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Nicole, known publicly as Love Lost, a member of the Mall Cluster, is a speechless villain who means business.


Her personality is hard to understand given her muteness and comfortably in letting Snag talk for her. Before her trigger she said herself that she was screwed up.[1]

Many people find her to be intimidating,[2] even if she does not speak.[3]

Love Lost is full of rage and hatred, over the death of her daughter. Due to unique bleed-through effects from her cluster, Cradle pushed Love Lost into his sociopathy, making her significantly more ruthless and cold-blooded.[4]


The extent of her relationships is unknown, again due to her muteness.


Was able to keep custody of her. She was strict with her, but loved her dearly.[5][6]


Is seemingly content to let him do the talking for her.


Tolerates him, it is unknown if she actually likes him.

Rain O'Fire Frazier[]

Love Lost deeply hated Rain for his involvement in the mall fire, going so far as to organize the Mathers Compound Assault in order to kill him.


Love Lost is a tall, attractive[7] redhead[8] (sometimes dyed dark red brown)[9], who tends to wear dresses that show off her figure. She'll generally wear a mask over the bottom of her face. Her varying tinker accoutrements adorn her body styled into claws and similar.[7] Damsel appreciated her sense of style.[10]

Abilities and Powers[]

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Emotional Manipulation[]

Love Lost's primary ability is an emotional manipulation power that expresses itself through a roar, she does not have much control over it and as such remains mute most of the time. It was given to her by her primary shard, Anguished Heart. When unleashed it can be particularly devastating wrecking people's emotions and driving them into a frenzy, to the point they can turn on allies.[9] This makes her very effective against groups.[2] This power includes a form of extrasensory perception, allowing her to sense others' emotions.[10][11]

Solid objects could block the scream.[12]

Mover power[]

Highly mobile, able to run on walls with little effort.[2] This is her version of Snags ability.


Her claws were exceedingly sharp.[2] This is her version of Rains ability.


Her tinker ability lets her enhance her powers, specifically tinker claws that she attaches to her hands and feet.[7][2] This power is courtesy of Grasping Self.

Her claws have built-in mo-cap interface, that allow her to communicate with text-messages, when necessary.



She married a man named Lee and they had a daughter, Everlyn, who she loved dearly.[13] She worked in law enforcement as a detective, where she excelled, winning an award for her work.[14]

The marriage dissolved at least partly over arguments and resentment about her line of work, which was physically dangerous, unpredictable, and demanding of her attention.[15]  (and later hinted to be related to law enforcement in some fashion.)[16] She was later confirmed to have been a detective. [17] She entered a deep depression, bearing resentment towards her ex, and began to drink, but eventually rebuilt her life centered around Everlyn.[14][18]

Gold Morning[]

While standing on a beach with Everlyn, she watched Scion destroy a major city.[19]

They survived the event and were able to make do in the new city.[20] Nicole was expected to take the police job again in exchange for early housing.[21]

Post-Gold Morning[]

She was in a mall escorting Everlyn and her friend when a fire began, started by a group of Fallen.[22] With the crush of bodies and Everlyn bashing her head into a table, she was emotionally distraught enough to trigger.[23][24][25]

She lost her daughter either because of the blow to the head or because of what followed from it.[5]


Took up the life of a criminal, carving out a vicious reputation. She used her experience as a detective to her advantage as a villain.[14]


Met with Snag after he returned from a job

Was seen at Hollow Point with Snag. Saw Victoria fight Moose

When the kings of the hill came to disrupt the quiet at Hollow Point Love Lost was there.

When members of Advance Guard showed up to harass Hollow Point Love Lost was a decisive factor in getting them on the wrong foot early.

Participated on the Mathers Compound Assault.

Post-Fallen fall[]

Took leadership of remaining BoB's followers.[26]

She was not happy by individual initiative of Hookline and Kitchen Sink.[27]

Post-Goddess' Takeover[]

With her new gang she took over Lyme settlement and started negotiating support from anti-parahuman militia. Breakthrough repeatedly tried to gather intel on her activities there.

When Breakthrough and the Undersiders joined up to address the cluster situation, Love Lost's group ambushed a team composed of Imp, Swansong, Lookout, and three Heartbroken.[28] They delivered them to Cradle at the university.

Love Lost's gang attempted to intercept Antares's group, but got beaten.[29]

During the next night she was captured and drained by Cradle. The next morning she was arrested alongside him and Colt.

Post-Time Bubble Pop[]

She was recruited to fight alongside Breakthrough during the second Wardens' assault on Teacher's Compound.[30]

Together with Colt she managed to tear down one of the Saint's angels.[31]

Love Lost was used as bait to occupy Mama Mathers, letting Rain and Colt to have a drop on her.[32]

Post-Attack on Teacher[]

She helped Breakthrough during their invasion into the dream-room by finishing off Cradle.[33]

The Ice Breaks[]

Love Lost saved Rain and the Patrol people from her agent's avatar during the sabotage attack of the Shardspace.[21]

She willingly accepted Victoria's plague alongside with Colt.[34] During the Long Dream they stayed together with Rain.[35]


  • Her name is Love Lost instead of No Love Lost as a remembrance of her daughter and her grief following her trigger.[36]

Fanart Gallery[]


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