Mike, known publicly as Lightstar, is an ex-superhero.


Mike is control-obsessed, in a vein similar to his older sister.[4]

He softened a bit in the later years.


He was distant with his parents and sisters, since their kidnapping. And was not approving of their excessive focus on their cape-careers.[5]


He is tall, has red-blond hair and wears a beard. His costume had black sleeves and legs, with a star at the front.[6][1]

Abilities and PowersEdit

Lightstar could create slow moving projectiles (around half the speed of a thrown basketball) that he could detonate concussively at will.[2]

Mike has a secondary ability that allows him to see in the dark.[7]



Lightstar was one of the founding members of the Brockton Bay Brigade. The Brockton Bay Brigade challenged Marquis numerous times though Marquis would always win.

Lightstar accompanied the Brigade when they went after Marquis in his home, closed in on him, and was taken down after a pierced his shoulder. Fleur caught him before he could fall on the bone spikes Marquis had created. After the battle, Lightstar was surprised to learn that Marquis had a child before he wondered about her age. [8]

Lightstar later revealed his civilian identity alongside his teammates as the Brockton Bay Brigade was rechristened 'New Wave'.[2]

Boston GamesEdit

Helped out with everyone.

Fought a white haired teenager.


After Fleur was murdered he left the Brockton Bay[2] and attempted to retire, albeit unsuccessfully, as his power was too sensitive to inactivity, so he assisted local police from time to time.[7] He also started a new family around 2 years before story start.[3]

Gold MorningEdit

Participated, though how willingly is another story.

Early WardEdit

Came by the family barbecue with his family, left early.[9]

Mike and his family were stuck in refugee camps for the last two-and-half years.[10]

Post-Ice BreakEdit

Mike appeared in the Wardens headquarters after the ice broke.[11]

He met Victoria Dallon at the old Fallen camp after the fight with Oberon and Skadi, and discussed with her their family.[12]

Chapter AppearancesEdit

Worm Chapter Appearances
1. Colony 15.1 Absent
x. Interlude 15.x Debut
2. Colony 15.2 Absent
3. Colony 15.3 Absent
y. Interlude 15.y Absent
4. Colony 15.4 Absent
5. Colony 15.5 Absent
6. Colony 15.6 Absent
7. Colony 15.7 Absent
z. Interlude 15.z Absent
8. Colony 15.8 Absent
9. Colony 15.9 Absent
10. Colony 15.10 Absent
i. Interlude 15 Absent


  • Author's Note: Lightstar is another example of a character made and ready to use but not thanks to the many drafts written.[2]


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