Don’t waste my time with this male posturing. I have women to look after.

Interlude 16.z

Lustrum is a feminist villain and resident of the Birdcage. She acts as a leader of one of the cell blocks.[2]


Lustrum is a long-haired woman with matronly features who wears a prison uniform that has been modified into heavier cargo pants and a jacket.[3]


Dragon described her as "a pretty extreme feminist and misandrist, but she protects the girls in her block", and speculated that she would be the cell block leader likely to keep Canary safest.[4]

Annette Hebert thought that she might not have intended for her supporters to escalate as far as they did.[3]

Marquis suggested that she gave those in her cell block "a very good reason" to honor Alexandria.[5]

Nailbiter was disappointed that Lustrum was not enjoying violence much at all.[6]

Abilities and Powers

Lustrum has the ability to sap energy from everything around her to form a hard light body. The body can be large and roughly the same density as her own,[1][7] or it can be normal-sized and dense enough to have its own gravity well.[8] Her power briefly cripples the minds, bodies, and powers of anyone nearby.[7]

She was seemingly able to absorb and survive some of Scion's initial, indiscriminate attack, although he was able to damage her breaker form when he focused on her.[9]

Her shard's power well was unusual in some way,[10] which may be related to the fact she drains energy from everything around her whenever she uses her ability.



She gathered a following of thousands of college-aged feminists with an almost religious fervor, including Annette Hebert. Then she pushed her followers to humiliate men, often violently, which escalated until the more fanatical of them were mutilating and killing men alongside any who didn't follow along. She was sentenced to the Baumann Parahuman Containment Center, where she became a cellblock leader.[3]

Story Start

When Paige Mcabee was imprisoned in the Birdcage, Dragon strongly suggested joining Lustrum's group for protection.[4]

Post-Slaughterhouse Nine

When Panacea was sent to the birdcage, she was placed in Lustum's cell block, and Lustrum made a deal to transfer her to Marquis. As a cell block leader, Lustrum got in the middle of an argument between Gavel and Marquis to refocus the conversation on the healing Panacea could provide to her subjects in payment.[2]


When Alexandria's death was announced on July 14th, 2011, she had Canary sing a funeral dirge that echoes through the prison.[5]

Gold Morning

Lustrum was among the Birdcage prisoners who were released to fight. She was last seen trying to evacuate capes from the oil-rig battle, only to be attacked by Scion, who cut her hard-light body to pieces.[11]


  • Lustrum is a Latin word for a quinquennial event where Roman citizens purified themselves. Besides to wash yourself, or general expiation, it can be also mean to set yourself free.


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