5.12
  29. Vista stepped out into the middle of the road at the edge of the fissure, then concentrated. She felt her power extend to every solid object in front of her, formed a map in her head. There was nobody out there, which made it easier. Slowly, carefully, she began adjusting. She truncated the length of Lord street, then did it again, repeating the process to make the four lane road shorter and shorter. The fissure down the center of the road squeezed against itself like a compressed spring.

    “This is disorienting,” Flechette spoke, as she gazed at the scene. “My power gives me a grasp of angles… and I’m worried I might have a seizure if I try to use it to get a sense of what’s happening here.” - Excerpt from Sentinel 9.5
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  31. “Multitriggers,” Precipice said. “She collects them.”

    “Why?” I pressed.

    “Because I think she gets them. She understands it, she’s good at finding us out in the wild, she’s good at figuring out weird, wild shit like the power transfers. The Goddess thing.”

    “Because of her power, somehow, or-”

    Foil shook her head.

    We headed back, flying, jogging, or, in Rachel and her henchman’s case, hopping up so they hung onto the side of dogs with one hand while the dogs did the work of padding through snow and over ice.

    Chastity had a suggestion, “Natural inclination. Some people are good at music, and they were going to be people who were good at making music before they even picked up an instrument or sang a note.”

    “Maybe that,” Foil said. “Maybe she’s been focusing on that stuff while I was getting started as a Ward, getting my gear, doing patrols.” - Excerpt from Blinding 11.10
  32. I pointed at that, then spun around to point at the other end.  The headlights of March’s vehicle were sweeping into the lot as it pulled in, but March wasn’t waiting that long.  She sat in the open window of the car, leaning over the hood with a rifle in her hands. - Excerpt from Polarize 10.5
  33. Ten bouncy rubber balls bounce off of the the people and the walls.  They scatter on impact and they semi-randomly come to settle to different points around the rooftop.

    Each ball is infused with a timer.  Some were still bouncing when they stopped: they were the stragglers she’d focused on more when throwing.  Aimed to be closer to Narwhal.  Closer to the boy in armor that was making the hands.  Closer to Vista.

    Some escape.  Most don’t.  Detonations rip across the roof, small and intense, dangerous, and distracting.  All but one go off. - Excerpt from Interlude 12.all
  34. Happiness was by accident only. Happiness was when the tutors got the times wrong and there was a break in the schedule, and mom just so happened to be busy with something. Or when mom had just bought the violin and cupboards and fridge were running empty, and mom messed up the timing on the preheating for the chicken kiev, so it was raw on the first bite, and there had been money only for a dollar burger and side salad. - Excerpt from Interlude 12.z II
  35. Foil is 17 and a senior. She triggered 3 years prior to her appearance, as part of a group trigger in New York. One of her old nemeses, March, was another part of that group trigger. - Private message by Wildbow, posted on Spacebattles.
  36. The party was one of about fifteen benders that May had participated in since her mom had died. She had a hundred thousand dollars in inheritance, and after the state had found someone who qualified as a relative, she’d ducked out, grabbing the folder that her new guardians had been left, with details on her trust.

    They were leaving her access to the account, probably because they thought it would help lead them to her. As far as they were concerned, she always just barely got away. For her, it was trivial. - Excerpt from Interlude 12.z II
  37. The woman with the bunny mask walked, almost strutted around the periphery of things, her rapier in hand. The capes with Valefor kept their attention on her, while Valefor was oblivous{sic} or uncaring.

    Rain was- he’d contacted people I barely recognized. I’d seen March’s mask before, but it had been in passing. An article about one of the big cities. There’d been a weird dynamic there, but I couldn’t afford to dwell on it. My mind went to a bizarre combination of upper-class and low-class crimes, like corporate espionage and petty vandalism, but I knew almost right away that I was thinking of the wrong person.

    It had been something offbeat like that, though. If the people hadn’t been screaming, and if I wasn’t focused on Valefor’s body language and Mama being somewhere nearby, I wanted to think I could’ve placed it. - Excerpt from Shadow 5.12
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    of5 is reached out to by someone with a long, coded name, with a coded message. of5 asks the people from the larger group convo about it: their female friend suggested it's a bot. After briefly wondering if it's 'S' (dismissed as S "Isn't that bad with computers") they're told to ignore it and move on.

    But the person from the coded message starts speaking in plain english. of5's searches & comments on the broken multi-trigger articles have been noticed. Coded-name goes through all the instances of multi-triggers they've heard of, working out who of5 could be, and decides that of5 is the 'runt' from 'the mall'.
    • Coded-name already talked to someone else from the mall and was turned down. Lucky for of5, coded-name says, because of5 will need all the help they can get, and coded-name is offering that help.
    • The mall group has a woman, a man, and two boys, four individuals. Three members of the group are coordinating to go after one of the two boys, the runt. The woman is hiring mercenary help for the deed, and the man is talking to an information broker named Tattletale to find the runt.
    • Coded-name remarks 'a case of Kiss/Kill like I never saw and I don’t think they’re reaching for the chapstick.' - and the response from of5 is 'You’re wrong / It isn’t Kiss/Kill.'
    • But, of5 says, they're open to assistance. - Synopsis by Wildbow for Glow-worm P.4
  41. Rain stood a very real chance of dying.

    He was standing there, not responding, his thoughts tearing through his brain. He had options but none of them were options.
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    March saluted, made a sound like she was chuckling under her breath, and ducked beneath a branch as she headed further into the woods.

    “Good riddance,” Foil hissed under her breath. In a different, softer tone, she said, “It’s been a long time, Victoria.”
    I turned to Foil, looking to change the topic, “What’s the story with this March thing?”

    “Long story. We’ll talk later, but- not in polite company,” Foil said. - Excerpt from Pitch 6.1
  44. “We’re with Prancer, you know,” Foil said, behind us.

    “I know,” I said, turning around.

    “If you go, we’re staying. We’ll do what we can here.”

    “We’ll have to dodge March if she’s still around,” Parian said, quiet.

    “Yeah,” Foil said. “This isn’t a good day.”

    “Be safe,” I said.

    “That’s the plan,” Foil said. - Excerpt from Pitch 6.2
  45. “March,” I said, an instant before the image of her ‘hare’ mask and the brimmed hat with the masks’ ears poking out the front came into solid, crystal-clear focus.

    “She recruited,” Ashley observed.

    Yeah,” Rain said.

    “She didn’t try to recruit you?” Sveta asked.

    “I was in jail. Maybe she tried?”

    The Undersiders hadn’t gone running to Parian and Foil for refuge. Or maybe they had, but it wasn’t necessarily the primary focus. They’d gone there to protect them. - Excerpt from Polarize 10.4
  46. Blinding 11.3
  47. “I know. They said it before. They’ll be more insistent, try deals. They said the worst case scenario is that Cradle allies with March and then takes you out of commission. Second worst case scenario is you ally with March, Tattletale seemed pretty sure you wouldn’t go after Cradle.”
    - Disjoint continued, “There was other stuff, Cheit’s mercenaries and some follow-up to the portal or something that they’re planning, but they didn’t talk much about that. Mostly their focus was on teaming up and trading enemies. Making sure March doesn’t get in contact with any member of your cluster, and making sure Cradle [doesn’t steal the powers of another member of the cluster.]”
    Cradle seemed to know what was being typed before any phones rang, because he added Love Lost’s line, “And if they don’t want us getting in contact with March… I think that’s exactly what we need to do.” - Excerpt from Interlude 11.c II
  48. - [Excerpt] from Blinding 11.9
  49. Heavens 12.all
  50. Heavens 12.x
  51. “She has proof, kind of,” Rain said.

    “Because, Swansong, she was a member of a cluster of three. Timing, accuracy, and Foil’s trademark weapon enhancement. March found and drained their cluster’s third.”

    “She’s very strong compared to Flechette, now, and that’s her proof,” Rain said. - Excerpt from Polarize 10.5

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