Keelee was a former patient at the Parahuman Asylum.


Keelee is implied to have issues with addiction, and was one to complain constantly about wanting cigarettes.

Abilities and PowersEdit

Keelee has some sort of time manipulation ability, the side effects of which forcibly regress her in age. Once regressed, Keelee cannot reverse the effect, and the only way to go the other is the normal passage of time.[1]



Keelee had joined a criminal group in France, with the intention of defrauding a wealthy family. The plan was for Keelee to regress to the age of a three year old, and be adopted by the family. Keelee intentionally regressed, but then her partners bailed from the plan, leaving her in the body of a 3 year old. She ended up in the asylum as a result.[2]

Keelee ended up working in an online call center.


  1. Keelee had regressed in age every time she’d used her time manipulation power. Weeks, months, and years regressed as she’d become a teenager, then a kid. The regression was fast to set in, and the only way to go the other way was real, actual, unwarped time. - Excerpt from Breaking 14.11
  2. I wouldn’t say it while Shin might be listening, but Keelee had joined a criminal group with the plan of defrauding a wealthy family in France. In a fit of unbelievable, unfathomable, possibly addiction-induced recklessness and stupidity, she’d intentionally de-aged herself to the apparent age of three years old, while maintaining all of her mental faculties. The idea had been to get adopted into the art-loving family after showcasing ‘natural’ artistic and musical talent she had learned from classes. A text-focused thinker in the crew to get her into the registries, a tinker on contract to make a few forged toys that doubled as communication devices so they could be her handler…

    But the tinker had bailed because the job was an enterprise that would take years, and they were too impatient. The text thinker had bailed when the family had adopted a handsome three year old boy instead, who had showed zero ability with finger paint or music.

    Leaving Keelee in her de-aged state, an absolute monster online. Offline, she’d complained constantly about wanting cigarettes, which the nurses refused to let her have, except on her birthday.

    Eventually, Keelee found work in an online call center. - Excerpt from Breaking 14.11
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