Lachlan Hund is the intended spokesmen for The Fallen.


Lachlan was a normal kid before the fallen got their hands on him.[2] While his parents are trying to get him back he says he is perfectly fine where he is.[3] He was under the influence of Elijah Mathers.[4] The Fallen were unlikely to give him up as he is essentially a poster boy for what the Fallen can be.[1]

After breaking away from the Fallen, he is still struggling against his programming from Valefor. His instinct is always pro-Fallen, which he then has to walk back.[5]



Was respectful to him possibly because he liked him but definitely because he was one of the "Blessed".[6]

After escaping from the Fallen, his lingering programming from Valefor caused his first thoughts to be "pro-Fallen" and his second thought a contradiction. Thus his immediate feelings towards Rain was hatred, although he's working to fix that.[5]


Sweet on her with the feeling likely reciprocated, and tried to get Rain to talk to her for him.[7]


Half way good looking blonde guy,[8] with an large example of Fallen style tattoos across his back.[9]



Lachlan's origins are unknown he is likely from Earth Bet.

Post-Gold MorningEdit

Was abducted by the Fallen,[2] and brainwashed by Elijah.


Was seen around the Compound tried to talk to Rain.

After Rain left,[10] Lachlan was presented as one of the options for Erin to marry.

Post-Fallen fallEdit

Was recovering from the brain washing along with Erin.[11]

Post-Time Bubble PopEdit

Welcomed Rain back from Earth Shin, along with Erin.[5]


  • Lachlan is a Scots-Gaelic version of a scandinavian name roughly meaning "From the land of lakes"
    • Hund is a Germanic surname relating to dogs.


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    Rain had attacked the Fallen, and so Lachlan’s first thought was one of enmity.

    “What have you been up to?” Rain asked. “Sorry you came out here for my sake.”

    “Nah. Good to get out and away. Uh, been getting into leatherworking,” Lachlan said. “Talked to you about it ages ago.”

    “I remember,” Rain said. “I’m itching to get into something like that, but there’s never time, and when there is time I have tinkering to do.”

    “Made a wallet, let me show you. I’m working on a rucksack now-”

    Lachlan fished out the wallet, and showed Rain.

    “The edges are rounded.”

    “There’s a tool for that. A few, actually…”

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    “Hi,” Allie said, shy. She looked down.

    “Hi Rain. You look like you went to war and you fought your way through the entire enemy line.”

    “Hi Lachlan. I think that might just be the politest way anyone could describe this,” Rain said.

    Lachlan chuckled. - Excerpt from Interlude 4b II
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    Two hands, middle fingers extended, were on Lachlan’s shoulder blades, the fingers pointing up and outward. Each hand had a nail through the center.

    “It’s new. What do you think?” Lachlan asked. He smiled as he turned to look at Rain over one shoulder.

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    “Oh no!” Lookout said.

    “They’re both really nice, attractive people,” Rain said. His expression was grim. “Front-facing people to recruit others. They could become celebrities without any issue. I can see the logic”

    “Yeah,” Sveta said. “Logic, except, the brainwashing, the forced marriage, all that.”

    “Mmm,” Rain grunted. “It’s an awkward thing, her helping him and him being a go-between for her and her family- who aren’t dealing well with the family mostly shattering. She might be by later.” - Excerpt from Beacon 8.3

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