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Legend, civilian name Keith,[2] is the leader of the Protectorate[3] and the New York Protectorate team.[4] He is second in command of the Wardens after Gold Morning.[5]


Legend is probably closest to the classic superhero that Worm offers, heroic, noble, and willing to make sacrifices for others.[citation needed] As part of the leading heroes of the Protectorate, Legend is seen as a paragon of what a hero should be, acting on and off the camera largely the same.[6][7] Legend is gay, married for six years,[8] and he is the reason gay rights have progressed much further on Earth Bet than on our Earth.[9][10]

Legend is charismatic with presence and clout;[11] he has the kind of voice you wanted to listen to.[12] Many people felt like they wanted to be better for their next meeting with him.[13]

Teacher believed Legend, when frustrated, would bide his time and seek dialogue.[14]


Legend has wavy brown hair[15][16] and a square jaw.[17] He is tall, with a lean, muscular physique.[18] He is considered noticeably attractive by Skitter.[17] Towards the end of Worm, the emotional toll has left him looking ten years older.[19]

He wears a skintight sky blue[20] costume with white lightning/flame designs.[17] His costume includes boots and white gloves.[18] His mask is blue and silver/white, and leaves his mouth, chin, hair and some of his forehead uncovered.[20][15]

Abilities and Powers[]

As befitting a member of the Triumvirate, Legend is one of the most powerful parahumans in North America. He is considered the epitome of 'flying artillery' capes:[21] he can fire powerful lasers, fly, and endure strong attacks with his energy form.


His lasers were primarily blue-white.[22][23] These beams can turn corners, fork into multiple lasers, pass through walls, and freeze or ignite his targets. He can use different effects, creating cutting, disintegration, impact, heat, focused, staccato bursts, fat lasers, and invisible lasers. He could combine these effects, but this took time to investigate and he rarely faced threats that necessitated the needed effort.[24] The 'freezing' laser actually lowers the temperature at the point of contact, damaging the target and freezing ambient moisture.[24] The 'heat ray' that ignited a target works on a similar principle.

A known strange feature of his lasers is that they can bend around corners.[25] This versatility extends to him splitting lasers he's fired into multiple smaller lasers.[26] Further, he can radiate an unheard of number of his lasers when he needs to. He can increase the size and power of lasers but requires time to do it.[27] His raw firepower has been favorably compared to Purity[21] or a battalion of tanks.[18] Although the time frame is unknown, Legend managed to deter Sleeper by leveling around 30 km2 of city.[28]

Legend requires line of sight to properly aim at targets.[29] It is also possible to aim dodge his lasers.[30][31][32]

Spatial distortions can affect Legend's lasers. The Impaler Titan could redirect his lasers into his allies with the support of Titan Fortuna, causing Legend to disengage.[33][34] The Yàngbǎn-assisted squadron of the Taught could slap his more powerful lasers aside by creating distortions in the air that redirected them into the atmosphere or towards his allies.[35]


Legend can accelerate to a speed that exceeds the speed of sound and continue accelerating, to no hard limit. However, surviving at these speeds requires the use of his secondary Breaker ability.[36] He was one of, if not the, fastest heroes alive. On one occasion, he flew halfway around the planet in an extremely short period of time, seemingly a matter of moments; arriving a full five or six minutes before even Alexandria.[37]

Energy Form[]

Legend's breaker power changes his body to living light. As he becomes more like light, he is able to fly faster and ignore most attacks, though it impairs his ability to think. While in this state, he absorbs most kinds of energy, using it to repair his human form.[38] This transformation happens instinctively to avoid injury, usually when he is struck or when he flies too fast.[36] It allows him to survive in time dilated environments without food or water by absorbing ambient energy sources.

Still, attacks from Behemoth,[39], Leviathan,[40] Siberian,[36] and Skadi[41] have all been devastating enough that they were sufficient to take him out of the fight.

Other Abilities[]

As a related minor power,[36] he has perfect, superhumanly clear vision,[42] only blocked by things like solids and gasses like cloud and mist. He took advantage of this by learning to lip read,[43] and to shoot accurately over vast distances.[44]



Legend received his powers as part of Cauldron's program, becoming a founding member of the Protectorate. He was present for Behemoth's emergence in 1992.[45] After Hero's death, he became the leader of a smaller team based in New York.[46]

When Leviathan approached Brockton Bay, Legend took the opportunity to inform every parahuman there of the odds of survival.[47] This was something that he, as a veteran of such engagements, was rarely able to do.[48]


Despite the risks to both himself and the citizens of the city, he deployed with his team against the Slaughterhouse Nine when they came to Brockton Bay.

He recognized William Manton and confronted his co-conspirators, secretly armed with a lie-detector. He discovered that they were responsible for the Case 53s and had been lying to him for years.[49]

Post-Slaughterhouse Nine[]

Despite knowing that his teammates had been lying to him for years, he repeated the same lies to Gully and Weld given the gravity of the situation the Protectorate faced.[50]

He was able to keep two Alexandria clones busy during a fight, but that also meant that he could not help When Echidna and her creations were fighting the others.


Legend stepped down as leader of the Protectorate after his ties to Cauldron were revealed.[51]

He was briefly trapped in accelerated time by Khonsu, but survived by entering his breaker state. By the time the Endbringer dropped the effect, an enormous charge of light had built up inside it. This charge was redirected by Eidolon.

Gold Morning[]

Chevalier asked Legend to become his second-in-command in the new Protectorate after Revel's death, and he accepted.

He served throughout the event.

Post-Gold Morning[]

Was a part of the Wardens when the group was announcing themselves to the city. Welcomed the new member Valkyrie.


Two years after the event he still part of The Wardens. Just as in the Protectorate he is considered one of the groups key members, and has his statue in HQs lobby.[52] He, however, is not occupying the decision making position.[53]

Post-Fallen Fall[]

Survived the portal sabotage, but evaded public appearances due to being preoccupied.[54] He was seen at Wardens' base at Cote D’Ivoire.[55]

Post-Time Bubble Pop[]

Legend led one of the Wardens' attack-groups on Teacher's Compound.

According to Teacher's precognitives, if the Wardens were defeated too obviously, Legend would lay siege to the Cauldron Compound that was taken over by the Taught and tear it down with enough time.[56] Thus, Legend's attack-group was being stalled by Yàngbǎn-supported thralls just outside the building.[57]

Tress, Lookout and one of Harbingers were able to break the stalemate by crashing the Dragonslayers's mechs into the thralls.[58]

When Teacher escaped, Legend was teleported away alongside him.[59]

Legend contained Sleeper with some massive destruction.[28]

The Ice Breaks[]

He rallied the remaining parahumans of the city against the Titans.[60]

Legend was wounded in the later fight with Titan Skadi.[41]

He fought Titan Fortuna, dealing the massive damage to her, which helped her to initiate the further spread of the dimensional tears.[61] The newly-produced Impaler Titan was also able to turn his attacks on his allies,[33][34] so Legend resorted to fighting the newly arrived Ashen Titan.[62]

He was severely wounded in the later fighting, up to the point that he was stuck in his regenerating form while being present on the Machine Army front.[63]

Legend fought the Simurgh[64] and pursued her, after she fled from the Wardens' Compound.[65]

Chapter Appearances[]

Worm Chapter Appearances
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x. Interlude: End Absent


  • According to Wildbow, the civilian identity of Legend has been stated twice in the story.[66]
  • According to Valkyrie, Legend is the keeper of the "Coruscant Knave" shard,[67] an example of Valkyrie's use of antiquated language.
    • Also the difficulty in describing the function of the shards.

Fanart Gallery[]


  1. “How’s the family?” She asked. “You adopted, if I remember right?”

    “We did. Arthur was worried that a surrogate parent would give birth to a parahuman, and if that happened, he’d be out of the loop.”
    “But the child is good? A boy or a girl?”

    “A boy. Keith.” - Interlude 13
  2. “Same here,” Keith said. He’d rinsed off, and his hair was wet, and the ends of his hair had a blue-white halo. He’d flown hard in the cold with that wet hair. “I flew out, checked. The Titans are gone.” - Last 20.e1
  3. Armsmaster, standing a little taller and looking more confident than I’d seen before, with not one but two Halberds connected to his back, was having a quiet conversation with Miss Militia and Legend. It took me a second to absorb that picture. That was the head of the Protectorate, the leader of the largest team of capes in the world. What’s more, he was right in front of me, having a conversation with someone I’d talked to. Ridiculous as that sounded, it affected me. - Extermination 8.1
  4. Legend – Leader of the Protectorate. Runs the team based in New York. Is one of the best, if not the best ‘flying artillery’ capes, with flight and unsurpassed versatility and power from the lasers he can emanate from his body. Among other things, his lasers can turn corners, fork into multiple lasers, pass through walls and freeze or ignite his targets. He has recently left the Protectorate’s Triumvirate. - Cast (In-Depth)
  5. “The Wardens are cooperating with seven major cape teams and, last I checked, ten minor teams. We are not a monolithic entity. We are not an authority. We are not the bad guys, Julia.”
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    Replied on July 6th, 2011:
    @ Cowboy
    Can’t be Eidolon. He’s strong, but he’s not a leader. There’s a ton of references to people meeting him at conventions or cape wives meeting him at functions. I won’t say he’s an asshole, though some have said he rubbed them the wrong way, but people definitely don’t walk away from meeting him with that universal “Oh my god he’s so nice!” reaction that they have with Legend. - Excerpt from Interlude 19.y
  7. Legend's other contact with Taylor was pretty fair. He had a serious situation on his hands, and he outlined options. He didn't twist her arm (though it's easy to mix up what he was saying with what Armsmaster was saying) but did push one option as it was (in his mind) the best option available.- Comment by Wildbow on Spacebattles
  8. A light smile touched his face. He even felt a little giddy at the thought of getting home, wrapping Arthur in a hug. Growing up, he’d never thought that he’d feel giddy about his husband after six years of marriage. - Excerpt from Interlude 14.y
  9. chassisbird:
    I really love this story, but it makes me really uncomfortable that the only gay characters so far are Legend, who is a single-chapter background guy, and Amy, who is a character driven to do something awful by her love for another girl.

    You’re downplaying how important Legend is in the setting.

    Further, you’re missing two others who’ve come up and had their attraction get mentioned – it’s not blatant, but it’s there, and it does get more attention later. Considering that romantic entanglements and relationships don’t get mentioned that often, I think it’s a pretty good track record for GBLTQABBQ inclusion. - Reply to a comment on Interlude 15.x
  10. “I was with Sacred Heart at first,” Hitter said. “I used to be a warrior angel. It was cool and then it wasn’t. Legend might have opened doors, but people can still be shitty in private. The team management said I could do whatever I liked, but the guys who were being shitty could do whatever they liked too.” - Excerpt from Radiation 18.6
  11. There were people who could enter a room, and everyone would stop talking, or the tone of conversation, at the very least, would shift. Chevalier. Legend. Narwhal. Dragon. There were people who had impacted world-scale events who didn’t quite have that presence or clout. I was pretty sure Tattletale was one such person.

    Some of those people had become what they’d become because the PRT had helped make them into icons. Had taken the virtues those capes represented, and sold them, hard. They’d made it subliminal and liminal, marketed it to kids and the elderly, and made things like strength, courage, nobility, caring, honesty, and justice things that just happened to go hand in hand with the heroes appearing. The PRT had boosted social media that sold these principles and the presence of these capes, and had provided deft answers for anything that appeared to hurt these notions. - Sundown 17.2
  12. Yet more were continuing to arrive when Armsmaster and Legend turned away from their conversation and walked up to the front of the room. The din in the room quieted, and every set of eyes was on them.

    Legend cleared his throat. He had the kind of voice that you listened to, “We owe thanks to Dragon and Armsmaster for their early alert. We’ve had time to gather, and that means we have just a few more minutes to prepare and brief for Leviathan’s arrival, instead of jumping straight into the fray as we arrive. With this advantage, some luck, teamwork and hard effort from everyone, I hold out hope that this could be one of the good days.” - Extermination 8.1
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    Was I suffering from brain damage? Another concussion?
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  19. “Sorry,” Legend said.

    He was a changed man, looking ten years older than he once had. How much of that was emotional? The toll of dealing with Endbringers, with being a pariah? He was respected by the common people, but anyone who knew anything about capes had picked up on Legend’s lack of status in the community. - Extinction 27.4
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    Wildbow: Cutting, disintegration, impact, heat, focused, staccato bursts, fat lasers, invisible lasers. The freezing laser isn't so much a 'create ice' laser as a 'this deals damage and then frost spreads out from the site of impact'.

    He can combine them, but he's not typically in situations where he needs to, and it's sort of something that takes time to figure out, like putting your gun together in the middle of the battlefield when you could just whip out another gun that's bound to do the job. - Comment by Wildbow on Spacebattles
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  27. An enemy that hit too hard to defend against, too tough to hurt. Eidolon teleported rather than try to stand up to his lasers, Alexandria took a glancing blow and plunged to the ground. Legend peppered Scion, paused, then hit him with a bigger laser.

    When that failed, Legend doubled down again. - Extinction 27.4
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  29. It put him closer to the point the lasers were all diverging from, but it took him out of Legend’s sight. The man couldn’t aim at what he couldn’t-

    A series of beams all firing in a line struck the Isaiah.

    It had to be a guess, helped by a listening ear.

    Legend couldn’t aim at what he couldn’t see. Mischa took an evasive course of action, one eye glancing at the screen with the damage report. Thermal control, mostly. Some articulation, but the Isaiah didn’t need much. It wasn’t what he would have fired at, had he been aiming that shot.

    No more chance shots came, as he regained control, booted up antigrav, and started up the jet turbines. - Interlude 15.x II
  30. Madcap leapt to one side as Legend fired a series of beams at him. The villain plunged into and through the concrete wall of the jail, and Jamie was only steps behind him. She saw him rounding a corner and gave chase.
    Legend’s lasers tore into the spot where Madcap had been a half second ago. The villain sprinted toward Jamie, moving faster with each step.

    “Battery!” Legend called out, “Stop him!” - Interlude 12.5
  31. Legend and Alexandria still fought above us. I could, when he passed into my range, note how he got faster the longer he flew, giving him the ability to put distance between himself and Alexandria, but he couldn’t stop to take aim and shoot without losing that acceleration and giving her a chance to close the gap.

    The result was that he was flying in loops and circles, using the turns to find opportunities to take aim and fire on her. She dodged most, but the hits that did land bought him distance and time to stop and laser down clones who were attempting to escape. - Scourge 19.6
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    The Impaler Titan was already there, acting. One of its rod-like limbs, column-like, reached out, and space distorted beyond it.

    Legend’s laser hit that distorted column, and flashed out. It lasted for a quarter second, but in that quarter-second, the laser raked across our defensive lines.

    Her network was operating with the benefit of her power. - Infrared 19.5
  34. 34.0 34.1 Legend was using smaller lasers now, a hail of short lasers that were each only about as long as he was tall. She blocked three of them with a reach of her hand, not even looking at what she was doing, and then changed that reaching limb to vault herself in the air.
    I saw the Impaler Titan start to move, and stopped firing. I watched as she fended off more of Legend’s hail of lasers. By keeping her weapons still, she let it unfurl, and the expanded weapon served to block more.

    I couldn’t risk that she’d intercept my laser and redirect it with that space warping drill bit of hers.
    Legend was barely even visible now. He was aware of an omnipresent threat that the Impaler Titan could space-distort his lasers and send them to new targets. He flew to keep one Titan or another between himself and the Impaler. - Infrared 19.5
  35. Teacher’s soldiers glowed white where hit, as if they were metal and not flesh. That would be one of the powers, then. The ones at the front reached out to slap the lasers aside, creating distortions in the air that forced the rays back toward the bubble, or up into the atmosphere.
    Below, Legend was in the air, assaulting the Yangban-assisted squadron. The shots he used were either too minor to penetrate their protection, that made them glow like metal instead of being burned or cut, or they were too big, and too risky, as the squad slapped those shots aside or redirected them into the platform. The group was cut off, and too much damage to the platform would send all of them to their doom. It forced him to play defensive. - Interlude 15.x II
  36. 36.0 36.1 36.2 36.3 Legend’s flight powers let him accelerate to a speed that exceeded sound and continue accelerating, to no hard limit. The soft limit was that he had breaker powers that kept the acceleration from tearing him to shreds, altering his body into something else entirely as he gained speed. The drawback to this was that his brain also shut down on a cognitive level as the transformation occurred. He had never let himself go so fast that he lost the ability to consciously control his movements.

    There were other benefits too. He was better at registering and processing light waves, regardless of which state he was in. He could see with perfect clarity up until the point that an obstactle intervened or the atmosphere occluded his vision.

    If an opponent attacked and struck him, he instinctively transitioned into his energy form for a split second. In that state, he absorbed energy of a variety of kinds, including the kinetic energy that was transferred with a punch or with a bullet. His opponents were forced to whittle him down, each attack only a fraction as effective as it might otherwise be. Even then, a share of that small amount of damage was healed a second later as he used the absorbed energy to mend his body. Conversely, his enemies could try to hit him with enough speed and force that even a hundredth of a second of contact was sufficient to take him out of the fight. Leviathan and Behemoth had managed to land blows of that magnitude.

    Siberian has as well. - Excerpt from Interlude 14.y
  37. Scarab 25.4
  38. He traveled over the Atlantic Ocean, moving so fast that the water appeared to be one flat plane. His thoughts became a blur, and he was forced to focus on his destination, letting all other thoughts and doubts fall by the wayside.

    It was refreshing, in a way, cleansing himself of the responsibilities and the thousands of problems he was forced to handle as the leader of the Protectorate. Still, it always scared him just a little.

    It took him only an instant to reach a complete stop. He let himself settle down into his real body once more.

    He’d wondered sometimes if his ability to fly was meant for travel on an interstellar level. What if he kept accelerating? His breaker power would let him weather the void of space, his ability to see would be that much more powerful if there was no atmosphere to occlude his vision over miles… even the boredom of traveling for years was nothing if his conscious mind shifted into a rest state.

    Not that he’d ever test it.

    He’d absorbed light, heat and ambient radiation while he flew, and he felt restored. Even the mildest wear and tear had been tended to, his body restored to peak condition. - Excerpt from Interlude 14.y
  39. Legend is out of commission. Capes are to assist defensive lines and fall back when call is given. - Crushed 24.2
  40. Legend fired a barrage of lasers at Leviathan, but the Endbringer was quick to hop to one side, landing on the roof’s edge. He made a sudden, standing leap a good eighty or a hundred feet into the air, tail extending to reach for the airborne heroes.

    The whiplike tail struck Legend, and there was a firework display of light and sparks, Legend tumbling out of the sky, head over heels. In the same movement, the tail reached for Laserdream and Shielder.

    Legend down, CD-6, The armbands announced, just in time to coincide with Legend hitting the ground. - Extermination 8.3
  41. 41.0 41.1 Skadi’s blade had clipped Legend. Flesh became lasers, radiating out, curling back into one another in loops. A defensive measure.
    Legend wasn’t that far away. I could see him in the air, drifting slightly, the wound with loose, curving lasers unspooling out from his upper body and bleeding out in white and blue that contrasted with the dark sky. He was slowly knitting itself together. As more of his face formed into human features, I saw him grimace in pain. - Excerpt from Radiation 18.7
  42. Prey 14.7
  43. “You heard,” Tattletale said. She didn’t sound surprised.

    “Lipreading,” he murmured. “I can see very long distances. Put the gun down, Miss Militia. The cat’s out of the bag.” - Scourge 19.4
  44. A scattering of Legend’s laser bolts tore through our surroundings, though he was blocks away. Three of the Kudzu I was fighting were hit by Legend’s shots, and Weld lunged forward to stab the fourth. - Scourge 19.5
  45. Interlude 15.z
  46. Comment by Wildbow on Reddit
  47. A pre-battle speech from Legend. It almost made the lousiest, most painful and dangerous situations I’d put up with since putting on my costume worth it.

    “But you should know your chances going in. Given the statistics from our previous encounters with this beast, a ‘good day’ still means that one in four of the people in this room will probably be dead before this day is done.”

    Or not. - Extermination 8.1
  48. “I’m telling you your chances now because you deserve to know, and we so rarely get the chance to inform those individuals brave enough to step up and fight these monsters. The primary message I want to convey, even more than briefing you on the particulars of his abilities, organizing formations and battle plans, is that I do not want you to underestimate Leviathan. I have seen too many good heroes,” he paused for a fraction of a second, “And villains, too, die because they let their guard down.” - Extermination 8.2
  49. Interlude 14.y
  50. Scourge 19.4
  51. Interlude 19.y
  52. Inside the building, statues of key members stood off to either side of the lobby. Chevalier, Narwhal, Valkyrie, Legend, Cinereal, Stonewall, Topflight and Miss Militia.
    “Is Weld getting a statue?” Tristan asked.

    “Not for a while,” Sveta said. “That’s more for people who’ve put in the years, and he only just got in. He’s got a preliminary thing in the gift shop.” - Excerpt from Glare 3.6
  53. "It’s pretty obvious he isn’t around as much as he was when he was in the PRT. He’s not doing the same jobs.”

    “Almost a Figurehead?” Slician suggested.

    “Almost,” Weld said. “We’ve been on guard for Cauldron-like behavior since the Wardens were founded. It makes us weaker, slower" - Excerpt from Infrared 19.a
  54. Gleaming 9.2
  55. Interlude 9
  56. “I need you to leave. You’re going to win if you keep this up.”


    “And I’d rather have Legend in a stalemate.”
    “Very small, agreed,” Teacher said, unruffled. “But according to our precognitives, the Legend who thinks his side has lost on all fronts is going to lay siege to the facility, tearing it down with his power.”

    “We could defeat him,” Mischa said. “Shoot him down before he can.”

    “You could not. He is much harder to take out of action than many think.” - Interlude 15.x II
  57. The intense crackling came from a fight on one platform, higher up. The Yangban capes had been folded into an attack squad, and that squad was confronting Legend. A forcefield pyramid surrounded Legend, and the squad surrounded the pyramid.
    The pyramid was just that- a shape that extended up and over, in a pyramid shape that was breaking down a little under the Isaiah’s assault. Legend stood surrounded by teammates, hand extended down. - Interlude 15.x II
  58. Interlude 15.x II
  59. Interlude 15.z II
  60. Radiation 18.1
  61. Infrared 19.4
  62. Adrenline sharpened my senses. The Ashen Titan’s ongoing fight against what looked like Legend was a brighter backdrop. - Infrared 19.6
  63. Legend was part of the perimeter around the Machine Army. He had taken a few too many hits from the Titans, and his ‘recuperation’ was floating in the sky near the portal, bombarding the area. - Excerpt from Infrared 19.z
  64. As everything began to cascade down, the Simurgh rose back up, no longer grappling with Dragon. Legend, too, chose a moment to come flying in.
    I could see the weapons that were being brought to bear against the Simurgh, here. Legend’s lasers, Dragon’s tech, Solarstare’s beam. - Last 20.7
  65. “Is that going to be enough?” Legend asked.

    “No,” Narwhal said.

    Legend flew down one floor, then out the hole in the exterior wall.
    “We’ll look into it,” Chevalier said. “Legend’s chasing. If he can do enough damage-”

    Narwhal was already shaking her head. She didn’t seem to think he could. - Last 20.7
  66. Radiata: Just out of curiosity, what is Legend's civilian name? I know it's not really an important question in the grand scheme of things, but I always found it mildly amusing that the only member of the Triumvirate to manage surviving the story is also the only member whose name we don't actually know.
    Wildbow: It's stated twice. - Archived on Spacebattles
  67. Teneral e.1

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