The King of Cups is a member of the Suits.


His costume is based on the tarot card.[1]

Abilities and Powers:Edit

The King of Cups has the ability to create limbs out of energy, using them for mobility or grafting them onto wound stumps as prosthetics. Weaver speculated that his power tied into the target's nerves and circulatory system.[2] This classified him as a healer.  

Following his second trigger event, he was able to cover an area from horizon to horizon in body parts, both human and nonhuman. Glaistig Uaine then wielded this ability against Scion.[2]

When he was killed, his projections crumbled into black ash.[2]


Gold MorningEdit

Participated in the fight against Scion. He was grabbed by Scion, who read his expression to target Queen of Swords - whom Scion then murdered. Everyone in the surrounding area then experienced Trigger visons, and the King suddenly displayed the ability to project limbs from any surface, human and nonhuman. Scion killed him anyway.[2]

Later appeared as one of Glaistig Uaine's ghosts.[2]


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