Gabriel Maxberry,[1] known publicly as King, was the original leader of the Slaughterhouse Nine.[3]


King was described as a broad-shouldered blond man. He was half a foot taller than Jack Slash, who himself has been described as a reasonably tall man.[4]


Bully par excellence, and was smart enough to get at his victims psychologically.[2] As a cape he was smarter than he first appeared, which he used to his advantage.

King would call his protege by his first name, Jacob, practically purring the word. He considered Jacob a "killer-in-training".[5] Weaver believed that he was one of the few Nine members who would immediately report cheating up the chain, rather than seeing it as fun.[6]

Liked being in control,[7] especially over so many dangerous parahumans.

Bonesaw's clones of King, based on records and bedtime stories, weren't embarrassed by nudity. They were not made aware that Jack had been the one to kill them.[4]

He had a habit of murdering young women.[8]

Abilities and PowersEdit

King has enhanced strength and endurance. This ability is separate from his more well known ability.[9] What truly sets him apart is that he can touch people,[10] and then any physical harm he suffered would be transferred among people he'd touched within the last day.[9] This power made him immune to the effects of Gray Boy's ability, which allowed King to get a hold of him.[11] However, it was unable to protect him from Foil's charged shots,[12] whose effects he could also not displace. It is unknown if he can transfer things like over exertion and similar into his "thralls".

This ability and the parahumans King surrounded himself with made him very hard to capture.

Attacks that destroy the Corona pollentia are able to kill him.[13]



Gabriel Maxberry was from a well to do family and a star athlete in college occupying the top of the social pyramid. Reaching the top only exacerbated his issues however.[2]

King was the initial leader of the Slaughterhouse Nine. He ran the Nine as a "brute squad" similar to the Teeth.[14][15] He was the one who gave Harbinger his name.[5] King's immunity to Gray Boy allowed King to recruit him.[1]

He was killed at the hands of Jacob and Kurt in 1987.[5][13]


He was largely eclipsed by Jacob.


King was one of the many former Slaughterhouse Nine members cloned by Bonesaw, and served in the Slaughterhouse Nine-Thousand under King's former pupil Jacob. Another instance of him was combined with Hatchet Face to create Tyrant.[9]

A clone of King led a squad of nine other clones, seven of Cherish's and two of Crawler. Only for his team to be killed by Dragon acting through her suits with himself being captured by a combination of electromagnetics and Containment Foam.[16] something that had not been around when he was active.

Golem encountered an apparent clone of King who was actually Jack Slash, disguised by Nyx's power.[17]

It is presumed that all instances of King were killed but this has not been confirmed.



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