Khonsu is the fourth Endbringer to appear.


Khonsu stands somewhere between Leviathan and Behemoth in height. He is broad, a feral Buddha in appearance. He is as jet-black, with something white or silver giving definition around the edges of his various features.  His face is a permanent snarl, frozen in place, his teeth silvery white behind the ebony lips. Tendrils like the whiskers of a catfish mark the corners of his mouth. He doesn’t wear clothes, but he has features somewhere between leaves and fins, with elaborate designs at the edges, curling away from elbows, his wrist, his fingers and around his legs. It makes his fingers and toes resemble claws and leaves dangerous looking blades elsewhere.

Khonsu is covered in white lines, like a tiger. He has a perfect sphere making up the centre of his body.[1]

Abilities and PowersEdit

In addition to standard Endbringer invulnerability, Khonsu possesses the ability to manipulate space and time. He has used this to speed and slow time immensely in the circular fields that orbit him. Given the immense amount of time that can pass in these fields,[2] people caught within are reduced to dust, skeletons, or bloody smears.[1] He can also use the fields on himself to accelerate his healing. He can dismiss, alter, speed up, or reverse the orbit of these circles.[3] These fields are surrounded by a sparkling cylindrical force field[1] that blocks energy and organic matter, but allows some visible light through[4]; Taylor speculated that he could choose what was able to move through them[1]

Khonsu also possesses long-distance teleportation, which he uses to relocate between scores of targets accross the globe in each of his attacks. After his initial attack on Japan, he teleported to Cape Verde all the way in Africa. His teleportation creates a massive, tightly contained explosion. [1]

His body is also reinforced with layers of force fields beneath his "layers", which appear to cancel out a single attack, similar to Glory Girl's.[5] The layers alternate between silver and black[1].

He does not walk, rather he waddles in the air always floating a few feet off the ground.[1]



Birthed in a place of temporal anomalies.


Khonsu appeared in plain sight in Japan in 2012, some months after the death of Behemoth. He battled the assembled heroes of the world for three days before Cauldron negotiated with the major powers, persuading powerful cape groups and warlords such as the Thanda and Moord Nag to help battle him.[5] Credit for his initial defeat went to Moord Nag and Scion.[6]


He showed up again and was driven away much more easily.[7]

Gold MorningEdit

After Eidolon's death, he imprinted on one of Teacher's minions, who sold his services to Cauldron.[8]

He participated in the fight against Scion, alongside the other Endbringers.

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  • Khonsu is the first Endbringer not named after a Biblical/Talmudic creature. He also breaks the pattern of each Endbringer being about 15 feet shorter than the last by being between Leviathan and Behemoth in size.
  • Much like the Egyptian god he's named after, Khonsu has control over time. He is also mainly defensive in nature while his namesake is also known as the Defender.


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