Jamar Lafranca[1][2], known publicly as Leister, was a member of the Los Angeles Wards.[3]


A new cape. He had only been in two fights, and felt extremely out of his depth hearing about the possibility that they would be encountering capes so powerful the PRT didn't even bother classifying them. Weaver found it charming that he was relieved to find an incoming missile was "only" a flying cape.

Vantage noted that he could be "a little stubborn".

He corrected Weaver when she referred to the "left side of the ship", telling her the word was port. When Vantage corrected her terminology as well, she accused them both of being pedantic.

He was aware of, and disliked, Bambina.[3]


Leister was a teenager in lightweight silver armor with the edges molded into wave-like forms. Beneath the armor was blue cloth with a similar wave-like design embroidered on it. He held a trident, as ornate as his armor.[3]

Abilities and PowersEdit

Leister could make his trident "distort" and extend, helping him move or strike enemies.[3]



Leister was in two cape fights, one of which he described as "not even a real fight".

A month after he joined the Wards, his team leader, Vantage, took him to help collect Pretender alongside the Protectorate.[3]


At some point Leister was turned into Teacher's thrall and added to Ingenue's harem.[4]

Post-Time Bubble PopEdit

During the Wardens' assault on Teacher's base Leister guarded Ingenue against Valkyrie's Flock.[4]

Leister retreated to The City alongside Ingenue.[2]


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