Madison Clements was a student at Winslow High.


Madison's bullying tended to be more juvenile than the others. She was one of the few students to be friends with Sophia Hess.[1] Taylor felt an ugly, sour feeling when she saw her looking at her. She helped Sophia pour juice on Taylor, laughing "like it was the funniest thing in the world".[2]

Madison was popular because boys liked her and she had friends. Taylor speculated that guys liked her because she was appealing without being intimidating.[2]

Unlike Emma and Sophia, Madison would come to feel remorse for her actions when she learned of Taylor being Skitter; she also admitted that she was haunted by the belief that her cruelty may have contributed to making Taylor more ruthless.


Taylor described Madison as 'adorable', cute, or petite - a late bloomer. She "played up" her cute appearance with her clothing and and a "cutesy" attitude.[2]

She wore sky-blue pins in her shoulder-length brown hair, and wore a strapless top and denim skirt even in cold weather.[2]



Madison's parents were young-looking, with her mother being similarly petite.[3]

Madison helped to bully Taylor as a member of the Trio.[1][2][3][4]

At some point, she encountered Point_Me @_The_Sky and a number of other heroes at a photoshoot, alongside Emma and Sophia. The three of them made fun of a disabled girl who was at the photoshoot, alienating most of the heroes.[5]

Story StartEdit

When Taylor and the Trio were called in to discuss punishment for their behavior, Madison was accompanied by her parents. She was the only one of the three who looked upset.[3]


Madison and her family left Brockton Bay for a time after the city was devastated by the Endbringer attack.[5]

Post-Slaughterhouse NineEdit

Madison appeared in Taylor's visions as she was trapped by Echidna.[6]


When Taylor was publicly revealed as Skitter, Madison was one of many students interviewed.[7]Madison would later imply that she faced stigma for her bullying, as while her name was kept out of the media "word still got out."

At some point, Jessica Yamada talked to her in an attempt to get a better grasp on Skitter's personality.[8] Madison would ultimately come to feel regret for her actions, and would try to research Taylor.


Madison contacts Point_Me @_The_Sky anonymously on Parahumans Online, looking for information about Taylor Hebert (she has already done a great deal of research but turned up limited information). She is apparently planning to become a teacher.[5] She asks Point_Me @_The_Sky for advice on how to become a better person.

Chapter AppearancesEdit

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x. Interlude 5 Absent


  • Given the timeline divergence in 1980 it is interesting that her parents named her Madison.


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