Kamil Armstrong[1] is an administrator of people, human and parahuman.


Armstrong is eminently rational, far more then so then his colleagues.[2] Was the first to propose offering amnesty to the Baumann Parahuman Containment Center to get needed firepower.

His career choice is greatly motivated by his sense of compassion to the parahumans.[3]

In an authority damaging situation he went with what the facts were, though his own interests were at stake regardless.[4]

Piggot stated that he focused more on parahuman science then on integration with normal humans, and greater societal cohesion.[5]



Armstrong is close to Weld,[6] and seems to have all but adopted him.[7] Armstrong did not coddle Weld and informed the boy about the PRT's larger plans for him.[8]

Others understand the relationship to be a family relationship.[9]

The AmbassadorsEdit

His department tolerated the group's presence in the Charlestown area,[10] Presumably at his orders or with his consent.


Compared her to a cult leader, favorably.[11] He apparently saw the young hero as capable.

Ashley StillonsEdit

Invested a lot of effort to accommodate and recruit troubled woman during his career. It only took the end of the world to gain anything remotely close to a chance.

Appearance Edit

Kamil was slim with a high forehead matched with a well furrowed brow and weirdly sharp jaw.[12][13] Later in life he started wearing a beard.[14]

Kamil is an overweight black man, with long arms and legs, and what he describes as a perpetually angry look. He his 5 foot, 6 inches tall and has a receding, greying hairline.[15]



Mister Armstrong had an academical background and started his PRT service as a consultant to the early Boston department in 1998[3]. He joined the organization formally somewhere around 2000.[16] Eventually, he advanced to a director position.[17]

A metal boy was found in the junkyard, Armstrong recruited him.[5]

Boston GamesEdit

It is unknown how much of his stance on crime contributed to the creation of the Boston Games situation.

Warned Damsel of Distress about the true scale of Accord's influence, it had some unintended consequences.[18]

Story StartEdit

Was still authorizing the payments and upkeep for Ashley Stillons' residence while trying to make sure the young woman knew about her options.[19][9]


Had to deal with Bastion dying and Weld leaving to start a career.[20]

Post-Battle against BehemothEdit

Stood up for the villain turned hero Weaver. Further pushed his agenda of having the Birdcage opened to use the parahumans there.[12]


Presumably welcomed Weld over for the Summer.[7]

Gold MorningEdit

Unknown how he acted during the event but was presumably part of the PRTs response, survived.


Armstrong assumed a new consultant position for The City's police and The Wardens.[21][22][23]

At some point he sponsored creation of prosthetic body for Sveta.[24]

Roughly a year after the Golden Morning he attended a meeting of Team Therapy and later talked with Weld and his girlfriend Sveta and their friend, and his former project, Damsel.


He appeared as a police liaison when Sveta's team briefed The Wardens about the potential conflict between The Fallen and the 'Hollow Point' villains.[25]

Post-Fallen fallEdit

Survived the portal sabotage and testified at the trial of Ashley Stillons II.

Post-Time Bubble PopEdit

He was invited to recover Breakthrough from the prison of Earth Shin, where he survived an assassination attempt at the hands of Crock o’Shit.[26]

Post-Attack on TeacherEdit

Kamil received news about the death of Swansong from Sveta.[27]

He was present in the Wardens' situation room during The Second Shin Crisis.[28] And assumed emergency command when ice broke.[29]

Post-Ice BreakEdit

Armstrong continued collecting information.[30]


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