Last Minute is a member of the Speedrunners, and a boomerang user whose boomerangs can come back before he even throws them.


He was shorter then average and burly.[1][2]

Abilities and PowersEdit

A strong candidate for the tinker who outfits the group. In addition, he has the power to reverse the flow of time and make things move in reverse, manton limited to inanimate objects.[3]

Equipment Edit

Outfitted with boomerangs, bombs and other weapons that are designed to behave unusually when under the effects of his power.[3]



Worked in Seattle as a villain with the Speedrunners.


Worked as security in Hollow Point alongside the other Speedrunners.

During the Mathers Compound Assault, he was outed as a Fallen mole alongside his team.

Post-Time Bubble PopEdit

Last Minute joined Teachers Cauldron alongside other Speedrunners and Fallen.[4] He defended the base during The Wardens' assault, and was able to recover and restore two out of three of Saint's mechas after their destruction by heroes.[5]


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    “What’s the catch, or what’s the tinker component?” Tristan asked.

    “From what little I remember, his gadgets don’t act the same when moving in reverse, or it has added functionality while being reversed.”

    “Fuck me,” someone said. I thought I heard someone else groan, too.

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