Lizardtail is a member of the Ambassadors.


Lizardtail is a large man,[1][2] who wears a green dress shirt and a mask with a pattern like a Celtic knot.[1]

Abilities and PowersEdit

Lizardtail is a Healer who emits an aura which regenerates those in the area: causing wounds to close quickly and mend.[3] Skitter notes that his power felt like being by the fire-side, just close enough to feel as though that 'heat' had a physical form, just close enough to be bearable. Instead of feeling hot however, the sensation is almost like a chill. The sensation was directional, making everyone aware of exactly where he was.[4]

His power had a wide range, able to reach across a entire street.[4] It may have also granted it's recipients enhanced durability and resistance to the wounding effects of other powers.[5]

It is unknown if it can discriminate between friend or foe but it can be repressed to some extent as Parian didn't feel it when they met.[1] it is unknown how wide ranging the regeneration capacity is and what wounds it can not treat.[6]



Like all their capes, Lizardtail was a loyal trusted and tested member of the Accord's Organization[7] before receiving his powers.[8]

Post-Slaughterhouse NineEdit

Lizardtail was raised to the Ambassadors alongside Jacklight, Ligeia, Codex, and a fifth recruit.[8]


Fresh from successfully getting his powers Accord lent Lizardtail to the Undersiders for an engagement in exchange for an explication of his power.[9]

A better attired Lizardtail was among the "firepower" Accord brought to a hostile meeting with the Undersiders.[1]

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  • The Ambassadors had another lizard-themed cape before Lizardtail; confirmed to be his immediate predecessor and another Healer,[10] Lizardtail I wore a similar green dress shirt and copper lizard mask, he died fighting the Slaughterhouse Nine.[11] This is likely why Lizardtail's mask doesn't have to resemble a lizard, despite the name.[1]


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