That guy is crazy. At one point he made himself into some kind of photosynthetic lardass, so fat he took up two stories of a house. It’s the only reason they caught him in the end.


Chris,[1] known as Lab Rat, is a Tinker[5] imprisoned in the Birdcage. He acts as a leader of one of the cell blocks.[2]

Personality[edit | edit source]

Lab Rat is dismissive of the lives of others, willing to perform his experiments on humans that were isolated from society.[8] Even after being freed from his imprisonment, he asks for human subjects first, only resigning himself to work with animals after being refused.[9]

He possesses a degree of self-hatred,[10] willing to risk his own well-being by performing experiments on himself.[8] Clockblocker mentions that the only reason he was captured is due to self-experimentation, with Lab Rat turning himself into a photosynthetic mass of flesh that took up two stories of the house he was in.[7] Lab Rat does, however, value his own survival, preparing a device with the distilled essence of himself in case he were to die.[11]

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Big Sister[edit | edit source]

The cause of Lab Rat's trigger. He resented the fact that people constantly praised her, calling her an 'angel' for looking after him and his brother when in truth she was a serial killer.[12]

Little Brother[edit | edit source]

The last victim of Lab Rat's sister. It is unknown how Lab Rat dealt with the guilt

String Theory[edit | edit source]

He maintained a complicated rivalry[13] of sorts with his fellow cell block leader.[14] Their relationship left a lasting impression on his successor.

Taylor[edit | edit source]

He genuinely terms her an Angel for helping him roll his flask into the sea,[15] a term he had resented since it had been misapplied to his sister.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Described as 'the last person one might expect to be a Tinker'. He has a maw full of teeth crammed towards the front of his mouth while overlapping and sticking out of lower gums, accompanied by untidy mess of hair and thick brows. He is tall and broad-shouldered, but he has 'a bit of a belly'.[16] He is later seen wearing a lab coat.[7]

Abilities and powers[edit | edit source]

Rat is a Tinker specializing in drugs that temporarily turn subjects into monsters while storing their original form.[4] The drugs trigger a transformation that draws in extra mass,[17] with even water being a possible source.[18] While the transformation can hold off injuries, it does not actually heal the subject. The subject returns to their injured state when the transformation stops.[19] There is no guarantee of complete recovery from experimental forms.[20]

Lab Rat's formulas are geared toward turning people into weapons, with hormones kicking into overdrive and priming their fight or flight instincts. Taylor noted that she was riding a tide of emotion (such as bloodlust and rage) and put herself in danger by trying to reach Scion, even while she knew she could not affect the fight. She was unable to fight this effect even while she was aware of it.[21]

However, he is also capable to work in a more subtle way, for example, keeping violent Birdcage inmates pacified.[22]

As a Field Test Tinker, Lab Rat is only able to work himself to valid results by experimenting on his subjects (either others or himself).[5] He is an extremely fast worker, producing a full batch of his serums within 37 minutes with access to only an animal shelter.[9]

Known inventions[edit | edit source]

Name/Description Details
Transformation serums Very much the core of Lab Rat's work, as outlined above.[4] There are four examples of the results of ingesting these serums:
  • Taken by Lab Rat himself, it transformed him into what Clockblocker describes as 'some kind of photosynthetic lardass, so fat he took up two stories of a house'.[7]
  • When injected with the serum[23] contained in one the matchboxes (listed below), Taylor transforms into a seven-limbed creature with at least one claw, covered in studs at regular intervals, very much like teeth.[24] While the transformation is useful for climbing,[24] it is poor for swimming.[25] Taylor noted she was unable to speak. Instead, there was something odd about the sides of her mouth, and she had a thin tongue with a hard layer.[19]
  • Another subject of the matchboxes' serum manifested spreading scales around prominent veins instead. The full transformation is not shown.[26][27]
  • Bastard is injected with the serum while also being exposed to Bitch's power. This results in a transformation where the limiter, mass, has been seemingly removed. Bastard becomes one connected but incoherent mass, with muscles, claws, horn and bone, calcified flesh, tendrils and body parts raining down from the main lump, with many different mouths, snarling at Scion.[17]
Matchbox-sized devices White little plastic cases the size of matchboxes, complete with straps,[7] these pierce the wearer with a needle when they are harmed,[18] injecting one of Lab Rat's serums and temporarily undoing their injuries.[19]
'Jar' of essence Not an actual jar, but a device the size of a baseball,[15] it contains distilled Lab Rat.[11] Not exactly a clone,[28] the jar was meant for when things where unrecoverable.[29] The contents of this jar eventually hatched a Replicent, inheriting Lab Rat's memories and shard through a complex and extended follow-up process.[30]

History[edit | edit source]

Background[edit | edit source]

Young Lab Rat was exposed to his sister's brutal serial killings. Unable to resolve this with otherwise 'perfect' behavior of his sister he started slipping into delinquency and borderline derangement. After a while, he confronted his sister, but it only made her more blatant and shameless about her murders, since he was too far gone to expose her and be believed. Eventually, his sister murdered his younger brother, presumably, resulting in Lab Rat's trigger.[30]

Lab Rat was working in secret to develop his formulas, testing them on local homeless and on isolated individuals when the homeless ran out.[8] He heavily contributed to the Parahuman Asylum population, since not every one of his victims was able to recover from experiments.[20]

Despite his low-profile work he was able to reach the position of the second most wanted villain by 2003 and fought off PRT top teams thrice with moderate success. Eventually, he was caught mid-experiment and imprisoned.[31] His workshop was sealed.[9] Later, after regular prison proved to be unable to properly contain him, Lab Rat was transferred to the Birdcage, where he became a cell-block leader and quite a moderating influence.[22]

Lab Rat's country of origin is unknown, but he swears in a language Taylor is unable to recognize.[15]

Post-Slaughterhouse Nine[edit | edit source]

As a cell block leader, Lab Rat attends the meeting where Marquis introduces his daughter. Though he stays silent throughout most of it he does provide information about the Birdcage before Teacher cuts him off.[6] They, apparently, had low-burning rivalry.[32]

Gold Morning[edit | edit source]

Lab Rat would spend seven years in the Birdcage before being released during the start of the event.[14] He is given access to an abandoned animal shelter,[9] where he got a visit from String Theory.[13] After this meeting, he accessed the PRT storage for confiscated objects,[30] from which he produces a batch of little plastic cases the size of matchboxes,[7] among other projects.[30] The matchboxes are designed to trigger a transformation when the wearer is hurt, temporarily removing the wounds from the subject, and it is this feature that manages to save Taylor's life.[19]

He himself did not benefit from the matchboxes, as he is killed by Scion's golden orb at the rig.[15] Before his death, he is able to throw a device the size of a baseball, containing 'distilled Lab Rat',[11] into the ocean with the aid of Taylor's bugs. His final word is 'angel', thanking Taylor.[15] After his death, his transformation serums are used on Bitch's mutated dogs in the continued fight to stop the golden man's rampage.[17]

Chapter Appearances[edit | edit source]

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References[edit source]

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    Not that he’d tell this grinning runt of a woman.

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    Not exactly.

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    Lab Rat’s stuff was geared towards turning people into weapons, making them take whatever forms he keyed into the formula and then act. I knew it. My awareness of what was going on wasn’t stopping it. I was riding a tide of emotion, moving towards a fight where I couldn’t possibly do anything to stop Scion, putting myself in danger. - Excerpt from Extinction 27.5
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    He kept a cell block of people quiet, when they were of types who had no reason to be quiet, and in exchange, they left him alone six days out of seven. Another of the seven days was reserved for dealing with disputes and talking to other block leaders.- Excerpt from Interlude 10.y II
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    I was able to climb faster. I reached the point where the concrete ended. A shaft of four steel beams reinforced by criss-crossing beams set at diagonals loomed above me.

    It was an even faster climb than the concrete. My legs ended in points, and those same points slipped off of the metal beams, but I had seven limbs to work with. Even if half of my limbs were reaching out for holds, I still had three or four solid points of contact I could maintain at any given point in time. - Excerpt from Extinction 27.5
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    It beeped, then a light went on in the corner.

    The cape convulsed, his back arching.

    A moment later, transformations began, veins standing out along his arms and legs.

    “Another one,” Weld said. “Get me a spare.”

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    It wasn’t. I looked at him, confused.

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    Then they’d caught him, found him mid-experiment. He’d been a prisoner in a regular prison, until they’d grown lax.

    Then the Birdcage. Baumann Parahuman Containment Center. Seven years of cameras and eyes watching his every move while he was contained. He could imagine the fingers tapping on the glass. Dragon handled the announcements, but he could imagine the other staff watching. No one woman could do all of the watching. A hundred eyes… - Excerpt from Interlude 10.y II
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