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The Kings of the Hill are a smaller hero team led by Houndstooth, formed following Gold Morning.

Modus operandi[]

The Kings of the Hill were a smaller team based in The City, affiliated with the Wardens.[1] Though not as powerful as the larger hero teams, they held territory where they helped keep the peace.[2] Their territory was noted to be relatively far away from Cedar Point,[3] and in the same part of town as Rushdown and Royale.[4]


Houndstooth was the group's leader; during the team's encounter with the Hollow Point villains, he was the team's representative in talking with their foes.[5] Foxtrot had what Antares described as a "pseudo-leadership" position, leading many of the team's patrols.[6]



When a new hero team was looking for other teams to help interfere in growing villain activity in Cedar Point, the Kings were their first contact, due to Kenzie's history with their leader Houndstooth. Though Houndstooth was initially wary because of Kenzie's involvement, he eventually agreed to meet to discuss the idea with Victoria, Tristan, and Ashley.[7] Houndstooth eventually agreed to cooperate, but expressed concerns about Kenzie, warning them about her.[2] Their appearance in Cedar Point was relatively uneventful, with the team arriving, talking with the villains, and leaving without any conflict on their part.[5]

Post-Fallen Fall[]

Houndstooth and his team were present at the meeting of the remaining hero groups, following the portal sabotage and the Wardens' disappearance.[8] They were one of the teams Antares marked as a possible ally in Breakthrough's growing hero network, and Foxtrot and Kite were present when they organized heroes to pursue Trial and Error.[9]

The Kings continued to communicate with Breakthrough, though due to their suspicions about Lookout's involvement, their reports were given through another hero pair.[4] When an anti-cape group began to talk about Lookout's situation with her parents, they were one of the teams to back away from the network until Breakthrough handled the situation.[10]

They were likely aligned near the end.

Post-Goddess' Takeover[]

Were still willing to be part of Breakthrough's network.

Post-Time Bubble Pop[]

They were planning to permanently join Advance Guard.[11]



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