MYOSHA is a villainous mercenary leader in Cradle's Army‎.


Short-tempered, and not shy to go for lethal attacks, even on allies.

Abilities and PowersEdit

MYOSHA is a shaker, who can create heavy industrial equipment out of the ground. She is capable of manifesting things like mechanical claws[1], molten hot metal, giant pincers, an enormous crane mount and wrecking ball[2], and giant buzz saws.

Her ability has a limitation in which, three 'splashes' occur before she can summon anything significantly large.


Post-Goddess' TakeoverEdit

MYOSHA was hired to protect Cradle as part of his army on Earth N.

She was shot in the leg by Foil.


  1. The Lumberjack threw the piece of wood he had been whittling, straight for Red. Red made a movement of her hand, and there was a small splash of gears and pistons, of cranks and pipes, some red hot, barely larger across than a dinner plate. It was followed by another splash, hotter and larger, like a stone was being skipped, and a third, even larger, massive, with a piece of machinery taller than Red was lunging out of the ground. A mechanical claw seized the piece of wood, destroying it, before disappearing into the ground with another ‘splash’. - Excerpt from Heavens 12.6
  2. I had the Wretch active, and that likely saved my life. Red’s industrial tool this time was a crane mount, spearing sky high and bringing cable and wrecking ball with it. That wrecking ball slammed into me and the wall I was hugging. The wall below them, that was holding their section of the roof up. - Excerpt from Heavens 12.7

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