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In both the real world and in Worm, one can not view the future. One can take into account the many disparate variables that will likely lead to events in the future, but this is imprecise given the immense volumes of data involved. In Worm however, specialized Precog thinker abilities use hyper senses to evaluate all relevant data points, calculate the likely interaction of same data points, and provide semi accurate extrapolation of the future. This provides as close to a window into the future as is possible to.[1]

Eden's Perfect World[]

As the Entities traveled to earth, circa 1980,[2] this was the "optimal" future that The Thinker was modeling. Had everything gone according to plan this would have been the world of Worm.[3]



As with the history of Earth Bet, parahumans presumably started appearing around 1983. In the years since, large amounts of people triggered with many powerful abilities.

Unlike in previous cycles, and unlike the Warrior, Eden did not instruct most of her shards to seek out hosts at the beginning of the cycle. Instead she deployed the shards personally to adjust the global situation in various ways,[4] such as creating tinkers and other capes with helpful powers to revive damaged areas of the world and/or outfit armies, [5][6] personally sabotaging alliances and sending "Endbringer Lites" to break them up.[7]

Nation-states effectively dissolve as their constituent ethnic groups go to war with each other.[7]

Current Time-frame[]

Ethnic and social tensions inflame the world. Certain groups are periodically, sometimes miraculously, gifted with powers that help them hold out against their surrounding by enemies,[5] this only prolonged conflicts. International communication is down, though the exact means are not outright stated.

Features - power differentials, entities placing restrictions on things

Tinkers are able to create mass productions of their equipment much faster without worrying about backfires or similar.[6]


Thinker & Warrior[]

This duo are two of the strongest parahumans in existence, but they are anything but what they seem.


Also known as Colin, he is a powerful tinker who works with Richter. Described as suspicious and paranoid. Squad leader in the Wardens.


Clarent who was equipped wielded a long sword and grew stronger over time. He is likely a version of Dauntless, this is supported by the tags for the chapter. Was altered by Eden.[8] Squad leader in the Wardens.


A man who has a special sight that lets him sees powers. He was altered by Eden within the vision to keep him from making the connection between the entities and the powers. Evidence points toward him being the intended version of Chevalier. Squad leader in the Wardens.


Richter was intended to be alive and well with several mature AI's working with him and keeping infrastructure together, and society stable.


The gunwoman serves in Partisan's squad; this reality's intended version of Miss Militia.

Black Knight[]

Not seen but discussed. Likely this reality's Jacob as he is said to always win when sent up against parahumans; Jack Slash "always" wins against parahumans.[9]


The perfect world has its own form of Endbringer and other S-Class threats, these serve to increase the chaos on which the shards thrive, and keep the various regions of the earth separated and segregated from each other.[10]

Dinah Alcott[]

Dinah's abilities function by forming a mental image around a person, event, or object. This -then allows her to predict the probability of that image coming to pass. She was able to affect the outcome of events by relaying information. She accounts for the changes created by telling a person the odds as well making her a rather accurate prognosticator.

End of the World[]

Dinah has made several predictions about the end of the world and specifically Jacob's part in it. but has said that it could also happen several years down the line with the final terminal point being 300 years in the future.


Although Coil experiences his alternate timelines simultaneously with the events in the real world, they are actually possible futures generated by his passenger at the point he chooses to "split the timeline".[11][12] For this reason, sources of "causality interference" interfere with his power - including most precognitives, meaning he can't make use of information-gathering powers an unlimited number of times in throwaway timelines.[13]

Several minor examples of Coil's alternate timelines are shown in his Interlude. More plot-critical examples are discussed in Extermination 8.8:

  • A succession of brief uses of his power to allow him to guess coin flips correctly when he first met the Undersiders;[14][15]
  • A world where the Undersiders engaged Lung earlier and Taylor turned up and attacked them both,[16]
  • A version of the Battle at the Bank where Bitch fought Glory Girl and was injured,[17] a world where the Battle at the Gallery didn't take place in case it was unsuccessful,[18]
  • an alternate version of Buzz 7.9 where the Undersiders encountered Krieg and were taken down (based on a version of that chapter that was quickly edited by Wildbow.)[19][20][21]
  • A timeline where Coil kidnapped Panacea to heal Noelle's physical body and Shard connection. Due to the interaction of touched-based biology alteration vs. touch-based power/dampening & absorption, things didn't work out well and Coil was forced to abandon that timeline.[22]


Roulette's power allows her to live out visions of possible futures (generally hours long at most), seeing multiple possibilities in a matter of moments. These visions aren't very accurate, but do serve as an information-gathering tool.[23][24] Sometimes her visions differed dramatically from the real world, such as seeing into a world where the Moon had been partially destroyed.[25]

The most notable possible future seen by Roulette is the events of PRT: Department Sixty-Four; the strain of such a long vision sent her into a coma.[26] There were several lesser visions contained within this larger vision, including one where she encountered a powerful Master and was briefly driven insane in the real world by his power.[27]


Should Cauldron have not been formed after Eden's death, then the Endbringers, Cauldron Vials and the powers/Parahumans that comes from them like Battery, Coil or Case 53s, along with some of the really powerful parahumans who can act decisively, would all not have existed.[28]


Contessa doesn't really see possible futures, just the "steps" toward victory. Contessa is able to see the "path to victory". Essentially the steps one needs to take to get the outcome they seek. It can provide details on the likely hood of these outcomes and the effort involved in bringing about these same outcomes. She is essentially using her ability non-stop.

This too is not explicitly looking into possible futures but is essentially close enough for the purposes of this article, as she can choose how she attains the victory she seeks.


Effectively has its own version of the Abaddon shard that Contessa possessed, it is not less efficient then Contessa's but rather Scion has effectively thousands of years which while massive is still a finite amount, and using a path to victory shard burns some of his lifetime away.[29] He needs to package his time over what could be thousands of years, Contessa has at most a hundred years to use her abilities.

As an example, Zion modeled a trigger event 33 years in the future while refining literally millions of other shards for use on Earth. Further Zion looked at an alternate future where Jack Slash died and he decided to kill people of his own accord after talking to Jack.[30]


The Simurgh is blind in the present; every action she takes is based on a vision she saw of what would happen. This is how she's able to dodge things so effectively, but it also allows her to predict how a person will behave years in advance if she focuses on them.[31]


Was able to set up the residents of Lausanne in general and Cody in particular to cause damage farther down the timeline.


What could have happened; counterfactuals. Given the fact that Worm was written serially without a clear end initially in sight, the twists and turns that the story could have taken fascinate readers.

Taylor joins Wards[]

Given Taylor's mindset at the beginning of the story, this was very unlikely to happen, but Armsmaster is one of the few people that wouldn't have just scared Taylor off on meeting her, due to his short and soft approach about the Wards. Miss Militia, while much nicer, would push much harder for the Wards and set-off Taylor's prejudices against authority in response, pushing Taylor away. Assault would have had a decent chance, but he most likely wouldn't be alone, and Taylor can't handle multiple people socially at that point. The official hero teams represent everything she doesn't want - the social structure, the institution, a force so big that it breaks down the walls she's carefully constructed in the compartmentalization of her life and mentality. It might be better for her (ie. they deal with the bullying), but she has a strong aversion to the idea of joining - it would take a crazy confluence of forces to drive her down that path. In all likelihood she would have come off from the encounter finding the Hero/Villain thing intimidating, redesign her costume(eg. add a Hood), develop battle plans and become more strategic with her fighting, and ultimately taking a 'morally grey hero'/Vigilante role and having Shadow Stalker as a not-really-that-invested mentor.[32]

The Brockton Bay Elite[]

Being based in the West Coast, they are not likely to go to Brockton Bay, which is on the East Coast, beyond some minor involvement due to the rather long travel time. They are only likely to make initial moves on Brockton and New York once they've secured the entire West Coast of the US and Canada, from Alaska to California. They would make astonishing good offers to Rogues and Independents, like giving Parian substantial payment, access to the Elite's resources, and everything she'd need to for her clothes shop to become stable on the fashion front, but underline it by with a threat of violence if they do not join the Elite in a quick time-frame. They would even bring in New Wave as a corporate team under Elite influence, and bring a brief peace to Brockton before taking out some of the larger and obstructive villain groups.

The Elite are are able to stay because they keep the peace, with the more dangerous members like Bastard Son being used against the more dangerous oppositions, which are almost always villains, before the more dangerous Elite move on to other dangerous areas and leave other Elite members settled in their place, with things mostly stabilising due to the departure of said dangerous members. The end result is the Elite as a stable villain group and the PRT as a stable hero group. Remaining Villainous organisations are either assimilated or stamped out, while the PRT, though not considering the situation ideal, accepts that Rogues will be inducted into the Elite and considers it an acceptable price for stability. Although accepting it as a whole, individually PRT Directors vary in how they deal with the Elite and the Elite vary in how they deal with the PRT. The Directors try to maintain an upper hand over the Elite to prevent the Elite from advancing to bigger and better places.

The Elite are capable of matching or even exceeding the Empire Eighty-Eight in numbers, as well as beating them in strategy. Any time an E88 member goes out in costume or undertakes activities, the Elite will send out three of their own to attack them. If the E88 sends out multiple people, the Elite will move in force with double their number, using surprise attacks and key parahumans to counter the powers of Empire capes. This leads to the E88 bringing in top-of-the-line Cape reinforcements from Gesellschaft and the Herren Clan, and become a particularly difficult opponent for the Elite. Ultimately, the E88 are unable to defeat the Elite due to the amount of capes the Elite can bring in to potentially solve a given problem, the fact that Elite teams all across the West Coast are focussing and helping this push on the East Coast, and that the Elite can attack them at their home while they can't strike at the Elite's home without bringing in the PRT and getting caught on two fronts; fighting the PRT aboveground and fighting the Elite belowground. In the end, the Empire Eighty-Eight would concede Brockton Bay to the Elite and leave the city to regroup elsewhere.[33]

Leviathan attacks Florida[]

If Leviathan attacks an alternate location, the dominos fall differently. The Brockton Bay Heroes (barring Velocity) go to aid in the fight. Chances are still notable that Battery, Assault, and Triumph die in the attack. Only a few Wards, specifically Aegis, Vista and Kid Win might possibly decide to attend, and if they do they have rather high chances of surviving. Armsmaster tries to prove himself with his combat engine, but the lack of data for local villain populations prevents him from setting them up to die against Leviathan. He decides to wait until things look grim and the combatant numbers thin before making an explicit request to fight Leviathan one-on-one. He holds his own and allows the others to regroup, and people back-up Armsmaster against Leviathan after the Endbringer K.Os the hero. Afterwards he gets a major amount of the credit in defeating the Endbringer, akin to Eidolon's victory against the Simurgh in Madison. Proving his worth as a leader and a member of the core Protectorate lineup, he does not lose his position as head of the Brockton Bay Protectorate like in the canon timeline. Dauntless, should he survive, gets his own team in a smaller city with a new department, a rising star in a growing department: the city in question would likely be St. Louis, Lexington, Pittsburgh, Stockton, or Anchorage.

Armsmaster asks for more cape heroes after the loss of Assault, Battery, and/or Triumph, and in light of the growing conflict from the Empire Eighty-Eight and ABB. The new capes would be free-floating ones in the vicinity, and likely to include Dovetail, Adamant and Sere. New Wave, having joined the battle against Leviathan and suffered losses(does not matter who, besides Panacea and Glory Girl), might decide to move out of Brockton Bay in pursuit of new chances, possibilities, and public interest. They become a corporate team working with the Elite, but this and the loss of her family members puts greater pressure on Panacea. Exacerbated by the fact that there's less parental attention, she reaches her tipping point much sooner. If Brandish/Flashbang die, Lady Photon becomes leader of New Wave, and with Panacea as a new rising star inadvertently dragging her family along, she questions whether Brandish was right about the problems Panacea poses. Panacea is likely to join the Elite, due to being similar to Marquis and through them she can remember her dad.

Glory Girl, being impulsive, desiring to prove herself as a true heroine, and being in an Endbringer city with a new people watching her performance, has a 50-50 chance of dying. Whether she lives or dictates how Panacea goes. Panacea may revive a dead Glory Girl, either legit revival or create a parasite/internal puppet that lives under the skin and gets the heart pumping and the brain operating, creating a Panacea-dependent life sustaining system. Either way, she has to undo brain damage or create a facsimile of life. This becomes another force that pushes for success in their new situation, pulling Panacea up and away from normalcy and family. Gallant is a saving grace in this case, and may possibly join New Wave but is very unlikely. He becomes a remote figure offering guidance, trying to steer things away from the bad, and if Glory Girl and Panacea join the Elite he might offer advice and tip them off as to what the Elite is. Unfortunately, he would not be able to be there for Panacea's descent to darkness.

Most of the Undersiders do not participate in the Endbringer fight, though Tattletale aids as part of a fact-finding mission. Joining a team of Thinkers, she is able to provide some inklings on Endbringer makeup, which subtly alters the response and the offense against Endbringers in subsequent months and years, and may cause Tattletale to be aggressively targeted by the Simurgh and much sooner than she did in New Dehli in canon. Tattletale has very, very poor chances of making it to Gold Morning. The remaining Undersiders continue under Coil's employ against Armsmaster's Protectorate, though group takes on Trainwreck(who becomes and uneasy acquaintance of Rachel) and hired mercenaries. Coil has the Undersiders target smaller settlements and cities around Brockton Bay while keeping Travelers as his heavy hitters in the city itself. He goes for broke hiring mercenaries and has Über and Leet hold part of the city. The Undersiders become more distant and less 'together' being in the cities around Brockton, everyone acts in pairs or alone, but can still force the (stronger) PRT ENE to send members out and respond, which loosens the PRT's hold on the city.

The Slaughterhouse Nine arrive in the area, causing difficult isolated conflicts that become a crisis and further strains the PRT. Coil, through Dinah, leaks info on Jack Slash ending the world in order to increase the strain further. Dinah remains under Coil's control through threats and Master influence from hired mercenaries, but joins the Wards alongside Chariot under the pretext of wanting to stop the end of the world. Coil target's Gallant's family's business to distract Gallant, which adds to the pressure from Gallant's peripheral focus on New Wave, then kills the boy if Gallant doesn't respond to prompts to go elsewhere. Leaks provided by Kid Win and Skitter make Piggot aware of the moles and suspicious of Dinah, respectively, but struggles to actually leverage this. Her focus is divided between Brockton Bay and all of the neighboring territories facing coordinated attacks, her plate is full, and Armsmaster isn't cooperating.

Coil outs the E88 and causes them to inevitably split into "clans", with the Empire not having a foothold in the city due to Coil consistently winning engagements, the Travelers hitting them hard, and the PRT maintainh a strong initial presence. Kaiser leaves for Boston and allies with a Accord, which in an indirect way gives Coil influence over Kaiser through his ties to Accord. The clans remain in Brockton, with the more aggressive white supremacists banding together but ending up beaten by various local forces and splinter. The elements (of Rune, Othala, Victor, Hookwolf, et al) that don't leave remain as solo agents. Hookwolf might drop the white supremacist thing entirely.

When the PRT is strained to breaking, Coil hires mercenary Capes to attack his own complex and free Echidna, engineering for her to cause controlled destruction to the city in much the same role Leviathan did in canon. Afterwards Piggot is accused of failing her duties, allowing Coil's persona of Thomas Calvert to take over a relatively strong PRT. Managing both the city and the Protectorate, Calvert stabilizes Brockton Bay and its flourishing cape population, and stamps out any rogue elements. Armsmaster finds out from Piggot enough to know the truth, but having never found humility or face inhumanity, he enslaves Dragon to his control and willing works with the villain because Coil put him on the world stage.

Skitter still works to fight against this system and engine much bigger than her. Reaching out to the disenfranchised, the people who lost their teams, scattered mercenaries and the heroes who broke away from the PRT, she forms a ragtag group striving against this reality that Coil has engineered. In the end, she bands together with the remaining Undersiders who survived the Slaughterhouse Nine, and works with Saint to defeat Armsmaster (taking away Dragon at a pivotal moment) and attempts to topple Coil.[34]

Panacea joins the Undersiders[]

Imp proves important in getting Panacea to join when the Undersiders rescue her from the Slaughterhouse 9's initiation, being able to convince her due to Tattletale realising that Panacea cannot respond to rational reasoning in her state. However Amy doesn't change sides so much as be kept in "suspension" by the Undersiders, with her not fully joining and instead only helping under a number of increasing codes and rules, such as fixing people modified by Bonesaw, and mostly refuses to use her power in large part.

With Panacea, the Slaughterhouse are ousted and broken, Bonesaw is taken out of the picture, and only Cherish, Siberian and Jack Slash escapes, with Jack not learning of Dinah's end of the world prophecy. Glory Girl is not transformed into the Wretch by Amy, leaves to Philadelphia to get long-term help due to the changes to her brain, and New Wave escalates against the Undersiders, believing that Panacea has been kidnapped and possibly brainwashed by Skitter or Tattletale, or Mastered by Regent. New Wave tries to gain help from the Guild, but are initially denied for various reasons. However Coil takes the brief absence while New Wave is out-of-town to recruit more capes to keep the Heroes outnumbered, and to be more "chaotic" to make the Undersiders and Travellers look more acceptable by comparison. The chaos capes, such as Damsel, Blasto, and Lost Garden start to congregate in Brockton Bay and launch various attacks against visiting Heroes, which results in the Guild agreeing to step in, with the PRT treating Brockton Bay as something that the Heroes need to win to boost morale.

The Undersiders lay low to avoid the increased surveillance and the Thinkers trying to find them, and to help support Panacea and Grue. Coil has them release Shatterbird to the PRT, then uses moles in the PRT to have Shatterbird escape. Shatterbird, without Jack's influence, forms her own flock of Independent Villains, including Damsel, to oppose the Undersiders. Glory Girl returns mostly fixed and, seeing the consequences of Panacea only fixing Bonesaw victims, reaches out to her.

Here the timeline can go down one of two major roads:

1: Panacea Leaves[]

If Panacea walks away from the city's conflicts, unable to be convinced by Tattletale to join the Undersiders and use her powers, the small wars are won and the city isn't condemned. New Wave and several Independent Capes fold into the Protectorate/Wards. Shatterbird's flock is ousted from the city and becomes almost a second Slaughterhouse Nine. Coil as his Thomas Calvert identity becomes PRT Director of Brockton and has Dinah as among the new recruits, sacrificing leadership of the city's cape element in exchange for seizing it. Cauldron decides that the city's Terminus Project has failed and become free to step in without fear of ruining the experiment. They kill Noelle, Trickter leaves, the Travellers are returned home under the condition of becoming Cauldron agents on Aleph, and the Triumvirate enters and cleans up the rest of the city. The Triumvirate is still outed as connected to Cauldron.

Panacea and Glory Girl reconnect, leave New Wave and join the Guild. Panacea slowly becomes more comfortable using her powers. The Undersiders leave and Skitter becomes intent on dealing with "monsters" due to some really grisly & irredeemable things she did in Guild-occupied Brockton Bay and the memories of the Slaughterhouse and Shatterbird's flock. She leaves her dad and Brockton, and throws herself into more conflict trying to find answers (i.e Shatterbird's connection to Cauldron, Cauldron in general, things Tattletale picked up regarding the Triumvirate). She and the Undersiders may possibly contact Cauldron and are asked to work to help the latter, with the Undersiders picking up new recruits and giving Cauldron Vials to some unpowered allies.

Jack Slash makes a new team using Cherish to turn Heroes into Villains, and they run into Shatterbird's flock, the latter who has now become an international villain group and has recruited Trickster. The two groups plan to reunite at Endgame and target the most powerful capes, including Panacea and the Undersiders. Many of the Undersiders die in time for Endgame and it is only with Golem stepping in late that it doesn't become a complete loss. Jack and Shatterbird's groups either draws Scion's attention with their actions, or target Scion outright. Cauldron, believing Shatterbird to be the Broadcaster, tries to intervene and turn the group against Scion. They fail, and Scion instead works with Jack's and Shatterbird's groups - some of the nastiest individuals around, all together and working in concert, with Jack guiding Scion.

2: Panacea Stays[]

If the constant conflicts causes Panacea to break down, she is convinced to stay in the city and start using her powers by Tattletale. The Undersiders then begin hitting back harder and with new tools given by Panacea, and become the main focus in the city. Coil dislike how they aren't doing what he needs them to do, suspects they want to rescue Dinah, and plans let the Heroes keep beating the Undersiders down before choosing a moment when they weak to deal with them once and for all. The Undersiders can only survive if they have been modified by Panacea to be stronger and fitter along with some background processes. Tattletale has the full-time job of dealing with Panacea. Grue doesn't take well to the physical alterations and leaves, with Imp following not far behind. Trying to survive against everyone, the Undersiders become the chaotic element they were initially set-up to oppose.

The Guild has Brockton Bay condemned, having walls erected, everyone evacuated, and power and water shut off. Coil releases Noelle on Brockton as a final act before leaving to begin anew elsewhere, and regardless whether the other Undersiders also leave or stay, Taylor stubbornly tries to build something of the mess while everything crumbles around her. Panacea feels that the Undersiders lied to her about giving her the support she needed, which she takes as proof she was right after all about 'Bad is bad, and nothing is redeemable'. In the ensuring breakdown, she commits several atrocities on the level of her turning Victoria's body into the The Wretch in the canon timeline, including doing it against several Undersiders. Although Taylor tries to reason with her, Panacea is only stop by Jack Slash, who convinces her to join him as Bonesaw's replacement and plans to access the Birdcage and unlock the full potential of everyone within, which a broken Panacea agrees to.

Grue, who has since joined the Protectorate, returns with Golem and joins Skitter in fighting back. Although Panacea will listen to Golem, it is not enough and very much too late. She provides the resources needed.[35]

Taylor joins Cauldron[]

If Taylor had failed to kill Alexandria, she is subdued and sentenced to the Birdcage instead of becoming a Ward as Weaver. However her transport to the Birdcage is intercepted by Cauldron on Alexandria's request, who explains the reasoning for the ruse, and in exchange for the Undersiders being left alone Taylor would become an agent of Cauldron for squads dealing with issues on alternative Earths.[36]


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    Lisa shrugged, “Not sure. He didn’t elaborate, often doesn’t, unless it’s key info. But Coil decided not to go with that option, so it was clearly worse than what did happen. Or worse in his eyes.” - excerpt from Extermination 8.8
  20. Krieg used his power in the first 'lost chapter' - the chapter which (now) opens with Brian's chest getting stitched up after fighting Cricket. I wrote it at a point in time when I was pretty damn busy (IIRC, end of last semester at University?) and preoccupied (end of last semester at University?) and I rushed it. It came out rushed, a lot of conflict that made no sense. I pulled an all-nighter to rewrite it before the sun came up.

    That chapter doesn't exist anywhere except in the email notifications and minds of the earliest Worm adopters. Before anyone says "Death of the Author", remember: it is canon. In the last chapter of Arc 8 before the interlude, Lisa talks about Coil's power - and how the events of the lost chapter were merely lost as a Coil altworld. - Wildbow on Spacebattles
  21. I changed events for two reasons. The first is that I know from experience that I get really bored and frustrated if I do sweeping edits and/or rewrite a segment of story with the exact same events. The second will become apparent later – I’m simply having some fun with the mistake.
    There’s no change to actual powers, here. The previous chapter is canon in many respects. - Comment by Wildbow on Buzz 7.9
  22. Reddit comment by Wildbow, Archived on Spacebattles.
  23. Roulette can, in her words, ‘shotgun precog’. She views a spread of futures in a matter of moments, with the number of events and the length of the viewing periods varying depending on the time since the last ‘shotgun’, her emotional state and her degree of rest. The number of futures viewed and the duration of each viewing vary from six to two and hours to seconds, respectively. The ability hits a ceiling at the point where she is incapacitated for longer than the visions last.
    Capabilities and priorities Roulette observes are reasonably accurate, but events can diverge wildly, and should not be a reason for deployment on their own. The ability is primarily a learning and experimental tool, with more research and investigation required. - PRT FilesPRT Quest document
  24. Roulette – Ward. A ‘shotgun precog’ – she could see multiple theoretical futures which had a low probability of coming to pass, but which nonetheless provided some information gathering ability. - FAQ Parahuman Response Team Quest
  25. "You know you're having a vision, then?"
    "Not usually. It's like dreaming. Sometimes you can figure it out. I use cues. Sometimes I notice colors are off, or there's some big part of the world that's different, like, half the moon is gone. Then I have a moment where I'm like, 'Yeah that isn't right', and 'duh, my power'."
    "Half the moon? You work from alternate histories?"
    "I think I work from alternate histories to alternate futures, but I dunno. The power testing guys always say different things when I see 'em. Like I said, my power screws around at my expense. There's usually a point of contact or something so it's close. It's never, like, crazy different. Same people, same place, things moving in the same direction." - PRT Quest thread i page 29
  26. PRT Quest is canon [but] the events of the PRT Quest never happened. It was all a vision that Roullette saw and [the vision] put her in a coma, though not before writing down as much as she could. - Spacebattles
  27. PRT Quest thread ii page 32
  28. Assuming that Cauldron's operatives maybe killed Eden but then just sat on their hands/died, the Endbringers don't exist, the cauldron vials aren't spread out, and there's less of the really powerful parahumans here and there who're capable of acting decisively. - Wildbow on Spacebattles
  29. The entity looked to the future, looked to possible worlds, and it saw the ways this could have unfolded. It burned a year off of the entity’s life, but he had thousands to spare anyways. - Exerpt from Interlude 26
  30. Interlude 26
  31. Interlude 28
  32. Speculation by Wildbow on this What if
  33. Speculation by Wildbow on this What if
  34. Speculation by Wildbow on Reddit
  35. Speculation by Wildbow on Reddit
  36. chlorinecrown wait, so in the other universe where alexandria, idk, has a tinker tech bug zapper on hand to prepare for the attack, what happens
    the attempted murder charge is really easy to prosecute, she goes to the bird cage, undersiders discredited?
    Evacuate the area, Taylor focuses on Alexandria, so it should be doable. Disable security cameras remotely, "Door." Nullify powers & bugs without room for counter-tactics. Taylor sentenced to the Birdcage. Alexandria reinforced in status, people reminded that the PRT is in power and has control, villainous takeovers elsewhere are discouraged, Taylor sentenced to the Birdcage. She...
    ...doesn't actually arrive, and gets brought on board with Cauldron, who tell her the ruse, that it was a setup to achieve certain ends and a plausible finish, and so long as she cooperates, the Undersiders are left alone.
    They then have a resourceful parahuman for one of their squads dealing with alt!earth scenarios and issues.
    Not the first, second, or even third priority, but better to make use of her than to just Birdcage her.
    Would Taylor "escape" during transportation? Or would they just pretend they caged her?
    The latter, most likely.
    I wonder how Dragon feels about all this. Probably cranky.
    Probably. - Conversation with Wildbow archived on Spacebattles