Kitchen Sink is a villain in Ward.


Kitchen Sink is described as aggressive and violent. Has been known to attack children.[1]


Kitchen Sink wears a ceramic mask that covers all but a third of his face, the bottom right of his jaw and the top left of his forehead. There are curved metal bars on the back of his head to hold the mask in place.[2]

Abilities and PowersEdit

Kitchen Sink can spawn random items into his hands. It appears that he cannot choose the items that appear for him, but they are usually suitable as weapons.

Some examples of what he has spawned include a machete, a gallon tank of fuel, a textbook, a manhole cover, a large bottle of alcohol, a lawn dart, a burning plank, utensils, a vase, toys,  a stick of dynamite, a metal stein, a pipe with a showerhead attached,  something that created a cloud of gas, and a handful of foot-long centipedes.[3]

He also has a minor brute rating that can be used to throw this items at high velocities.[4]


Ward StartEdit

Kitchen Sink first appeared as a part of a coalition of villains led by Prancer, that occupied Hollow Point.

Post-Fallen FallEdit

Alongside Hookline and Colt, Kitchen Sink took part in a kidnapping attempt of Kenzie Martin but was foiled, and arrested by Auzure.

Post-Goddess' TakeoverEdit

He was brought back into Love Losts group to help fight a team up between The Undersiders and Breakthrough. He got part of his chest caved in by a pissed off Antares.[5]


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    He twisted around, a handful of foot-long centipedes gripped in one hand. In his haste to turn and react, he threw them in a loose fan that only sent one flying in my general direction.

    I hit him across the collarbone, I used my power, but controlled the velocity of the hit, striking him with a flat hand.

    Sufficient to break bone. - Excerpt from Blinding 11.11
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