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Kenzie Martin[12][13] is a hero known publicly as Lookout and formerly as Optics.


For better or, often, for worse Kenzie is a people person. She likes making connections and helping people, to the point that a former teammate of hers called it a "people addiction".[14]

Kenzie tended to think everybody and everything was "pretty neat", which could devalue her compliments somewhat.[15][16] She was almost always ebullient and enthusiastic, even painfully so, but when discussing her fears she spoke more slowly and deliberately and tended to talk passively or passive-aggressively.[16] She tended to smile when she was upset, feeling that it bothered people less than if she were to cry.[17]

She felt that she tended to drive almost everyone away as a result of a lack of boundaries.[16] She would go to extreme lengths to please others and receive positive reactions while often endangering herself in the process, to the point of losing hair and vomiting from stress. Examples of this include devoting all her spare time to watch camera feeds, pulling consecutive all-nighters to work on school projects, and at one point volunteering to be a replacement for a woman's dead daughter after seeing it online. [18]

Heart_Shaped_Pupil's typing style was unusually sloppy,[19] with lots of typos and extensive use of emojis and abbreviations.[20] She displayed some familiarity with PHO's search function, but seemingly less than Strange Mammal's.[20] Strange_Mammal claimed that K would almost certainly check how long Mangled_Wings had been online and catch her in a minor lie.[21]

Kenzie was familiar with details regarding the true nature of passengers.[22]

Due to her young age, she has a hard time grasping that others[23] would have a hard time using her tinker technology.[24]


Baltimore Protectorate[]

Kenzie had largely alienated the members of her old Wards team, a fact she regretted. However, she did discuss the possibility of one day working with her old leader again.[9]


Kenzie is a member of a therapy group that primarily communicates via PHO.

She professed to be an admirer of Ashley,[25] and had agreed to work with them as an independent villain at a later date, although she was initially unsure if Ashley was serious about this. Ashley considered Kenzie one of the few people worthy of her attention and investment.[9] They have started treating each other like family.

She claimed a possible romantic interest in Chris Elman.[8] In conversation with him, HSP revealed that she had been observing Mammal's private conversations with other users. Chris had known he was being watched for some time, noting that their stalker was too skilled not to be watching their activities on PHO.[8] She noticed that both of them shared similar interests and personalities, including a familiarity for all consuming special projects, and was heartbroken that he didn't think that was enough for a relationship.[26] She didn't know that he was a tinker.[27]


Kenzie kept them in makeshift 'rehab program' under a threat of sending them to prison again. They hated her enough to try to kill her regularly, despite a known dead man's switch.[28]

The Chicken Tenders[]

Kenzie has professed to having romantic feelings for Aiden[29] and Candy.[citation needed]

After some Kenzie-induced turbulence she was accepted by The Heartbroken as part of the family.



Kenzie was a young black "tween" with long skinny limbs and large eyes, proportionately to her size. She had "kinky", glossy black hair. She was the same height as Chris.[15] When she was happy, she would bounce one foot, like a dog wagging it's tail,[16] as well as other types of fidgeting.

On one occasion, she wore her hair in two buns at the back and with a star-shaped hairpin to keep it in place, with a blue corduroy dress and sequinned shirt. Her general appearance was immaculate, with carefully-chosen clothes that were freshly ironed, fashionable and matching (in colour and with a running "star" theme throughout), and hair that looked like it had taken at least half an hour. She noted that she wanted to look good because she was meeting Victoria for the first time.[15]

She had an inch-long scar on the side of her face over one of her cheekbones, due to her parents. Normally, she used her hairpins to project over them and hide it,[30] or else cover it up.[31]


Originally she wore a type of optical camouflage as Optics along with a high tech mask and oversized gloves.[32][33]

Later after taking the identify of Lookout, Kenzie wore a green jumpsuit and helmet which also had various settings.[34] She later redesigned her helmet, removing its built-in buns and allowing her hair to hang free.[35]

After spending time with Heartbroken Kenzie added to her costume a dress with gray-black eye-pattern.[36]

Abilities and Powers[]

Lookout is a dual field tinker[37][9][38] who has stated specialties in cameras and immobile terminals, with little ability for offense or defense.[39] Her former team leader Houndstooth, however, described her as a (counter)surveillance tinker.

Her power was useful, so much so that she worried she might be kidnapped by people seeking to exploit it.[40] Chris stated that she would make a terrifying villain should she choose to.[16]

Kenzie was able to construct a parallel Parahumans Online server, giving her a faster connection and allowing her to view private information on the site. She also constructed a group of relatively sophisticated chatbots (see Treefort above), although she stated that this was not her specialty, and she was not capable of creating true AI.[9] She claimed that she would likely be able to construct immobile teleportation terminals, although they would require regular maintenance.[41] She could fix her devices and make them work better[42] simply by hitting them,[43] likely assisted by her Tinker power.[44] She claimed that she could probably defuse a bomb, provided she was there to do it and not over a phone or similar.[45]

Kenzie took pride in her skill at paperwork when she was with the Wards.[15]


Kenzie had a tinker workshop she used to work on her technology, first located in Baltimore and later at her home.[38][46] It may have been the same workshop used to maintain Sveta's prosthetics.[47] Her workshop needed to "warm up" before she could use it, so she would call ahead to have her parents start the process.[46]

Equipment Features
  • Multiple mobile camera drones that can reach the height of several hundred feet.[48]. Two are simply painted and one has dedicated tinker tech camouflage.[49] These were all used against the Fallen.
  • Dupli-Drone - Floating Camera that creates a holographic projection that Lookout presumably chooses. It has been used to create a costumed version of Lookout that appeared to be real for all intents and purposes.[50] Even manipulating her Flash Gun(see below).[51]
    • Created a derivative version that was used for the Damsel twins.[52]
  • Dupli-Pack [53]
  • Eye Hook[54] - Metal snake like unit used for infiltration. She can use it as a tool in combat for dragging people around but it has limited effectiveness.[55]
  • Eye Lens Camera - Inserted into the lens. To the eye it allows Kenzie to see what the subject sees without blocking vision. The initial version was irritating though.[56]
    • Wireless charging station able to be concealed in a book.[57] Also used to charge other things.[58]
  • Projector Box - These servers handle data and are connected to all other devices Kenzie makes,[59] they start off washing machine sized and get bigger.[60] Further, they also create holograms for display, replay, or even creating realistic illusions. She is able to send commands to them remotely.[61] These projections remain, even if the visible projection system is obscured by obstacles like rock.[62] It is highly water resistant with a high ceiling for moisture.[62][63] Kenzie has used them to project 2D images onto surfaces[64] and 3D images of people based on images it has in its records.[65] It can also overlay a projection onto real objects as a sort of tactile interface that Kenzie can then modify.[66] Or, for example, overlaying costumes extrapolated from drawings onto a person.[67] It is unknown how many individual 'tasks' an individual Projector Box can do. Her projectors could project the color black.[68]
    • Program: Facial recognition/categorization and counter surveillance[69]
    • Camera off-switch - rewrote the Drones code to have them plummet[70] at noisey active threats.[71]
  • Past projector,[72] that projects ALL previous activity in the area since a specified time, made by reverse-engineering other tinkertech. It has some internal analytical capabilities.[73]
  • Diary tower - with a fascinating color categorization scheme.[74]
  • Flash Gun[75] - 'shoots' light that can blind people. People who are facing away from the blast can be blinded.[76] Even if someone is turned around, with closed eyes and using their arm to cover their eyes further they will still be effected, just not debilitatingly so.[77]
  • Mask[78] - for concealing her identity and possibly filtering her vision.
  • Mugshots - Initial powered armor gauntlets, training only.[33]
  • Costume - A silhouette like body suit,[79] it presumably combines with the mask as some sort of camouflage or display system. Claims that she can outfit her entire team similarly.[80]
  • Camouflage Pack[81] - One button clicked to use.[44] Unknown how related it is to her previous costume.
  • Masking tech keeps people from seeing her face.[82] Can be deactivated.
  • Kenzie suggests that she should be able to create a transit system though like most tinkers she would have to put a prohibitive amount of effort into maintaining it.[59] She explored the idea in depth,[83] but eventually discontinued,[84] at the insistence of her teammates.



Kenzie was born in 2002.

Both of her parents are high-functioning psychopaths. Once their abusive behavior was revealed Kenzie was send into foster care.

Aerobat talked to her when she was placed in state care for the first time and offered some souvenirs and his contacts. Later, she called him immediately after her trigger event.[28]

It is known that Kenzie bounced around foster homes before and after her trigger. She triggered in 2011 at the age of eight.[85] Her trigger was a result of her recontacting her first foster parent, which she previously unwittingly framed and alienated, while trying to ensure adoption.[28]

Given her over gregariousness she has been known to get into several very embarrassing incidents with people in both her civilian and cape life.

Despite all of this Kenzie was considered a prospective candidate for a Watchdog project. She was put under strict regiment of camps and exercises with frequent relocation, which brought the attention of Youth Guard. Youth Guard forced PRT to stop frequent travels and over-training.[86]

The Timeskip[]

From that moment in the spring of 2013, at ten years old, Kenzie was assigned the Baltimore Wards team alongside capes named Aven (or AvenG), Houndstooth, 10-59 and Pigeonhole. This ended abruptly with Gold Morning.[9][87]

Gold Morning[]

She was stated to have participated in Gold Morning and "actually helped".[88] It is safe to assume that, as all involved tinkers, she participated in the building of inter-dimensional cannon, that finished off Zion's true body.


At some point, she met up with the other members of the Chatroom group.

When she asked to meet Strange_Mammal privately and he refused, Kenzie revealed that she had been surveilling them and asked about details of their power.[8]

Kenzie used her Treefort bots to track Tattletale and Weld as assistance for her new teammates (of5 and Strange_Mammal, respectively).

Shortly afterward, Parahumans Online moderators discovered traffic from her Treefort (see above) and asked her to shut the shop down, since it provided undue stress to PHO network. When she volunteered to donate her DIY Parahumans Online server, they requested she shut that down as well because of security reasons.[89]

Early Ward[]

Met with a new coach and had a lot of fun practicing.

Was not looking forward to having her story told by someone else.

She was instrumental in the Mathers Compound Assault both positively in helping the capture of Mama Mathers, and negatively by cutting off Tattletale when the thinker wouldn't respond to her texts.[90]

Was able to get Victoria to agree to come to dinner with her family.

Post-Fallen Fall[]

Kenzie was instrumental in saving some of the portals.

Tried to use a doctored video to save Ashley from a trial, but her friend rejected it. She was scared of her favorite teammate going to jail.[91]

Was able to use her past-camera to find a lead on the portal sabotage that acted as impetus for Breakthrough to stay together. The group's investigation took them to Earth N and the court of Lord of Loss. Before the group, calling itself Breakthrough, announced themselves Kenzie changed her cape name to Lookout at the last minute.

She later had Victoria come to her house but her parents embarrassed her.[92] Her parents had attempted to poison her. Once Victoria was clued into the truth of Kenzie's home life, her parents were quickly taken into custody and Kenzie was taken into care.

A PR crisis began when Kenzie's parents attempted to slander her as part of an anti-parahuman movement. Kenzie and her team appeared on a talk show, Hard Boil, in order to defend themselves.

Their public appearance drew the attention of Goddess who arranged a meeting with the team. Kenzie was mastered alongside the rest of Breakthrough. Kenzie reveals that she can interfere with Teachers portals, and does so to assist Goddess in the attack on the prison. Goddess puts Kenzie in the care of Monokeros, who eventually attempts to make Kenzie hurt herself. Kenzie manages to resist her Master influence.

Kenzie is later shocked to discover that Chris has left the team.

Post-Goddess' Takeover[]

Kenzie joins the team on a shopping trip, her technology was an important part in several members of the team being able to participate as civilians.[93]

Is part of the Red Team vs Love Lost's Group battle, she was used as a deterrent to restrain Swansong.

Post-Time Bubble Pop[]

Is revealed to have been exposed to a fake diary of Victoria Dallon for a longer period of time. This effected her thinking to a degree.

Joins forces with Chicken Little, Darlene Vasil and Candy Vasil. They create a junior team. She creates a form of tinker-tech, which connects her to her new team at all times.

Gets taken to Earth Shin and imprisoned. Her tech plays a major role in salvaging the situation.

Stays behind at the Wardens HQ during the raid on Teacher. Gets subjected to a lot of dangerous information that Teacher had been collecting. Assists her team in capturing Saint and one of the Wardens in countering Teacher's Master power via her tech.

Post-Attack on Teacher[]

Is severely emotionally hurt by the death of one of her friends. Sleeps at Vicky's place while she is sick. Reached puberty around this time.[94]

Pushes Breakthrough towards stepping in to stop Damsel of Distress III from going after civilians.

Has added multiple tinker modifications to her head.[95] Uses her tech to create an entry to the dream room of Rain's Cluster.

After Breakthrough was caught by The Wardens, she was temporarily benched and freed from her equipment, but was quickly returned to action to covertly assist in The Second Shin Crisis. She was picked up by Tattletale as she was preparing her people for action, and helped Victoria Dallon to bypass restriction Wardens put on her, which led to the de-escalation of the conflict.

The Ice Breaks[]

Look out was alongside The Undersiders and Breakthrough during the oversight duty of Titan Oberon and Eve. She strongly insisted on taking her scans, when titans engaged each other. She was allowed to do it, but only for 5 minutes and with The Major Malfunctions making sure of it.[96] With the scans she was able to access the Oberon's shard data.[97]

At the night of the same day she sent out Patrol officers together with Rain[98] and helped to coordinate the assault on the Shardspace.[99] Later she joined The Wardens' thinker-pool for a while.[100] She rejoined her team with the makeshift projection-bot during the battle against Fortuna's Titans, while still helping to coordinate the Wardens forces. Later she offered her help with The Firmament interfacing to Rain and Antares.[101] Together they visited Contessa's crystal inside the Shardrealm.[102]

She received news about Tristan's death and after getting a confirmation from her tech had a manic breakdown, during which she threatened Candy Vasil, and as a consequence was forcibly sedated by The Undersiders.[103] Chicken Little was sent to the Shardrealm to recover her tech.[6]

After waking up Kenzie was accompanied by Brian Laborn for a while. Later she accepted forced time-out from Breakthrough and Dragon taking over her tech. Candy quickly forgiven her.

Lookout assisted in passing the messages to Fortuna and Dauntless.[104][105]

She was the only one uninfected with the parahuman plague in Breakthrough and The Chicken Tenders, she promised not to infect herself to maintain the portal network. The conversation with Kenzie prompted Swansong to temporarily take over Damsel.[106] Later, Kenzie nevertheless infected herself with the plague.[107]

Ward Epilogue[]

During the winter Kenzie worked with Damsel at least once.[108]

She visited Chris Elman daily after his capture in the same winter, and ran into Riley Davis while doing so. Kenzie made a minor confession to Riley,[85] and it was delivered to Dragon, who started investigation into Kenzie's recent activity. The investigation revealed that Tristan Vera's shard-ghost was not destroyed, which was kept in secret by Kenzie.[109]

Kenzie managed to achieve reliable connection to Tristan's ghost and constructed a proxy-body for him. The tech is supposed to serve as a basis for The Wardens' plans to recover Fume Hood and Dauntless from the shard-realm.[110]


  • Kenzie displays behaviors symptomatic of an attachment disorder known as Disinhibited Social Engagement Disorder or DSED. Depending on when her behavior started (i.e before the age of five), she could be reasonably diagnosed, and she could have been given appointments with Dr. Yamada. As a corollary, given Tristan and Ashley defense of Kenzie's behavior and improvement to Houndstooth Kenzie may actually be fine. This could only be their opinion though and the improvement is due to treatment from therapy with Yamada and similar.[Note 1]
  • Like many characters in Ward, Looksee took her turn as the protagonist for one of the stories many drafts.[111]

Fanart Gallery[]


  1. Shade 4.4 as a whole alludes to Kenzie's behavior, which shows her intense 'addiction' to people and interactions. It also shows how Tristan and Ashley respond to it.


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    “Yes, Mrs. Yamada,” Kenzie said. Then she leaned close to me, whispering, “I took a moment to think and I think I’m safe telling you I’m a tinker.” - excerpt from Flare 2.5
  39. “Are you hiding a jetpack inside that raincoat, or are those rocket boots?” I asked.

    “I wish,” Kenzie said. “I can’t do that stuff. I make cameras and inconveniently big boxes. My best stuff is inconveniently big, box-shaped cameras.”

    “Big boxes?” I asked.

    “The term in my file is emplacements. Terminals, tech, and computers big enough they’re hard to move around. Like turrets, but I can’t really make good weapons or defensive things.” - Excerpt from Flare 2.7
  40. Heart_Shaped_Pupil: you’re a smart guy and you were a good leader. you know how these things work. you know my power has its uses. others would kidnap me for it. I am offering myself to you and you would be stupid to turn me down. - Glow-worm P.7
  41. “Kind of confident,” she said, sounding anything but. “I haven’t done teleportation or breaking movement devices before, but if I made it a series of emplacements and built them big, then if I traveled once a week or so to visit the send-receives and make sure they don’t break down, it might work.” - excerpt from Flare 2.7
  42. - Excerpt from Torch 7.5
  43. I looked at Kenzie.

    She hit a button on her camera. When it didn’t boot, she hammered it with her hand a few times.

    The projector came on. The two missing members of our group appeared. Ashley was projected, her lower body a static black dress. She’d be sitting on a bus right now, a laptop beside her, to capture her face and anything she said. - Excerpt from Pitch 6.7
  44. 44.0 44.1 If you have a tinker who makes armor/powersuits that have white hot metal as a key feature, yes, he could theoretically equip his teammates, but so much of it is intuitive that it's hard for that tinker to really specify some of the particulars.

    There are a lot of little things that go wrong in the field, or things you need to adapt to. Did a cape slime the entire battlefield? Maybe that affects coolant venting, which affects the cremation fist's charge-up rate. That affects the hyperthermal reactor which means the entire suit starts feeling sluggish. Really easy to fix if it's the tinker, but nobody else will have a clue of the big picture. Did something get broken? If it's not the tinker using it, then it's going to be broken until the tinker gets their hands on it again or you might even have to abandon it. If the tinker's in the pilot's seat, then it might be a simple adjustment here or cinching something shut there.

    Generally when gear is given out, it's heavily restricted in capability ("Okay, well, it's the suit I usually use, but I had to adjust the dampeners so it's slower, weaker, and you don't have access to the meat hammer or related tech"), it's a oneshot thing ("Press this, then this, aim using this"), or both. - Wildbow on reddit.
  45. Pitch 6.9
  46. 46.0 46.1 “All caught up. Stir fry for dinner, I’m going to pick up broccoli, and my workshop is warming up for later.”

    “You’ve got a workshop, like a proper tinker,” I said.

    “Absolutely,” Kenzie said, dead serious. - excerpt from Flare 2.7
  47. Questionable_Mammal: …she will be back I think. We still waiting on S. Technical issues. She’s @ workshop later this week… - Excerpt from Glow-worm P.4
  48. A dark shape flew within a foot of me.  For an instant, I thought it might have been one of the small birds that had arrived with Tattletale.

    It was a sphere, consisting of several layers like an onion, alternating blue and red.  The lens was a white circle, and as it roved, the layers moved to accommodate it looking around.  Several fins extended out from the two most external layers, moving independently of one another to correct its position and hold eerily steady in the wind.

    Recorded it all,” the camera said, Kenzie’s voice with some synthesizer mixing things up.

    "You got the sound, too?”

    Of course,” she said.  “Can I listen to it?” - Excerpt from Glare 3.1
  49. “I’ve got one camera with good aerial camouflage that I really don’t want to get damaged because it took a whole weekend and a lot of stuff to put it together. I have two more that don’t have special camouflage, they’re just painted to match the sky, and I can only use them if the sky is the right color, or if I don’t mind them being spotted. They could get destroyed and I wouldn’t mind them breaking that much. It would take me something like two days to get more advanced sound built into any of them, and then I’m putting a lot of eggs in one basket or I’m making a disposable camera not so disposable.”

    “But you can do it?” I asked.

    “I’m better with visuals, but yeah, I can do it.”

    “Even if we decided it was worth building, it would take a while before you had that kind of microphone online,” Rain said.

    “It’s a sound camera, not a microphone,” Kenzie said. “But yeah. And I’m trying to figure out the teleporters and the longer ranged cameras and I’ve got to fix up some old stuff so it’s ready if we need it, and that’s all stuff I really should do, and if I’m doing that I’m not doing any of the fun stuff.” - Excerpt from Shade 4.1
  50. - Excerpt from Shadow 5.5
  51. Shadow 5.4
  52. Polarize 10.1
  53. - Excerptfrom Shadow 5.7
  54. “I’ve got some things,” Kenzie said. She opened a case. “Two of these things I had as just-in-case things when I was a Ward. I got them fixed up recently, and I even made an improvement. Eye hook-”

    She pulled out a coil of metal. She stuck it on the corner of her cube, then held her phone in one hand, moving her thumb around. The coil unfurled, prehensile, and its tip unfolded from its teardrop shape. Three claws, extending from around a circular lens with a pupil. Kenzie moved her head and body in time with the movements of the thing.

    The thing moved closer to me, until it was two feet from my face, the three claw-blades opening and closing a little. It blinked at me, shutter closing momentarily.

    “It was made to look through vents, to start with. it’s delicate enough it can turn screws and drill holes, and I can swap out the lens for others. - Excerpt from Glare 3.2
  55. Kenzie’s pincer-claw grabbed for my arm, then pulled my arm away from Chris. I let it, grabbing the prehensile length of it between Kenzie and me. Not a huge factor.

    Kenzie’s eyehook extended from her belt, through one of her hands, and out to Tristan, with a grip on his leg. She was simultaneously trying to circle around to get at an angle where she could shoot and blind Tristan and she was using the claw at the end of the prehensile arm to try and drag him out of the cover, helped by tugs with her hand. - Excerpt from Glare 3.3
  56. “On that topic,” Ashley said. “Eye. Mine’s bothering me.”

    “Oh, sure, I’ll get it,” Kenzie said. She ran to her desk, then ran back to Ashley, who bent down, one hand on Kenzie’s shoulder.

    Sticking a pair of tweezers into Ashley’s eye, Kenzie grabbed and withdrew the camera. It had a flat head like a nail, but the camera’s body more closely resembled a pin in how thin and long it was, with wires encircling its length in a double-helix.

    I winced a little, watching it come out. Ashley didn’t seem to mind.
    “It’s phased out, you wimps,” Kenzie said. “It’s not actually stabbing anything. It treats the eye as a portal and a model and unfolds in non-space using that framework.”

    “I felt it moving around,” Ashley said.

    “It’s mostly not actually stabbing anything,” Kenzie corrected her statement. “One to three percent in reality at most, stabbing at things. Sorry. I’ll fine tune the phase. It might be responding to your power.” - Excerpt from Shade 4.2
  57. Beacon 8.4
  58. Polarize 10.2
  59. 59.0 59.1 “That’s a pretty significant logistics problem,” I said. “Even in the best case scenario, if we found a place close to here, that’s a two hour or more trip for people to get here?”

    “I could build something,” Kenzie said. “I can’t make promises.”

    “How confident are you?” I asked.

    “Kind of confident,” she said, sounding anything but. “I haven’t done teleportation or breaking movement devices before, but if I made it a series of emplacements and built them big, then if I traveled once a week or so to visit the send-receives and make sure they don’t break down, it might work.” - Excerpt from Flare 2.7
  60. Glare 3.2
  61. All three faces of the cube that I could see had lit up. Numbers were apparent. ’10’… ‘9’… ‘8’…

    “It’s worth remembering that she can remotely control the cube,” Tristan said. “Hm.”
    Little blue flags decorated the landscape on their side of the playing field. They were situated on every rock, in every crevice, on every flat expanse of ground, on every tree branch. Sveta was perched on a rock in the midst of it all.

    I looked at Kenzie’s cube. One face of it was glowing. The projector.
    Kenzie pulled out her smartphone.

    The projector made a sound, and then images streaked the hill, before correcting. Ghostly images of all of us, life-size. The images included the constructions Tristan had made.

    It looked like where we had all been standing earlier in the match, when I had been facing down Ashley.

    The images zipped around as Kenzie changed the time, blurring and streaking before correcting into their proper shapes.

    “I saved everything, so we can look back and watch how things played out or compare notes,” Kenzie said. “So we can do stuff like this…”
    Kenzie was changing the perspective. She created a projection of the hillside and shrank things down, then created more projections, showing an image off to one side of our gathering, showing a zoomed in portion of what the little diorama-sized projection was showing as a whole. The focus started with the three emerging from the trees, trampling through and hurdling the barriers Tristan created. - Excerpt from Glare 3.3
  62. 62.0 62.1 The motes solidified, and the box was encased in a thorny encasement of rock.

    I turned to look, keeping one eye on Chris, and I saw the flags were still there.

    “Nope! That’s not going to work! Good luck finding our flag!” Kenzie called out. She loosed an over the top, mocking laugh.

    Tristan turned the encasement to water.

    “I said it was waterproofed before! That’s not going to do anything!” Kenzie called out, before doing her level best to laugh harder, even though she had already been laughing at her limit. - Excerpt from Glare 3.3
  63. Gleaming 9.14
  64. - Excerpt from Shade 4.1
  65. “On Kenzie turned around, and hit a key on her keyboard.

    An image appeared in the center of our group, and most of us backed away.

    A still image of a person. He had a sleek, Anubis-like helmet or mask that encapsulated his head. His actual outfit was sleek as well, but Western. Nothing of an actual houndstooth pattern, ironically. - Excerpt from Shade 4.2
  66. She continued drawing out math and lines. She had a steady hand when it came to drawing out the geometry. I idly wondered if her tinker power played into that. She began drawing out a gun, similar to her flash pistol.

    The drawing of a woman’s face was comparatively, almost ludicrously crude compared to the gun she’d drawn out. Kenzie scribbled out the eyes, then wrote out ‘I gave boring angle homework and now I’m blind foreverrrr’.
    I looked at the boxes near Kenzie, saw the projector box to Kenzie’s right had a face lit up. It was pointed at the whiteboard Sveta had been working on, but no longer projected the camera images of the faces.

    Reaching down, I plucked the pen from Kenzie’s hand.

    She didn’t protest or stop me, only leaning back as I picked up the paper.

    I walked a few paces away, holding up the sheet, glanced back at the projector box, and then walked another two paces.

    The projected image of the scribblings, tinker notes and doodles disappeared. I turned it around to show Sveta.

    She took the sheet, then experimented with moving it inside and beyond the boundaries of the projector box. Kenzie perched on the edge of her seat, watching, her tongue sticking out between her teeth, where she lightly bit it. - Excerpt from Shade 4.2
  67. Shade 4.5
  68. My eyes were on a projected screen on the wall. Most projector images didn’t really have black as a thing, which meant they didn’t work so well in areas with lots of windows or light. Kenzie’s cameras projected black, making the text distinct. - Excerpt from Polarize 10.4
  69. I approached Kenzie. The image was projected onto the wall in front of her, moving between the two cameras. An addition had been made, and as each person walked down the street, stylized crosshairs tracked their faces. Most had logos and names. A lot of them were just things in the vein of ‘[New31]’ with the number changing, not names.

    One of the cameras moved. It focused in on a scene where two people wearing aprons were smoking by the back stairs of a restaurant. The little space between four buildings didn’t really qualify as an alley, as it looked like back doors and fire escapes were the only way to get down to the area. An enclave, maybe. The camera moved until it tracked a person in costume. The guy’s mask looked like it covered all but a third of his face, the bottom right of his jaw and the top left of his forehead exposed, with ceramic shards framing each ‘hole’. Curved metal bars reminiscent of piping extended around to the back of his head, holding the mask in place.

    The camera seemed to recognize the mask, and labeled him as ‘[Kitchen Sink]’. We’d seen him before, but the label thing was new. - Excerpt from Shade 4.5
  70. The gunman behind Erin had lost his rifle and he held his hand in an awkward way as he used the other one to reach down for the rifle. Gilpatrick shot him before he could claim his weapon.

    The metal- pieces from Looksee’s camera.

    One dropped from the sky to hit the gunman’s hand. The other-

    Children and other unarmed individuals emerged from the trees. A wall of bodies. the woman behind them was supported by two Fallen.

    The woman was bloody, a scrape down one edge of her forehead and a messy patch of skin and blood toward the top end, hair already matted into it. Blood streamed down her face.

    The blood meant I hadn’t immediately recognized it as Mama Mathers. The moment meant I hadn’t even realized the hallucinations had stopped.

    Kenzie had dropped one of her flying cameras on her. - Excerpt from Pitch 6.3
  71. “I didn’t. My cameras were already fritzing out, so I sent them a slice of program, with facial recognition. I centered it over them, accounted for wind, and when things sounded worst I had my cameras stop hovering.”

    “You weaponized… cameras?”

    “I told you not to get on my case about it,” Looksee said.

    “Am not.”

    “I didn’t weaponize the cameras, just so you know. I’ve said I’m not good at making my cameras function like weapons.”

    “I remember,” Chris’ snakelike voice came through the phone.

    “I weaponized the off switch, obviously.” - Excerpt from Pitch 6.4
  72. “I’m making a camera that takes pictures and video of the past,” Kenzie said. “It’s only twenty five pounds, and I’m slimming it down. [...] There are catches, [...] It takes a while to spin up. I’m still working on that. And it reads particles that don’t move in straight lines, so it gets fuzzy fast.”

    “Fuzzy can be workable,” Victoria said. “In forensics alone, that kind of camera could be a lifesaver.”

    “I’m still figuring out balances. Time is something I usually work around if I can,” Kenzie said. Her legs kicked below the bench. “I stole some tech.”

    “Stole?” Chris asked.

    “Tinkers can read powers and people and get data that they can then use for their tinkering stuff. A tinker who makes flamethrowers can use my blueprints and figure out how to do some targeting tech. Or, like, even if it’s not powers, I could do deep scans of a thinker and I could get power data I could use for my cameras. Which is where right now I wish I could talk to a really good precog or postcog, and see how their power works.[...]We saw some of this with Snag and the others, remember?”

    “The Speedrunners,” Tristan said. “Yeah.”

    “Yeah. Every tinker is different so it’s not every tinker that does it, but it’s most, I think. We all want our data and inspiration. When I went to pick up my big projector box, I sent some flying cameras in. Which was safe to do since Mama Mathers was gone, right?” - Excerpt from Eclipse x.4
  73. Torch 7.5
  74. Torch 7.10
  75. And I’ve got this flash gun too.”

    She held up something that looked like a child’s toy, squat, blunt, with a lens on the front.

    “It’s for when I had to get closer to the scene when I was with the Baltimore Wards. They wanted me to be able to protect myself and they wanted nonlethal.”

    “What does it do?” I asked.

    “Makes light,” she said. She aimed it off to the side and pulled the trigger.

    It looked and sounded like a camera flash going off. - Excerpt from Glare 3.2
  76. I flew closer- saw Kenzie turn, aiming her gun at me, and changed course, covering my face and head, my forcefield up.

    Even turned partially away, my arms up, the momentary flash of light blinded me. A full second passed, and my sight didn’t return. I could hear Chris’ laugh, Kenzie’s amusement. My forcefield hadn’t helped. - Excerpt from Glare 3.3
  77. He withdrew the flash gun, pointing it at the enemy group.

    I turned my head, covering my eyes with my arm. The gun wasn’t even aimed at me, my eyes were shut, and my arm was in the way, and the darkness of my vision still turned pink, shaded slightly by bones between me and the group.

    Rain emptied the gun, firing again and again. From the changes in the flash’s angles, he was moving while firing. - Excerpt from Shadow 5.5
  78. “Mask with a few settings,” Kenzie said. She pulled out a high-tech mask, metal around the edges to give a general circular shape to the clear pane for her face, but she didn’t put it on. She held up a disc, then clipped it to the front of her overalls, so it was directly over the pocket at her chest. “This is kind of a costume thing I haven’t finalized.” - Excerpt from Glare 3.2
  79. Kenzie had changed, overalls gone, replaced with a skintight suit that mirrored her outfit in color and where it changed from black to pink to red.
    Kenzie let go of Ashley, bouncing on the spot before reaching up to her lens-mask and pulling it off. With the mask’s removal, her costume flickered in places, like an image that had been badly compressed, with heavy artifacting. - Excerpt from Glare 3.3
  80. Glare 3.6
  81. - Excerpt from Shadow 5.7
  82. Glare 3.6
  83. Shade 4.4
  84. Torch 7.10
  85. 85.0 85.1 Last 20.e4
  86. Flare 2.6
  87. Flare 2.5
  88. Heart_Shaped_Pupil: iv’e grown up some
    Heart_Shaped_Pupil: i was there for the end of the world
    Heart_Shaped_Pupil: i did stuff. i actually really helped
    Houndstooth: Absolutely - Glow-worm P.7
  89. She asks if they want to use her server, and gets an alarmed response: use of a server the way she describes it could give her a 'man in the middle' view and access to things. No - offer definitely refused. - the PHO staff member leaves. - Synopsis by Wildbow
  90. Pitch 6.8
  91. MayMaybeMaybeline:I don't think we should be totally black and white here. I'm sure at least a few of the smiles listed here are times where she actually was mildly happy and put on a smile performatively.

    Smiling is the standard way of showing people when you're happy, so even if she doesn't naturally smile, she would want to put a fake smile on to show her friends that she was happy.

    “I think there’s a better chance that you guys can stay in some form of communication if she sticks to the rules, than if she runs and periodically makes contact,” I told Kenzie. “We can ask them to make sure something’s allowed.”
    Kenzie smiled a little.
    “I will make it up to you someday,” Ashley said. “I promise that.”
    “Okay,” Kenzie said. She offered more of a smile.
    I think these might be genuine? It's hard to say.

    “We can ask them to make sure something’s allowed.”
    It's happening.
    “I will make it up to you someday,” Ashley said. “I promise that.”
    "Okay," Kenzie said. She's really doing this. Oh no. - Conversation on Reddit on Torch 7.3
  92. Torch 7.10
  93. Polarize 10.1
  94. I ventured, “I noticed this morning that you took some toiletries from under the sink.”


    I couldn’t see her face, but I could see her swallow hard. “I keep getting double-whammied. Two crushes, then I’m sad and my stomach hurts because of Ashley and I’m weird-sad and sore because yay, I’m a woman or something-”

    Might need to chat at another time and place.

    “-and I’m missing them because I’m not there and they hurt my feelings and I screwed up by reading their stuff, and I’m missing them extra because more weird feelings and hormones.” - Excerpt from From Within 16.6
  95. Then the final image. All ‘slides’ together, the silhouette crowned with ten antennae emerging from its head. Heat radiated off of it with waves that distorted the air, more intense than above any barbecue, and the individual lights blinked on and off along their mass. Blinking being the operative words for those particular orbs. The faint glow at her eyes overlapped to become an intense white that didn’t all line up perfectly, so it bled out, while casting its own heat shimmer.

    And a few feet away, regular Kenzie, a slight smile on her face, still wearing her periwinkle blue duffel coat and winter hat, hair down as it had been arranged by Candy, a bit behind one ear, in the exact same stance. She wore the mask I’d given her. Eyeless, while the other figure had eight overlapping eyes, each pale and ghostly. - Excerpt from From Within 16.7
  96. Radiation 18.4
  97. Radiation 18.5
  98. Infrared 19.b
  99. Infrared 19.1
  100. “She was pulled away to consult. Tattletale is there too. All the thinkers and information gatherers. She sent us a message.” - Excerpt from Infrared 19.3
  101. Infrared 19.6
  102. Infrared 19.7
  103. Infrared 19.f
  104. Last 20.9
  105. Last 20.a
  106. Last 20.10
  107. Last 20.b
  108. “I know. Are you in contact with Damsel?”

    “I am! I gave her my card and left her alone, and she hired me, and we exchanged only three words for the entire job, but still, it was three words! Voluntary! And she suggested she’d hire me again!” - [1] from Last 20.e4
  109. Last 20.e5
  110. Last 20.end
  111. I tried a lot of protagonists, including Rain, Capricorn, and Kenzie, and a long stint of trying to write Ashley, but bringing a bit character back from the dead to be the actual protagonist felt a bit cheap, and her internal voice was really difficult to write. - Comments on Ward
  112. This is the sort of thing I had in mind (took some license from description with slightly more oblong lenses and the four buns - maybe two would be detachable?): Kenzie Mask

    I think I'd need to do some tweaking though.

    Initially I thought I wrote three on each side, which was my initial intent, but ended up looking crowded in practice. My suggestion would be to have the three eyes follow the curve of the eyebrows, with the center one being lower, where the eyebrows point toward the top of the nose. - Wildbow on Reddit

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