Lionwing is a member of the Earth Cheit group The Order.




Lionwing and Cretan have a sexual relationship with one another.[1]


Lionwing has dark blond hair and a tattoo that covers most of one of her upper arms.[1] She wears black and white armor that is styled after a griffon.[2]

Abilities and PowersEdit

Lionwing has an ability that allows her to control hundreds of blades. She can uses this swarm of blades to lacerate people (blades do not have much penetration power) or pin them down, and can also form these blades into different shapes, including a shield,[3] or a spike.[4]

She can also use these blades for flight.[5]


Carries a gun as a spare.



Post-Fallen fallEdit

Helped attack the portals along with Kingdom Come and Cretan.[6]

Post-Goddess' TakeoverEdit

Split with Teacher because of a dispute over warped areas of time.

Helped Cradle, Love Lost and March in their fight against Breakthrough and The Undersiders.

Later joined his army on Earth N, was able to disable a large group of heroes before being taken out by Antares at the expense of one of her arms.[7]


  • Gryphons are seen as protectors in mythology, they also hate horses.


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    Instead, grabbing her hair, I smashed her head against the ground twice. That was the point she was still breathing but not up to pick any fights with me anymore.- Heavens 12.9

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