Kingdom Come is an explosive supervillain.


Kingdom Come is a villain of few words. As per Nursery, he likes his bible verses and awarded her brownie points by being able to cite them. She also described him as a consummate professional, very gentle and very efficient.[3]

He has high moral standards on what jobs he accepts.

He attended church daily.[1]


Was in a group with Lord of Loss, Blindside, Snag, and Nursery.


He wears a black hooded sweatshirt and black pants, and he stands so the hood hides his face.[4] He dyes his hair red.[5]

Abilities and PowersEdit

Kingdom come is a Breaker,[2] able to vibrate and self-explode, showering those nearby with gore- more than should be contained in a human body. This explosion has enough force behind it to crack nearby windows.[4]

Kingdom Come then gains control over anyone covered in the body’s material. He can control everyone under his influence simultaneously.[6][2] Controlled subjects do not speak with their original voice; rather, Kingdom Come communicates through them, possibly with his or a mixture of his and the subjects voices.[7]

Apparently he reforms his body by separating it from the last unreleased victim. It can be partially prevented by restraining him.[8]

If his minions die, he can survive, but suffers some unspecified personality damage,[8] a common problem with breakers.[9]

His victims have a barely existing, dream-like recollection of periods under his control.[10]



Kingdom Come's full history is unknown, but he likely had a religious background and a natural trigger.


Kingdom Come infiltrated the protest before the Norfair Community Center Attack and then exploded, taking control of much of the assembled crowd.[4] He used his power to remove people from harms way.

He also tried to get the remaining police to convince the the Norfair Neighborhood Heroes to surrender.

He later reconstituted himself and was seen at the Lodge when Prancer proposed the Hollow point alliance.

Post-Fallen fallEdit

Kingdom come was part of the sub-team that sabotaged the Norwalk portal.[11]

He was used as messenger and enforcer.

As a punishment, saboteurs bound him with wire to his latest victim and left him to starve in remote hideout. KC chose to bleed out the body with wire wounds instead of waiting for his death from starvation.[8] In this regretful state he was found by the Breakthrough and people of Lord of Loss. While being treated by Marquis and Cryptid he confessed that the impending war with Earth Cheit is a distraction, and his employers target parahumans instead.[12]

Goddess' TakeoverEdit

He was hired by Teacher alongside Lung and Blindside to deny Goddess ownership over parahuman convicts. Confused by alien physiology of Tress he failed to re-activate ankle-bombs before Capricorn short-circuited the whole tracking system.[13]

In the aftermath Kingdom Come together with Blindside were recovered by Breakthrough.[14] It is unclear if they were arrested.

Assault on the Time BubblesEdit

Kingdom Come assisted March in her attack on Brockton Bay.[15]


  • Kingdom Come takes his name from the very old (at least late 1800's) and somewhat complicated to explain English idiom "blow(n) to kingdom come" The phrase itself derives from  Matthew 6:10; which in the King James Translation uses "Thy kingdom come" in reference to wishing the will of God to be carried out on the earth, and from there the phrase became a synonym for heaven itself. To blow to kingdom come, therefore, is to throw or destroy someone or something so impressively that it "lands in the afterlife" or "vanishes into the next world". Kingdom Come's power also evokes the phrase's orginal meaning regarding the imposition of will over his "kingdom"- those affected by his blast.
  • The DC Comic series Kingdom Come, written and illustrated by Mark Miller and Alex Ross respectively, also makes use of Christian religious symbolism while featuring explosive calamities.


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