Lord of Loss is a villain trying to keep his place in a new world.


Intentionally has a non-conforming cape identity. Something that is either a giant screw up, or evidence it was intentional for intimidation.[3] Nevertheless, Nursery liked his professionalism and amiable nature.[4]

He draws a lot of enjoyment from fighting.

Vicky considered him "ridiculously annoying".[5]


In a group with Snag, Blindside, Nursery, and Kingdom Come. Presumably a mercenary group.

He is one of the villains running a settlement on one of the corner worlds.[1]


Lord of Loss's entire body is made up of ashen white strips, this leaves his face a featureless wedge of strips.[6] These strips look like branches and twists of metal, all in an ashen white-grey. This gives him an appearance as if he wore armor made of white-grey bandages made solid and immobile by resin.

When he activates his powers the formations that make up his body starts dissolving into smoke. with some strips peeling away to form horns and branches. [7] Even the ground around him will do the same where his boots touch the pavement.

All of this gives him a very big, very intimidating appearance.

He also has an intimidating human breaker form.[8]

In his actual human form, he is a 30 something man with a nice haircut and an earring. He dresses well, but without any nuance.[9]

Abilities and PowersEdit

He has a breaker ability that cloaks him in metallic ribbons, allowing him to shapeshift into any form he chooses.

Initially, he followed someones shapeshifter advice and limited himself to three forms: one resembling a bird, another possibly a tree, another an armored centaur-rhino thing.[10] 'The 'centaur' is the one he uses most in combat. The bird form allows him to fly using his breaker power.

Later, after Marquis' tutelage, he tries to be more inventive and tactical with his transformations.[11] [12] He is capable of inflating his forms to Endbringer size and crush buildings in passing.[13]

His breaker power multiples his efforts over time, giving repeated actions more effect and power.[14] It lets him hit harder every time he strikes at something, and even with the beats of wing against air, but it still takes time.[2]



He was based out of a city on the west coast before, while not known internationally he is nevertheless considered A-list.[15]

Post-Gold MorningEdit

Claimed Wailings, two other towns and some smaller areas on Earth N as part of his territory.[1] He provided remote hideouts on his territory, but tried to keep the troubles out.[16] Did some part-time mercenary work on the side.

He traveled to The Lodge with his team and was greeted with applause. He thanked the bar's customers and was informed of Marquis being on the roof, then went upstairs to meet him.[6]

At some point, he got some unspecified augmentation to his power.[12]

Post-Mathers Compound AssaultEdit

Started getting troubles in his domain. Met new cape team alongside Marquis.[17]

Once convinced that one of his renters is involved in serious crimes he assisted heroes in their investigation.[18]

Post-Goddess' TakeoverEdit

He was hired alongside Nursery and some other mercs to protect Love Lost's hideout.[19]

He suffered his first ever defeat, at the hands of Antares and Precipice,[20] and was transferred to the Wardens custody. He was eventually released, but was still being monitored.[21]

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