Little Midas is a villainous player, working behind the scenes. He is the man responsible for funding a lot of the mercenaries.


Little Midas is loud, aggressive, and obnoxious.


Little Midas has a prodigious belly, and wears gold armor. His gold mask is styled after a Greek statue, and his eyes are not visible.[1]

He is obese enough that he has to have a team of people carry him around.[2]

Abilities and PowersEdit

Little Midas has what appears to be a Striker/Shaker ability, that allows him to touch an object with one hand and produce a copy of it with his other hand. These copies are identical to the originals, except for the fact that they are black like obsidian, or onyx. It appears that he can make the copied objects disappear at will.[3]

He is capable of turning the air itself into an object, having been shown creating a statue.[4]


Post-Gold MorningEdit

At some point, Little Midas attempted to take over some corner worlds in the post Gold Morning world, but failed. From here, he pivoted into funding mercenary operations.[5]

Post-Goddess' TakeoverEdit

Little Midas was present at the villains meet up in Sherwood Span, where he contributed by stoking the outage.[6]

Post-Time Bubble PopEdit

Little Midas was present in the Lodge when Victoria and Tattletale were investigating their while looking for information on the cyber attack. They question him and Semiramis about their failed attempt to use Big Picture to infiltrate Foresight.[7]

After Old Man was outed, Midas proved to be quite stubborn in his desire to dispose of him, and later feinted agreement and attempted to kill Old Man on their way out.[8] Down the line it led to him conflicting over influence over Earth N with Semiramis and Bluestocking.[9]

Post-Attack on TeacherEdit

Little Midas, apparently, lost the struggle with Semiramis,[10] but continues to be an annoyance to the Wardens.[11]

The Ice BreaksEdit

Little Midas and his mercenaries assisted Wardens in their anti-titan efforts.[12][13]


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  2. “I don’t give two cents about what you’re all doing,” Little Midas intoned, his voice loud. He was obese enough that he had a team to carry him, his mask and armor gold, shaped to cover his prodigious belly and face. “This is irritating I’m going to stop holding back.” - Excerpt from Interlude 10.x II
  3. “My servants didn’t carry me all this way for nothing,” Little Midas said. He moved his hand, touching the table, then holding his hand out beside the table, level with the tabletop. Another table materialized, the material a glossy black, like obsidian or onyx, the particulars of the table identical to the one he’d just touched.

    “Gracious,” Tattletale said. “I’m sure you wouldn’t act like a child on the playground and disappear it when we’re leaning on it.”- Excerpt from Black 13.8
  4. He touched the air and turned that air into something solid, a wispy statue that looked like it was made of a thousand hair-thin gold wires. The shape was of a woman’s face, upper chest, and breast. He gripped it by the neck and chin, hard, as it continued to form, then made it dissipate with a wave of the hand a moment later. - Excerpt from Black 13.9
  5. “Big guy is Little Midas. He’s a warmonger and a financial player. If you’ve noticed the uptick in the number of mercenaries around…”

    “He’s responsible?”

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