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Christine Mathers,[4] Mama Mathers to outsiders and her kin, or just Mama[1] to Fallen respectful of the Matriarch.


Even among her fellow Fallen she is described as "off", despite her obvious intelligence.[5]

She is, by all accounts, a true believer in the ideology of the Fallen, and willing to kill members who disappointed her[6] and their families. Mama Mathers did not permit Valefor to use his power to force everyone in her group to follow her ideology; she wanted to exercise power over people without it feeling hollow.[7]

Mama Mathers is not a warrior or a general; she is a subtle player and would likely not be part of a headlong rush.[8] She values her safety; she acquired[9] or traded and paid[10] for multiple capes who could be her bodyguards if needed.[11][9] However, Mama Mathers was unable to acquire a Healer despite her best efforts and wishes.[9]

She has a extremely regressive view of gender roles, while at the same time a surprisingly progressive stance. Anyone can occupy any position within the family they want as long as they are dedicated to the "cause" and have powers.[12] Everyone else is disposable.

After gaining her power, Mama Mathers was grateful for the ability to hold Valefor without being his slave. Cauldron asked her for favors; she did do some of these favors as she pleased.[9]


Mama is an emaciated woman, heightened by her thin face and long hair that bleaching has rendered frayed and silver. This gives her the presence of an older woman, despite the fact that she is in her thirties, and makes her look fragile enough she could break. However, to people that were affected by her power she felt 'heavy'.[13] She generally wore white, as did every other close family member of hers.[14]

Abilities and Powers[]

Mama Mathers has the power to connect to and affect any sense that perceives her, which can let her leave hallucinatory imprints in the mind of anyone who perceives her. The strength of the effect and degree of control depends on how long and clearly she was perceived. The nature of the hallucinations depends on the senses through which she was perceived. If anyone registers her presence with any part of their Sensorium, including those granted by parahuman abilities, that sense is then affected.[15] Most often, this involves auditory and visual hallucinations, though it is crucial to note that physical contact with her can result in her inflicting excruciating pain at will on her victims.[16] Mama Mathers herself can also sense through the infected senses,[17] including anything provided by a power.[15]

Since sight is the most common method of perceiving her, hallucinations can often manifest as if they have a Dybbuk of her imprinted on them, like a phantom image that appears in their field of view and can take in the surroundings. This dybbuk can interact with the imprinted person through the infected senses. At the most basic, Mama Mathers appears if a subject refers to her by name with the infected sense, such as saying or writing her name.[18] If a subject gets more exposure to her, then she also appears if they think about her or refer to her in abstract.[19] It is unknown what her ceiling is for how many subjects she can affect, how the distance over which the connection is sustained, or how much information she can process. Regardless it is enough for her to create an ad-hoc communication network between those she has affected,[20][21] and carry on whole conversations without needing to speak.[6]

Her power[3] acts as a harsh anti-Thinker ability that allows her to keep her kin covered from snooping eyes.[22] The effect of her power is more intense if you use enhanced perception powers on her.[23]

  • Valkyrie could not engage Mama Mathers and her group,[24] presumably because Mama Mathers would affect Valkyrie's power vision and any senses from Valkyrie's shadows that perceived her.
  • After Chevalier sensed her with his power vision, she invaded that seeing and took hold of it. As Mama Mathers wanted Chevalier to join her side, she made him see specific memories of herself as well as specific visual representations of feelings.[25]
  • When a nearby Love Lost searched for her feelings with her emotion sense to act as bait, Mama Mathers' eyes could detect and track the source of this power through a wall.[26] She reached back before Love Lost could find her and adjusted the feelings Love Lost felt[27] until she found the exact feeling to cause Love Lost to reel with emotion and possibly start crying.[28]
  • According to Dinah, if she looks at her future, then Mama Mathers starts appearing in all futures Dinah can see for some time. Dinah could not act against Teacher as long as he had Mama Mathers; however, with a lot of effort, she was still able to slow him down when she could.[29]
  • Although Mama Mathers is not on the list of blind spots for Contessa as of the Attack on Teacher,[30] according to Tattletale, she could be considered a soft blind spot as Contessa can look but generally does not want to.[31] However, Contessa is still capable of creating a path that involves Mama Mathers: she specifically sent Rain, Love Lost, and Colt to confront Mama Mathers' group with instructions to follow[32] while also arranging events elsewhere so that they could successfully defeat[33] Mama Mathers and rescue Chevalier's group without being stopped by Teacher.[9]

She is likely a Noctis cape based on a preponderance of evidence.[34] It is known that she can rescind her connection for a time;[35] it is unknown what criteria are needed to reestablish it. Much like 'disconnecting' causes people to hear the sound of wings when they think of her, the effect might also be tunable to cause powerful and disabling hallucinations.[16] People who only fleetingly register her in some way are still affected if only nominally,[36] though this can still be enough to play tricks and distract people.[37][38]

If willing, Mama Mathers can share her own senses with others by using her connections to infected senses.[9]


The Graeae could swap body parts out so that if someone perceived Mama Mathers with a body part (i.e. eyes, ears), Mama Mathers is only able to establish a connection to that body part's original owner.[39][40]

Her connection to an infected sense is not permanent and will slowly degrade and weaken over time if a subject has not recently perceived her.[9][41][40]

Her power can affect some technology, although does not transfer through it.

  • Lookout's flying cameras themselves were affected if they looked at her. After being sent a slice of program with facial recognition, a flying camera was told to center itself over Mama Mathers and then drop itself when the effect became worse, which knocked Mama Mathers unconscious.[11]
  • Lookout built eye lens cameras resistant to her profile. They automatically blurred Mama Mathers,[42] preventing Mama Mathers from establishing a connection to any eyeball with this tech.[32] When Rain looked at her, Mama Mathers could only detect a vague buzz of technology; she noted that she had no way into his eyes.[9]

Hallucinations do not persist while Mama Mathers is unconscious.[43] When Victoria Dallon, who does not have an emotion sense, got close enough for her aura to extend through some hostages to a hidden Mama Mathers, Mama Mathers affected the hostages in turn.[44] The hostages' brief change in screaming gave away her location to Victoria.[44]

Chasmal could partially phase Mama Mathers out of reality.[45] According to Tattletale, that should break her connections as long as it lasts and is maintained. It could even possibly force her to reset all connections.[34]

When outside the Shardspace, Mama Mathers, despite her connections, was unable to apply her power on Rain while he was in the dream room.[46][47]



She was abandoned by her family because of her teen pregnancy. Her kid was an exceptionally early trigger, manifesting powers before he started walking. She was somehow found and saved by Cauldron, which offered her a deal. She was lucky enough to gain power that allowed her not uphold her side of the deal, unless she wanted to.[9]

Joined the Fallen and presumably founded the Mathers family. Had several children from multiple different fathers, such as Valefor and the one who called himself Lionheart. She also traded children to other branches in order to get firepower back.[22]

Mama Mathers attempted to kidnap and brainwash several Wards. One of the first of those was Sunflower, brought in by Valefor.[9] However, Sunflower was successfully rescued by the heroes.[9]


Her son, Valefor, attempted to claim Brockton Bay for the Fallen.[48] Elijah failed and was blinded by the cities warlord, Skitter, in the ensuing battle.[49] It is unknown how she reacted to this.


She lost another of her sons in a more permanent fashion[50]

Mama, along with other Fallen group leaders, sent out several family groups throughout the North America after she heard about the End of the World prophecy.[5] In order to prepare for it.

Gold Morning[]

Presumably participated, willingly or otherwise.


With the amnesty Mama found herself in Earth Gimel with a large collection of fallen.

She was mentioned as one of main villainous influencers in the new multiversal human society.[51]

Mama had an interview with Rain where she made sure he kept the faith and that he was staying the course with his project to kill his other trigger mates.[52]

She was a major factor when the Fallen compound came under attack.[53] She was captured, escaped custody, and was captured again.

Post-Fallen fall[]

She was being isolated in undisclosed location.[54] Later she was freed by Teacher.[55]

Post-Time Bubble Pop[]

Under Teacher's grasp, her health improved, and she actually started to look her age.[2]

Teacher used Madam Mathers ability to entrap a large crowd of people in Earth Cheit, including local leaders.[56] She was given free reign over them. She used her abilities to shape their beliefs in the ways of the Fallen.[9]

During the assault on the Teacher's Compound, she was tasked with capturing Chevalier's squad, but was thwarted after her victory by Precipice, Love Lost, and Colt.[9]

Post-Attack on Teacher[]

Christine Mathers had returned to The Wardens' custody.[57]

Fanart Gallery[]


  • Wildbow had Mama Mathers planned for awhile.[58]


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    They're people, including the people at the top, and they have their own ideas and motivations. I think they key distinction to make is that you can have power over people, and you can exercise power over people. Absolute power with no exercise is disconnected in a way that (less than absolute) power with the active exercise and control (and ego) is involved in. It'd feel hollow and horrible if you weren't really doing anything and didn't exercise the power yourself.

    Having Erin approach Rain of her own will and knowing just what you're doing to the both of them is something entirely different from just having your kid say things to both of them and having them entirely under your thumb.

    Besides. Having Valefor step in to that degree is the equivalent of the Dictator handing over all of the military power, economy, legal power, and procedural power over to the (purportedly loyal) son that's acting as Vice President. - Wildbow on Reddit, archived on Spacebattles
  8. No green, no black, no white. I wasn’t even sure if it was that hard-set, or if my speculations were off-point, but it helped on a level. It helped validate my assumption that Mama Mathers wouldn’t be part of a headlong rush, and I liked even the idea that my enemies’ costumes might be conveniently color-coded.

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    The effect was weaker, only kicking in if Mama Mathers was mentioned by word, written or spoken, or possibly if she was thought about at the same time as a strong emotion was felt. - Interlude 5d II
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    When she appears, she seems to be able to sense things around her image. Sometimes it's not her, but other things, like a sound of beating wings, spiders, or blood.

    At the most basic, she appears if you refer to her by name, in word or writing. As you get more exposure to her, it happens if you think about her, if you refer to her in abstract, or if you even think about her in general, like not wanting to think about her.

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    Wildbow: The effect is more intense if you use enhanced perception on her. - Wildbow on Reddit
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    So she gave him that. She gave him herself. Memories of herself as a pregnant teenager, praying, praying for recourse.
    With this and more, she assaulted Chevalier’s eyes with more deep truths that the eyes normally couldn’t see. With visual representations of feelings he would know to be her fact. What it felt to be worshiped, what it felt to give all of oneself up to faith. The security of giving oneself over. - Interlude 15.z
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    Hope and love. She twisted at feelings and tried different variations. Romantic love. Not so important to this particular heart. Love for a job. More important, but not the most important thing. Familial love? There.

    The woman slowed as the emotions swelled in her breast. - Interlude 15.z
  28. It took only a few more adjustments before she found the right kind of familial love, and then found the exact feeling that struck closest to this wasteland heart.

    The love of a mother for the daughter she had lost, and the certainty that she was loved back. Christine had felt it when Elijah had been days old, before his eyes had flashed as they had.

    The woman had stopped. She might have been crying now.
    Things gave way. An attack from below, cutting the floor out from beneath them. A furrow, cutting into the center of the room, ten feet wide.

    Ala fired, but the tremor in the ground distorted her aim. Christine could feel the target was alive and well, still reeling with emotion. - Interlude 15.z
  29. “Tell me about this noise.”

    “Other thinkers, complicating factors, power-induced randomness, blind spots. An example would be how I couldn’t act against Teacher as long as he had Christine Mathers. If I look at her future then she starts appearing in all futures I can see. I slowed him down when I could but that was a lot of effort and a lot of risk he’d target me. There are a few things like that.” - From Within 16.3
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    He didn’t move a muscle.

    “Enjoy your evening, my soldier. Tomorrow, we show them we’re not to be trifled with.”

    Rain turned his head, to look for clarification, but she was gone. There was a distant sound, like a flock of birds taking off.

    He’d slept on the train, but this whole scene was so surreal. She’d-

    He stopped, bracing himself for her appearance. For the physical contact.

    She hadn’t appeared. The sound remained. A thunderous flapping, far away.

    Mama Mathers, he thought.

    There was only the sound.

    She’d freed him? For only tonight?
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    Not peeking am reporting what others saying. Precog with me says Vista says that the hostages you want are toward south end of town. Map attached.
    The text had an image attached.

    I flew skyward, looking.

    A group. Valefor’s group, with Fallen civilians and others. The hostages.

    We could figure something out.

    White flickers danced in the corner of my vision. I looked away, but they persisted. Like the motes of dust in my eye, but akin to snowflakes.

    If that was their anti-thinker measure, which might well be Mama Mathers, then even the thinker-esque advantage of having a bird’s eye view was enough to give them an in.

    I grit my teeth.

    I’d seen the building Looksee had marked on the map. - Excerpt from Shadow 5.10
  37. Don’t spend too long looking, Capricorn. They’ve got a fucky-”

    I saw the camouflage distort as he brought his hands to his head.

    “-power,” he said.

    I thought about the visual ‘snow’ and it flared back into existence at the lower right corner of my eye.

    “The anti-thinker measure,” I said. - Excerpt from Shadow 5.11
  38. The whispers I heard were indistinct, but they came with a return of the white snow in my vision, moving in my peripheral vision and creating shapes that weren’t really shapes, like the way faces could seem to stand out from a pile of leaves or the light and shadow in a cloud. - Excerpt from Pitch 6.2
  39. “Immune?” I asked.

    Rain indicated the two capes with gray hair, a young man and woman. Both had eyepatches, the steel-gray hair, and costumes with white and black. Chris’ age, or a bit older. “Dino and Enyo. They’re multi-triggers, and they’re also twin triggers. One of their powers is that they can transplant body parts, with some special rules. I’m borrowing someone else’s eyes and ears, and a few other bits, so she can touch me and make it hurt, but it’s dulled, and she can’t do anything else. The transplant recipient is back at our base, sedated.” - Excerpt from Shadow 5.12
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    Mama Mathers appeared at the bottom of the flight.

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    I found what I was hoping for. The screaming, just briefly, changed. The aura extended through the hostages to Mama Mathers, and she affected the hostages in turn. I had a sense of my range, and through that, I had a good sense of her location. - Excerpt from Shadow 5.12
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    I knew the names and I knew where they were situated. No big surprises there. I nodded to myself. Marquis. So casually mentioned. - Excerpt from Glare 3.5
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    “And be a loyal soldier. Think of me,” she said. “If you don’t, you know what will happen.”

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