Kevin Norton is known for his 'control' of Scion, mostly by sheer circumstance. After the 'death' of Eden, Scion took orders from Kevin, who told him in general terms to be a hero - save orphans and stop wars, fight the Endbringers, and stop natural disasters and wildfires.

Due to Scion's alien nature, he tended to take these orders quite literally, often ignoring major events in order to stop the most mundane of happenings.


Bedraggled with long blond hair and beard, shabbily dressed and dirty.

Abilities and PowersEdit

Has no actual powers, but is able to command Scion due to him needing some kind of purpose after Eden’s demise.



Born in London, UK. Orphaned in his teens, when his parents died due to unspecified circumstances. Moved to York and became homeless after being thrown out by his abusive girlfriend.[2]

Story StartEdit

Diagnosed with Hepatitis, which he contracted at an unknown time. The disease would eventually prove terminal.[2]

Post-Slaughterhouse NineEdit

While in York, he met and appointed Lisette, the most powerful woman in the world.[2]


Became hospitalized and died.


  • Kevin shares his last name with Emperor Norton, an eccentric in San Francisco around the turn of the century who proclaimed himself Norton I, Emperor of the United States and Protector of Mexico.


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