Lark is a member of the hero team Auzure.


Lark's costume is composed of a metallic silver suit over a black dress shirt. He wears a full-face mask resembling a bird's beak, consisting of two panels sweeping across the sides of his face.[1]



Lark conducted an interview with Victoria Dallon when she was applying to hero teams. He appeared to have an ulterior motive of using her to recruit Amy, causing Victoria to leave the interview.[2]

Post-Fallen fallEdit

Following the portal sabotage, Lark was present at the hero gathering, alongside his teammates Dido and Spell.[3]

When Breakthrough established their hero network, Lark agreed to bring Auzure on board, but stressed the importance of money to his team.[4]

Post-Goddess' TakeoverEdit

With Dido, he attended the hero meeting to discuss what had happened to the Navigators. He brought up Amy as a potential culprit, a possibility which was promptly shot down.[5]


  • The word 'lark' refers either to a type of small songbird, or to something done for amusement. Given his bird-like mask, Lark's name likely refers to the former.


  1. The cape had a costume that looked like a suit, metallic silver fabric, with a black dress shirt underneath. His mask consisted of two panels that met and ran down the center of his face, creating an almost beak-like profile with how the two sides swept along the sides of his face and back. Not bird-like, but as if his entire head was the beak. The hair I could make out above the ‘v’ where the mask parted was longer and heavily styled.

    It reminded me of the Ambassadors from Boston, but I was pretty sure they wouldn’t have worn suits as ostentatious as this, nor such a dramatic full-face mask. - Excerpt from Flare 2.1
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  4. “Where are we?” I asked, as I let myself in.

    “Auzure is in. They’ll send people whenever they aren’t actively doing a job,” Tristan said. “Money takes priority, Lark says, because he thinks that if he can’t get money, he can’t keep his team running, and it’s a long-term loss. If we start paying him then he’ll give us priority, even if others are offering a bit more. I think the numbers he gave were two hundred dollars a day from us, three hundred from the next guy, he’ll help us out.”

    “Can we pay him in New Dollars?” I asked.

    “Trading dollars.” - Excerpt from Beacon 8.8
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